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Dayton Memories > State Farm Park History in Kettering
State Farm Park History in Kettering
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Mar 23, 2015
12:55 PM
Am wondering if State Farm park is named after something related to the Research Park area? Does anyone know the history of the land the park is on??
luv my dayton
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Mar 23, 2015
5:31 PM
The state farm was a huge area along Patterson rd. and county line rd and across the rd from Belmont drive in. Animals were raised in large barns and they suffered a major loss when a fire swept through. Saw it while waiting to enter the drive in. A classmates father ran the farm withall the orchards,corn fields.Imagine Research Park area was among the land owned by the state but can't remember what was there. The state farm park is located off Vale Dr and you could pass it daily and miss it. Is very busy when the sports start up with the kids and has a nice picnic area. Have no idea why the land was sold and no longer used but will return with further info if found. Glad someone remembers it existed and was a beautiful well kept piece of land for decades.

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Mar 23, 2015
7:12 PM
Where the research park of today is used to be a farm for a group of people known as the shakers society. If you drive on Research Blvd just past the houses on the right you will see a headstone on the left, all by itself. The reason for it being there was because back in the 90's construction was going to clear out that part of the property when they came upon human remains buried there. They stopped their excavation and returned the area back to the way it was and then they placed the headstone there as a memorial. This goes back about 200 years ago when the area was first settled. Later after those people died off, the farm was owned by the state to grow the food and dairy for the state hospital down on Wayne Ave. Believe it or not, as kids we used to go cow tipping when the cows grazed near where the future state farm park was to be located. Their are quite a few pictures of that era on the internet. I have viewed quite alot of them online.
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Mar 23, 2015
11:50 PM
During my visit at Carillon Historical Park last summer, we visited the Watervliet Shaker Building. The interpretive sign details the Shaker community in the Kettering location - similar information can be found in the Wikipedia article "Watervliet Shaker Village (Ohio)". Both sources indicate the village closed in 1900, and the property became the State Hospital Farm (as noted by FreedomWriter). No mention is made of an orphanage (see the other topic on this area).

See the website below for the text of the Ohio Historical Marker, located on the west side of County Line Road, just north of Research Blvd / Shakertown Road.


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Mar 24, 2015
2:54 PM
They were fine markers of furniture and having been displayed at various times around the area. Very valuable as well. The reason for their dying out was because they were celebrete as a group and depended on converts to maintain there society. I can remember riding bikes down patterson Rd and seeing all those big buildings that used to be there, right were most of the research buildings are today.
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Mar 24, 2015
5:09 PM
I know about the Shaker history. Curious where the Shakers were buried there. I have also heard stories, which is a cross posting of mine, where I had asked about the children's orphange that use to be where Research Blvd. area is, and how they buried the children on the grounds. Have heard ghost stories about the land and some of the new buildings there. I know that the Kettering first settled on land there too. Really interesting.

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