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Bargain Barn
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Mar 24, 2015
8:34 AM
Does anyone remember the Bargain Barn in Moraine. It was later named Goldman's Bargain Barn. We used to do a lot of shopping there in the 60's as well as Concord City. Good memories
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Mar 24, 2015
2:22 PM
We used to go shopping their as well. For a brief time it became a Rinks store before it finally closed down. I think that the Kettering health network has some kind of operation there now in part of the place at least.
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Mar 24, 2015
5:15 PM
Me too, our family used to shop there, as I remember wasn't it one of the first of its kind. One thing I especially remember is the over-whelming amount of Christmas ornaments they had...aisle after aisle of them. My mom and I used to go and spend a lot of time browsing around. Good'ole days!!
luv my dayton
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Mar 24, 2015
5:50 PM
Believe the building is still there and did shop there with my Mom. Seems they were in numerous locations. There were so many of these places over the years and also remember places called Ontario, Shoppers Fair and yes Rinks was one I liked a lot.
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Mar 25, 2015
9:28 AM
Dayton had a bunch of good department stores back then. I remember Bargain Barn, Concord City, Ontario, Dorothy Lane in Moraine, Miller's at Hills and Dales, and later Hill's and Gold Circle.

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