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Dayton Memories > Quonset huts in the early 50's & 60s
Quonset huts in the early 50's & 60s
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Mar 26, 2015
3:38 PM
Just after WW2, the armed forces had thousands of Quonset huts for sale Cheap ! For those who don't remember or go back that far, a Quonset Hut was made out of light weight corregated metal and was not square. The side was curved and when it reached the top, it kept on curving all the way down to the ground on the other side. A cross section would look like a half circle with the straight side being on the ground. The two ends were flat and had a door in them. They were designed to be taken out in the field during war time and could be constructed in a few hours. WW2 war movies had lots of Quonset huts in them. After the war was over, there was no use for them so the military sold them to civilians for penny's on the dollar. Small businesses got started in a new Quonset hut. My favorite one was Red's Drive In. Reds was a Hamburger diner, except it was in a Quonset Hut. It was on the West side of Smithville Rd, just before Wilmington intersected it. It was very popular in the 50's and stood there until it burned down in the early sixties. Arby's was built on the property, as Red had died and the family didn't want a diner to run. There were other small business in Quonset huts at that time, but Red's is the one I remember the most.
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Apr 04, 2015
8:01 AM
There hasn't been any posts on this subject, but what I really wanted to highlight was Red's Drive In. I guess in describing the fact it was in a Quonset hut, I made it sound like the Quonset huts was what I was highlighting, so anybody remember Reds Drive In ?
luv my dayton
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Apr 04, 2015
9:16 AM
Up in Minster on 362 i believe , is a quonset hut and has been added on to. As soon as I saw it memories of long ago came back to mind. I was fortunate to receive as a gift a DVD set called, Reminisce Through the decades of the 40s until after the war and is so heartwarming. Housing was anything they could set up for the returning GIs , the starts of plat homes,the baby boom which was us.Interviews with the now seniors and how life was. If you can you might check on your computers to see if any of it may be viewed. The website does offer it for purchase. One of the best gifts I ever received along with my Ruth Lyons set.Sorry Trolley have no recollection of Reds but give it enough time and someone will.

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