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Favorite Pinball Machine
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Mar 31, 2015
5:28 AM
What is your favorite pinball machine? Lets try this topic again.
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Mar 31, 2015
5:49 PM
I love playing pinball. Still. Since I am Generation X. My pics are going to be electronic. One was called High Speed. Elvira was the other one. Back in the day. I would drop $10 at the former Funway Freeway on the Salem Mall. $10 isn't much now. But for a teenager on the 80s. That was a lot of money to spend playing pinball. At least that is what my Mom always said back then. I would also get out to Crazy Cats in the (then) Van Buren shopping center. All of those places are gone now. About the only place I play pinball now is on my laptop.
178 posts
Mar 31, 2015
6:18 PM
I Was thinking that they re-opened the arcade at the Dayton Mall again, but not sure on that though!
245 posts
Mar 31, 2015
6:22 PM
I haven't been up to it in a couple years. But the last time I was. There is a game room of sorts in the Dayton Mall. Up on the second level I believe. But there were very few pinball machines. Mostly video games and physical interaction games. Not quite like the places I recall.
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Apr 01, 2015
12:01 AM
I'm glad we are trying this topic again - it didn't go over too well the last time.

I've already posted some of this information on the Hobbies topic, but my favorites were as follows:

OXO, World Cup, Firepower and Black Knight 2000 (all by Williams), Centaur and Vector (both by Bally), and Monday Night Football (by Data East Pinball).

Anyone who loves pinball should check out the Internet Pinball Machine Database (ipdb.org). The information they have collected there is amazing, including not only production data, but images of the game as well.
joey m
350 posts
Apr 01, 2015
9:36 AM
Wasn't a big fan of the standard pinball machine's but liked the one where you could play numbered card's like bingo. And the places I played them paid of on the numbers you accumulated on the counter.
303 posts
Apr 01, 2015
10:05 PM
Mark - If we had another topic of favorite video games, I would have an even longer list of games that I played in my youth (through my college years). Since this subject isn't really about "Dayton" history, I don't plan on taking this topic there.
250 posts
Apr 02, 2015
3:01 PM
KennyE11. I spent some time browsing that web site and found all of the pinball machines I recall playing. There are more that I recall the theme of the machine. But the actual name of it escapes me. I really didn't pay attention to names unless it was a particular game that I really liked playing.

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