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Dayton Memories > RR Crossing on W 3rd
RR Crossing on W 3rd
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Apr 01, 2015
6:21 PM
Does anyone here recall the RR tracks on W 3rd street. Right around the Drew Health Center. Along the tracks was a small building that sat atop a small tower of sorts. Had windows all around it. As a child, I recall when you would get to that that crossing. There would be a man sitting up there. Leaning out the window. We always slowed down when we got close to the tracks. And as you approached, he would wave you on through. There were crossing gates and signals there. My Mom told me that the man operated the gates and the signals. From his position, he could see down the tracks in either direction. When he waved you through. Obviously there was no train coming. But when there was one approaching. He was the one who would activate the signals and lower the gates.

The tracks are still there. A little rough. But the tower is long gone. At the time. We're talking back in the early 70s here. It was the only RR crossing I had ever seen that operated like that. Is that even an active rail line anymore? I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a train go through there. Every now and then. The cobwebs clear out of my head. And I recall obscure stuff like this.
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Apr 02, 2015
8:07 AM
Mark1984 Update
Looks like the Railroad changes into Woff Creek Rec. Trail and goes to Brookville.
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Apr 02, 2015
8:34 AM
Mark1984 Another update:
Another Railroad in same area. Not sure if it is still active? Breaks off the main at Durning then goes to Broadway then Dunbar then Mc Call.
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Apr 02, 2015
10:37 AM
The building that was on top of a pole is no at Carrillon
Park. There was also a building at the East Fifth Street and Hamilton Ave., at ground level. The crossing guards were alerted by a bell when a train was approaching, at which time he would start ringing a large bell and pumping an lever which lowered the crossing gates. When the train passed, he turned a valve which raised the gates. The gates were still operational into the late 60s.

Mark1984, The tracks that turn to the North and up along Wolfcreek was the Pennsylvainia RR. , that went through Trotwood, Brooville, etc., and a spur that went north off that line by James H. McGee Blvd.along Delphos Ave., and North though Englewood, Union, all the way to Delphos, Ohio, was the Delphos to Dayton RR, later purchased by B&O RR.
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Apr 02, 2015
2:50 PM
Billd. I've seen that tower at Carillon Park. It never clicked until now it was the one I recall on W 3rd St. I need to go over there and take a closer look at it. The RR tracks at 5th & Hamilton are also pretty rough. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a train go through there. The rails are pretty rusty. Rails that are used frequently are very shiny. I should say the crossing at Boltin St. betweeen 5th & Hamilton is the one I use weekly and is very rough.

newsnot. The line that ran through Trotwood is long gone. It is the Rec trail you mentioned. I actually got to go down that line once on a train. This was back when Amtrak had a stop in Dayton. Boarded at the old Union Station on 6th Street.
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Apr 02, 2015
4:17 PM
Mark1984 Update
Rail Line that goes thru 5th and Hamilton goes to the GM plant in Kettering. It went south from there but got cut short at some time.The line runs infrequently.
It might have gone to Cincinnati originaly. Not sure.
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Apr 07, 2015
3:24 PM
Was at Carillion Park last year and was so happy when I recognized the train tower. We passed by often as children on our way to Dayton and have often wondered what happened to it. We were easily impressed as children always liked it.
luv my dayton
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Apr 07, 2015
3:59 PM
Years ago before you got to the bridge there was a track that ran along the side of a place called Hungarian Village Restaurant where our family would eat on a Sunday after church. Boy was it exciting for us kids when a train rolled bye and shook the place.

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Apr 08, 2015
6:35 AM
Welcome to Dayton History
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Apr 08, 2015
12:06 PM
In the late 40’s early 50’s there was a tower with a man in it at the crossing on Keowee Street just past the bridge and the Troy and Valley Street split. We lived in rows of houses that have since been torn down due to the new highway being built. The tracks have also been elevated over the street. We moved from there in 1952. I could see it from my bedroom window at night. The man would come down at night with a lantern and switch the tracks. He also ran the signals and crossing gates. I was seven years old when we moved from there and I thought that would be a great job for me someday. Also, all the trains that ran through there at that time were steam engines and the noise would wake me sometimes.
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Apr 08, 2015
12:21 PM
I remember those tracks on W.Third St. Two young men who lived on my Street (W.First) died on their motorcycles at that crossing. It devastated the neighborhood. One was Chuck Kitchen and the other was named Logsdon. They lived about 4 or 5 houses apart. What a shame.

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