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John Henry Patterson Monument
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blue J
170 posts
Apr 30, 2015
1:18 PM
I was just doing some searching for the history of the John Henry Patterson monument, on Patterson Blvd. in Hills and Dales Park, and found a fascinating photo of the sculpture while it was still in process- the artist who made the sculpture, Giuseppe Moretti, is also in this photo.

I don't know how many people here are interested in this kind of thing, but I thought it was a neat little find.

To see it, go to this address:

314 posts
Apr 30, 2015
5:55 PM
TNX, blue. I will check this out and see what is there. I am interested in any historical info about Dayton historical figures, particularly about Kettering, Patterson and Deeds. Tnx again…...
blue J
171 posts
May 01, 2015
3:29 AM
historybuff- excellent, and thank you, too.

My great grandfather, George Walther, Sr., and Charles Kettering were personal friends, and I have a couple of letters of correspondence between them, from back in the 1940s and '50s. Not weighty in an objectively historical sense, but I definitely am proud of having that connection.

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Steve K
250 posts
May 05, 2015
6:29 AM
We've got a copy of the program from the dedication of the Patterson Monument at work (June 9, 1918). It came from the Hauer Music collection before the library took over their building downtown.

My cousin, Evelyn, was married to John H. Patterson's son, Frederick Beck Patterson.
326 posts
May 06, 2015
12:27 AM
Steve K, I wonder if that is the Patterson whose house I believe is now a church on Thurston Blvd? Which the story is John Patterson’s house was there and Frederick had it razed to build his house there. BTW, I’ve been to a couple of home tours there and it is a beautiful historic mansion...

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