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restaurant closings
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luv my dayton
975 posts
May 05, 2015
7:56 AM
Went down Schantz the other day and Neils Heritage House gone for good. Had reopened a few years back and just couldn't regain clientele after sitting empty for years. Now as of June 7 Anticolis will be closing. That may have been the last of the originals us old times remember. Anyone know of any places from that era that is still around? If you have a favorite place to eat in your area and don't want to end up having to go to a congested area such as a mall, try to give them your business on ocassion.
joey m
365 posts
May 05, 2015
8:08 AM
Treasure Island in Moraine City.
blue J
179 posts
May 05, 2015
8:42 AM
Yes- one of my second cousins and her husband were the ones who reopened Neil's a few years ago (Neil Swafford was her grandfather), but as you said, it's no longer open.

It is a real shame that these independent and family-owned restaurants, which are a major part of a city's character and culture, are losing business to lots of chain restaurants that are centered around the shopping malls.

One place I love is not one that has been around for fifty years or more, or anything like that- but has become a great little place with a very good reputation, is Christopher's Restaurant, in Kettering. Southeast corner of Woodman and East Dorothy, in what I believe is considered the Woodlane Plaza. Really good food, reasonably priced, and nice atmosphere.

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luv my dayton
976 posts
May 05, 2015
10:09 AM
Yes Treasure Island still there. Been there often over the years and back in the late 80s worked there for about a year and half. Never have been to Christophers and have heard their food good. Due to lack of advertizing many people probably drive by all the time and just never noticed. May have to try and catch a meal one of these days.
54 posts
May 11, 2015
10:51 PM
Another sign of the times I guess. Fast food and fast casual have exploded in recent years. Nobody wants quality. Just canned and lower standard food.

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