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WKEF TV Clubhouse 22
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Jan 23, 2010
2:54 PM
Ms Waddell also participated on Occasion in Wkef's news Anchor Johnny Walker's Sat night News show'Contact'.

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Steve K
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Jan 23, 2010
5:16 PM
Burge's cleaners on Patterson Road used to have Duffy the Dog in a plastic bag, riding on that conveyor thing with the shirts.... It was pretty startling to see him flying by with your laundry!
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Jan 25, 2010
7:41 AM
For all you Clubhouse 22 fans, check out Malcolm's website: http://malcolm-tv.com/About_the_Trainer.html . There's some pretty cool stuff. Malcolm sells real estate in tony Palm Beach now. Malcolm is a prime example of some of the really fine people Dayton was able to host back in the good old days!
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Jan 27, 2010
3:59 PM
I was at the show. I was chosen to do pick a door. Great memories. And introduced me to so many shows like lil rascals, Ultra man, Zorro, Speed racer, Hogan's Heroes, And many more!
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Jan 28, 2010
11:33 AM
Does anyone remember in the mid 60's when WKEF had a contest called "The Mystery Word Contest"? They would show a word on the screen in the morning and you had to remember it all day. You had to send in a postcard for the nightly drawing. I sent in 10 postcards and on a Saturday night while watching "Honey West", they called my house. My mom gave me the phone after they asked for me. They said "this is Channel 22..do you know what the "mystery word" of the day is..I said I sure do..it's "television". I had been watching all day, so I knew what it was. I won a 13" black & white television. My mom's friend took me out on Soldiers Home Rd. that Monday when I got out of school to pick up the tv. One of the staff at the station took a picture of me holding the tv in the box. I would love to see that picture now.
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Feb 03, 2010
9:02 PM
I was on that show promoting a HS play ... wasn't that also the place of 'Doctor Creep'?
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Aug 12, 2010
12:03 PM
I once won a Voice of The Mummy game on that show. It had already been opened and used when I received it. I was however, totally enthralled with Malcolm. I was in Kroger one day with my older sister, when the Kroger was at the corner of National and Brown School Road, when Malcolm was in line ahead of us! I found myself staring at him without knowing it - he was staring right back at me and I ended up embarrassed and he was smiling. I thought he was adorable (I was about 15).
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Aug 12, 2010
1:13 PM
Does anybody remember the show called Evening? It was hosted by Johnny Walker on 22
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Aug 13, 2010
2:34 PM
I used to watch Speed Racer in the afternoons on Clubhouse 22. Stan the Man (Hamburger Head), Duffy and Dr. Creep were all there. The show went downhill when Malcolm McCloud left and was replaced by Joe Smith, imo.
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Feb 25, 2011
8:33 PM
loved clubhouse 22 ! I won tickets to a concert staring david cassidy I soooooooooooooo wanted to take a girl I liked in grade school but no one would take us and drop us off and pick us up after the show so I went with my older brother. while we sat there waitin on the show to begin all of a sudden the girl I wanted to go with and her mother sat right next to us. was an awesome feeling for sure !!!!!
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Feb 26, 2015
8:44 PM
Clubhouse 22 was sorta revolutionary in that the older local shows were so '50-style, old-fashioned and hokey. Then along came Malcolm, and he seems so cool, and they played the Beatles "Ride My Car" and made hip references. Suddenly a kids show seemed cool, and nothing to be embarrassed about watching. I loved it.
joey m
341 posts
Feb 27, 2015
9:28 AM
wolfcreek Malcom was a friend and fellow classmate of mine at Chaminade. I called him about two months ago and talked to him for about a half an hour talking about old times and friends. He's doing fine iiving in Fla. and I think he's in real estate.
miles away
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Feb 27, 2015
11:51 AM
Exactly wolfcreek, the art and science of bumper music! As the Lawson's Big O commercial fades to black, Malcolm and Stan appear to the opening strains of George Harrison's 'What is Life'. After some goofing around with Duffy we segue into Our Gang with "beep beep and beep beep yeah!" I wanted to hear bumper music walking from one room into another at home. No wonder I spent a fortune at The Forest and Goldenrod; had to create that scene in the house.
Seriously, that show was well done; those guys were cool.
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Mar 03, 2015
9:48 PM
Wow, Joey, say Hi to Malcom for all of us. I was a huge fan.

ANd in my post above, I wrote "Ride My Car" -- senior moment, as it should have been "Drive My Car." Next I'll be remembering "She Likes You."

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