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Stivers High School and Steele High School
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Dave Engle
Feb 02, 2005
2:49 AM
I would like to find out when construction began on Stivers High School and what year it started to accept students. Also, what year did SHS graduated its first class.

Thank You

Dave Engle
Curt Dalton
6 posts
Mar 05, 2005
5:15 PM
I don't have all of your answers, but Stivers opened in 1908, became a "manual training" school in 1914. It was the overcrowding of Steele High School that caused Stivers to open as the second high school in the Dayton area.

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Stivers Alumni Assoc
Jul 14, 2005
2:02 PM
Reunions for the classes of Stivers High School (and other information about the school) are usually printed in the "Stivers Alumni News". It is published quarterly by the Alumni Association. It can be obtained by paying dues $15 a year/60 and older $7.50 a year. Send to Stivers Alumni Association
P.O. Box 4527
Dayton, OH 45401-4527
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Dec 18, 2006
1:18 PM
Am searching for Steele High Spotlight yearbooks for the years 1937-1940 for my mother (Babette Shapero, '40). I know Steele High published annuals, commencement and Xmas editions, I'm looking for the regular annual yearbooks and also the 1940 commencement edition. I think my Mom would get a big lift out of seeing any of these again. I'm at georgegoldhammer@yahoo.com. Thanx.
Joel Flint OHS
Jan 04, 2007
1:06 PM
I am looking for information for the subsequent school/s that replaced Steele High School. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

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Jan 27, 2007
8:00 AM
I have four Stivers HS publications from my father's estate: a 1926-28 Directory (small), a 1927 "Tiger"(8.5x11, paperback, 32 pages), a 1926 "Annual" or yearbook (8.5x11, Hardback, 198 pages), and a 1928 Senior Album (8.5x11, paperback, 39 pages). My father, George J. Frey, graduated from the Co-Op program in 1928. I would be happy to donate these publications to an archive should anyone be interested.
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Mar 24, 2007
4:29 PM
I go to Stivers, and I'm doing a research paper on Steele High School. I've found a nice amount of information on the school, but I haven't found anything about what company or person built it. If anyone knows, could someone please tell me???? I would greatly appreciate it so I can get a decent grade! :)
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Jul 04, 2007
1:01 PM
My sister has a near mint condition copy of a 1917 Stivers yearbook she would like to donate to the archives of Stiver's alumni. Our uncle George Leffel graduated from Stivers in 1917, and this was his copy.
Anyone connected with the Stiver's alumni association should relpy to me at hhump61@hotmail.com and I will pass along the information.

I attended Stivers for 3 years, graduation would have been 1969 (when I "quit-u-a-ted") and obtained a GED, then a college degree as a "late bloomer". I had a wonderful time while at Stivers. My favorite teacher was Mr. Jones, who was the music teacher then.
I now live in Las Vegas and my sister will be moving here from Dayton sometime in the fall of 2007. My sister graduated from Stivers in 1965, and her 2 daughters attended Stivers also.

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Steve K
32 posts
Sep 13, 2008
7:35 AM
Paul M... I'll ask my buddy in Florida, he graduated from Stivers in 1951... so 1954 might be too late for him, but he has some 50's stuff from Stiver's I think, it may just not be as late as 1954. I'll ask at the library, but they don't have tons of Stiver's stuff, although I think they do have the student newsletters/magazine from most of the 1950's, there's a chance it might have a roster from 1954?
Steve K
37 posts
Nov 25, 2008
8:22 AM

If i'm reading it right, it looks like the Dayton library has the 1924 Steele yearbook.... Who's picture are you looking for?
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Dec 03, 2008
4:20 PM
Can someone provide a brief description or synopsis of what comprised the "manual training" program of study at Stivers High School beginning in 1914? Were there different programs? Program(s) intended primarily for one sex or another?

I'd greatly appreciate any insight.
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Mar 05, 2010
10:15 PM
hello this is the 1st time I have ever posted to a site before so...here it goes.

My dad went to Stivers High School in the late 50's. (Not sure exact year and can't ask since he has past)I do not have any pictures of him as a young man. All of his family members have past as well so
I would love to find an old Stivers yearbook. Just to see an old picture of him.
Greatful for any help
Steve K
173 posts
Mar 08, 2010
8:07 PM
I've got a friend who graduated from Stiver's in 1951... probably unlikely that he'd know anybody who graduated in the late 1950's. The library has some early 1950 Stiver's yearbooks, not sure they have anything much past 1955 or so. Send me an email at wd8dcx@aol.com with your dad's name, and I'll poke around a little bit.
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Mar 16, 2010
4:28 PM
My mom passed away and I wondered if someone went to school there in 1952 who might remember her? Odd, as we thought she attended WIlbur Wright all 4 years but I found her name on a Stiver's program and she wrote JR Year :) That would make it 52. Would be Evelyn Gant or could be Evelyn McKinney as she married that year as well.

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Jul 13, 2010
11:17 AM
Had a teacher at Stivers who was a famous prep football player for the Tigers in say, the '30s. His name was Marty Armbruster. Stivers was a great school, my fave.
Jim McKamey
2 posts
Jul 30, 2011
1:20 PM
I went to Stivers High School for 4 years, graduated in 1957. It was a great school, I have many wonderful memories. We were the city football champs. Our rival was Chaminade. I am Jim McKamey, would enjoy chatting with some of my old friends.
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Sep 17, 2011
8:49 PM
Anthing known of the Art Teacher at Steele by the name of Annie Campbell who taught circa 1910 - 1924?
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Sep 18, 2011
8:57 AM
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Dec 19, 2013
8:22 AM
Looking for a 1928 copy of the Stivers yearbook Need photo in it for genealogy
199 posts
Dec 19, 2013
8:56 AM
Delcodud-saw Marty Armbruster in th mid eighties at a UD football game. he was there for his alumni event of 50years.Great guy and heck of a athlete.
28 posts
Jan 27, 2014
1:57 AM
asf56--IO am interested in obtaining anything from Stivers 1928 If still available advise how to contact
luv my dayton
533 posts
Jan 27, 2014
7:08 AM
Learned something new today. Had often wondered how my mother had lifelong friends from Steele but she graduated from Stivers. They all must have at one time gone to Steele then bounderies established which split them up.Would also like to mention that Stivers has a great reputation for their academics and have tried to get my granddaughter to live with me as she would fit right in as her interests lie in writing music and singing.

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58 posts
Feb 01, 2014
6:12 AM
I have a photograph and attendee list for the 50 year reunion of the 1940 Steele graduating class if anyone is interested. Would be glad to share it on some web photo sharing service.
Paula fishman
12 posts
Feb 17, 2014
4:51 PM
My Dad graduated from Steele with Roz Young
83 posts
Feb 18, 2014
7:43 AM
Paula, What year did your dad graduate?
Paula fishman
15 posts
Feb 27, 2014
8:25 AM
historybuff. Dad graduated in 1930. I was looking at a box of his and found many, many pictures of Dayton. My Mothers family were Polish and lived in North Dayton. My Grandparents owned The Bridge View Bar and then their land was purchased for I-75 in the early 60's
101 posts
Feb 27, 2014
9:35 PM
Paula, my mother-in-law(deceased), graduated from Steele High School in 1940. Her family pretty much lived in the East vicinity around Xenia Avenue and St. Joseph. They owned bars and I believe at one time a bakery, not sure of the name. They attended St. Marys church. She left a suitcase full of pictures around the early 1900’s. I must take time to go through them to see if there are pictures of that area.
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May 18, 2014
2:30 PM
Hi, I am looking for a copy of the Stivers yearbook from 1965-66. If anyone has a copy of knows where one might be kept I'd love to hear from you. Or post here too. Thanks so much,
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Mar 25, 2015
7:07 PM
I am looking for a list of the graduating classes of 1936 through 1939 from Stivers or Steele High School. Not sure which my mother in law, Virginia Wine graduated from or the year. Thank you for any info.
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Apr 01, 2015
8:12 AM
Go to the Stivers alumni room on the 4th floor of SHS
There you will find a large amount of Memobilia and I'm sure you will find yearbooks
blue J
166 posts
Apr 29, 2015
12:10 PM
I had a great grandmother who graduated from Steele in either 1908 or 1909. I have a program from one of her class reunions, but I can't remember the vintage. It's no newer than the 1950s, though. She died in 1972.

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