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Mar 01, 2011
7:25 AM
I just finished a post on the memories blog about "Old North Dayton" and a place called Hartels which was a local hangout at the corner of Troy and Leo Streets.While remembering the times I spent there as a teenager a very stupid but funny memory came back to me.
My boyfriend and I spent a great deal of time in Hartels with a group of his friends.The guys were always pranking each other.Each one would try to out prank one of the others almost everyday of the week.Most times they were harmless things of no consequence.Sneaking out to move a car was a big deal.
My father was a Dayton Police officer which is the reason I was drawn into a prank that my boyfriend thought of.I was convinced to "borrow" my father's handcuffs one evening which turned out to be a very bad idea.
I had them in my purse when we went to Hartels that evening.We were all sitting around a table having the usual good time when my boyfriend asked one of his friends to give me his hand which he willingly did.At that point I slipped the handcuff on to his wrist and calmly hooked the other one to the chair he was sitting in.Big mistake on my part.I brought the handcuffs but forgot all about the key!
Now we are all sitting there with a guy who is handcuffed to his chair with no way to unlock them.He was not amused and I was scared to death!
There were only two choices to be made.Do we walk out and leave him sitting there or do I call my father.I called my father,explained what I had done and waited for the screaming to begin.What I heard on the other end of the phone was laughing!I was blessed to have a father with a sense of humor who understood my awful mistake and offered to come to my rescue.He was there with the key within half an hour or so.Everything ended up with much laughter at my expense.
The moral of this story is that if you ever steal someones handcuffs,do steal the key!
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Sep 01, 2014
8:34 AM
That makes me feel better! I get to chuckle about a story involving handcuffs that doesn't have anything to do with me!

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