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Feb 03, 2012
6:15 AM
Oh, yes! I must add to the list of some of our "exemplary" teachers of days gone by...
For example, a one Mrs. Smith; she "taught" phys. ed. and health/sex education at WHS during my few years there, 1973 to 1977. Perhaps, I shall refrain from continuing on, at least at this point. But, boy or boy, talk about an "education"...LOL
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Feb 03, 2012
7:47 AM

This was sort of directed to you as now I believe I know who you are, well kind of...one of the Norman "boys", right?! Which means, at one time, you lived next door to Dale and Debbie Hamilton. She was/is one of my best friends! I don't believe I ever knew you personally (as you were older) but I remember Mark and there was another brother but I can't recall his name at the moment. Joe, maybe? I just didn't put two and two together at first but then again, math was never my strong suit...duh!

Also, you might remember Dick Coffey if you were in the WHS Class of 71. Dick drowned at Lake Tahoe,maybe a year or so within graduating and I think he was a '71 graduate, too or at least, right before or after that class. They lived on Cardiff Place (the court between Tomberg and Chesham) but soon moved to New Carlisle after Dick's death. I don't remember Dick that well but I hung out with one of his sisters, Kathleen (she was my age) and my younger brother hung out with Dick's younger brother, Dan. Ginny, another sister was a couple of years older than I was but I remember her more than I do Dick. My Dad and Mr. Coffey were buddies back in those days, too. Not sure what happened to them but I think all of them eventually relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona or somewhere in the Phoenix vicinity.

You mentioned the name Bill Hilgeford on another post. I remember hearing that name and also, you might remember the woman who went missing and was found dead along Haddix Road in the mid 70's. She was from Huber Heights, her name was Bobbie Waymire and she and my mom use to ride together when they bowled at Capri Lanes. That remains an "unsolved mystery" but there was a recent article about it in the Dayton Daily News, a few years ago. I am a "true crime" buff so articles, stories and cases regarding real crime, interest me immensely. I also have two copies of "The Girl On The Volkswagen Floor", a book that is hard to come by now.

You might also recall when Monica Chapa (she went to Studebaker and Wayne and lived on Cruxten Drive at one time) made local headlines; gracing the cover and centerfold page of Hustler Magazine circa 1976/1977. I remember my mother and other mothers in the neighborhood thought it was disgraceful! LOL At one time, Larry Flynt and her mother were involved/lived together, if I recall correctly and that is how she stumbled into her short-lived "modeling career"...LOL

I know all kinds of "juicy tidbits" regarding Huber Heights/the people there, as well as Dayton but then, we've been territorial neighbors for centuries. I really enjoy reading other's posts and sharing mine, too!

As most of us know...it's a very small world - we also appreciate our memories and "the past" much more as we age...that is what has made us the people we are today!

On that note...Have a great six more weeks of Winter!

Rose (Does "Roseanne Fisher" ring a bell? Ding-a-ling-a-ling!)
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Feb 03, 2012
7:49 AM
Excuse me ALLEN, not ALAN!
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Mar 02, 2012
7:42 AM
You have me pegged right Rose. We used to teade Mark all the time for having a crush on you (he's married now, one boy one girl).

Kinda shocking to hear about Dick, yeah he was in my class. I must have been a USAF Security Policeman aroaund the time he drowned, stationed in what was the Canal Zone in Panama.

You doubtless remember the utterly politically incorrect "war dance" the cheerleading squad did at home games. I wonder if they still do it??
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Apr 19, 2013
4:50 AM
Rose what year did you graduate in. Me it was 1966. Mr Lovett was my fav. Teacher.
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Jun 06, 2013
4:47 AM
I was also in the 1971 class but finished up my high school at Patterson.
I played in a band with Bill Hilgeford, Mickey Lopez, Tim Lipovsky, and Mike Usas in junior high school.
I also remember the tragic incident with Bill.
blue J
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Jun 19, 2013
9:51 AM
Here's possibly an interesting addition to this thread, I think...I didn't attend Huber Heights schools, but I happened to be reading an article today about the man who is currently working on unearthing what could possibly be one of La Salle's shipwrecks, a ship called the Griffin, in Lake Michigan. His name is Steve Libert, age 59- which would put him in about the high school class of 1971 or '72. He started diving in Lake Michigan and looking for it in 1981. Anyway, following is a quote from the article:

"Last weekend, Mr. Libert, who was first captivated by the Griffin story when his junior high history teacher in Huber Heights, Ohio, described it years ago, vacillated between bursting with excitement and cringing from nerves because of the excavation's unanticipated results."

So basically, this junior high history teacher, in about 1967, planted a seed that would motivate a Daytonian on a life-long quest- the end result of which may well end up solving a historical mystery that has existed for more than 330 years. I think that's tremendous!

I wonder if any of you would know who that teacher was...
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Jun 20, 2013
12:26 PM
@blueJ: I remember Steve very well. He was a pretty good-sized dude who would sing the "George of the Jungle" catroon theme when climbing the ropes in gym. Can't remember the History teacher's name offhand. But this must have been at that old wreck of a school Titus.

@Jack1971: I almost remember you, but the image is fuzzy and fades in and out. I certainly remember Mike Usas, he was and remains the benchmark I use for rating friends, there was no better friend than Mike. His trademark was his 12-string guitar. He was quite the outdoorsman, he showed me how to catch snapping turtles and find and eat paw-paws on that property he lived on which is now (cripes) a Wal-Mart. Last I heard, Nike moved to the sticks outside of Chilicothe for the same reason Daniel Boone headed for Kentucky: "elbow room". And if you knew Mike, you know this is fact.

Mickey Lopez began insisting on being called Jose' in our senior year. He became an attorney and was named a special prosecutor in an investigation of the Dayton city police.

A few years back I saw a movie about a kid who made friends with a Yeti. One of the secondary characters was some kid with the last name of Lipovski. I don't know if he's any relation to Tim, but as I remember the kid definitely had Tim's eyes and mouth.

Speaking of auld acquaintance, do you remember Steve Doncaster? He lived over on Pitcairn Drive and was friends wih Frank Bledsoe. Well, last year I was looking for something I never would have connected with Steve and I saw a google reference with the name "Steve Doncaster" in it. I read the article and could not believe it was the Steve I knew back when, but I researched the guy and yep, it's our Steve alright.
Steve went to Wright State, then moved to Arizona and got his juris doctor. He's a lawyer and heads up some outfit called "The Center for World Peace Through Law"

Hokey smokes. STEVE DONCASTER A LAWYER? I like to fell out of my chair.

Even more surprising was the story about Steve, who doesn't own a vehicle but rides a bike everywhere (what???) was struck by an illegal immigrant and seriously injured and, when he discoveed the driver had no insurance, forgave him.

I shudder to think what the Steve I knew back when would have done to the guy. But something always told me that he was a decent guy beneath all the tough-guy posturing.
Anyway, Jack, if you wonder who I am, there's a recent picture of me along wioth my real name on my home page, the address of which is avialable in my profile here. Peace out, as the younguns say.
blue J
93 posts
Jun 20, 2013
1:55 PM
Allen- I thought you might be familiar with the Steve from that article I cited (it was the NYTimes, by the way- yesterday's edition, page A16, I think, if you want to find a current picture of him). Get this, too, because I forgot to tell you- the article also says he's retired after a career in government and living in Purcellville, VA- not far from you at all, if I'm not mistaken.

Last Edited by blue J on Jun 20, 2013 1:56 PM
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Jun 21, 2013
5:54 AM
Yeah, Blue; Purcellville is in Loudon County about halfway to Charles Town WVA from here. I ought to check that picture so I can spot him if he's in the Charles Town casino at the same time I am. Thanx.
joey m
177 posts
Feb 05, 2014
10:49 AM
Anybody remember a couple of football players on Waynes football team named Moore and Moorefield. I played against them in early 60's. They were really tough I think one was a halfback and the other was a fullback. I played with Shawen Acres and I think that they hadnt been playing football there for very long. "GREAT MEMORIES"
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Nov 02, 2014
7:43 AM
Phil here, Class of '62. I remember them both.
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Nov 02, 2014
3:27 PM
Joey m - Hey, I remember them as well, they were in class of 1961, I was in class of 1962. I believe they both lived on Bellefontain Rd, I also believe Moorefield's name was Jack and can't remember for sure but believe Moore's was also Jack...! My cousin Ron Nevin was good friends with each of them, although Ron played basketball for Wayne, all state free throw champ. You're right, great guys and great memories.
joey m
267 posts
Nov 03, 2014
10:45 AM
Daytongirl01 Good to hear about them and its amazing how far the school has come. I remember at their field and it was pretty primitive compared to what they have now. And by the way they beat us pretty bad.
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Dec 07, 2014
6:40 AM
MrBlu "Phil", did you mean on the 11/2 post that you were in the '62 class of Wayne, or Shawen Acres? I graduated from Wayne in 1962, if that is what you mean, we would have been in the same class.
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Dec 07, 2014
2:15 PM
Class of '62, WHS Daytongirl01. Were you in Ms. Hottle's typing class, Ed "Uncle Eddie" Tate's Algebra I class or Ms. Higgins' English class?
49 posts
Dec 08, 2014
10:54 AM
MrBlu, I tried to post this and it didn't go through, so here goes again....yes on Ms. Hottle, and dear ole Mr. Tate and Ms. Higgins too. We used to make a lot of fun of Mr. Tate, which I am sure you know why! We were young. My name at that time was Barbara Poppa, I lived on Kitridge Rd.

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