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Locking the Doors
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Jan 10, 2012
12:34 AM
I remember growing up in Westwood. My Dad built the house when I was born. The back door didn't have a lock on it for many years. There was a small hook to keep it closed but we didn't fasten it because no one could get in.
We didn't have water in the house and used an outhouse for many years.
Eventually indoor plumbing and water in the house werre installed and we also manaed to get a hot water heater.
It seemed the heater was different every winter. Don't know why.
It may seem strange but here in the Philippines we don't have a hot water heater in the house. We must take hot showers the same way I did as a kid. Funny how things turn around sometimes.
luv my dayton
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Sep 08, 2012
7:20 AM
The USA always was the first to have and enjoy indoor plumbing,water heaters and furnaces. Think we also were the first to start locking our houses up especially when others started believing what was yours was also theirs.Sad but true..
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Jun 06, 2013
5:02 AM
When I lived in Huber, in the summer time without A/C we would leave the big door open, and just lock the screen door and go to bed!!
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Jun 12, 2013
10:05 PM
USA wasn't the first to have indoor plumbing, heaters and furnaces! Many European countries had them before we did.

We never locked our doors until the 1980's.

I have lived (thankfully not for long) with relatives who didn't have indoor plumbing. The only thing was one of those old fashioned pumps in the kitchen for water.

We never lived in air conditioning either Jack, my parents finally got air after all us kids moved out!!! I remember sleeping in the screened in porch at one place we lived at. Now I can't LIVE without my A/C!!!

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