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Aug 09, 2012
10:14 PM
In the 50's and 60's many folks from the Dayton area came to the Coconut lounge on Saturday nites. They drove from all over to see a different band every Saturday nite. some of the bands were The Four Seasons, Gladys Night and the Pips, Aretha franklin, Sonny Flaraty, the Turtles, too many to name. All the motown bands that were popular at the time. We always had posters from each band hanging around the lounge. (Sure wish I had some of those now" My mother sold tickets and my sister and I were probably somewhere between 6 and 10 yrs old and we got to meet all the bands when they arrived. We were allowed to stand in front of the stage until the doors were closed and my mother was ready to go home. The place was always packed, it was a byob and crowded every Saturday. I think Sonny Flaraty wrote the song "The Coconut Stomp".
luv my dayton
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Sep 08, 2012
7:14 AM
Don't recall that place. Where was it located? Had to been around in early 60's as remember Sonny Flarity
Sonny Flaharty1
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Oct 02, 2012
1:46 PM
Oh, I remember it well. My band The Young Americans and I were booked there
on a regular schedule
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Oct 29, 2012
4:08 PM
Hi Sonny,enjoyed your band all over town,Diamond Club,Whisper Lounge,Sonny what was the real story about why Hey Conductor was not promoted all the sudden?Suddenly stopped hearing it.
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Dec 29, 2012
9:17 AM
To "luv my dayton":

I believe it’s located at 4834 Upper Valley Pike about 1 1/2 Miles North of County Line Rd. between Springfield and Urbana in Ohio. It’s located in the Lakewood Swim & Athletic Club.
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Jan 13, 2013
10:29 PM
Does anyone remember going to Hara Arena in the 60's to see the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars? I remember seeing the following performers in one evening: The Supremes, Tom Jones, Brenda Lee,Neil Sedaka, Bobby Vee, Johnny Tillotson and many others on the stage. Each performer sang their current hit and some of the shows had 10-15 stars in an evening. It was spectacular.
Mark V Drummer
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Jan 29, 2013
11:56 AM
I remember the Coconut Lounge very well. I was Sonny's Drummer and I have recordings of when we played there and "Red" was the DJ.
I noticed Sonny didn't answer yet about Hey Conductor. I also was the Drummer in the Mark V when we recorded Hey Conductor at Sambo Studios in Louisville, KY. It layed dormant after we recorded for a while and was banned by a large chain of radio stations due to "psychedelic" lyric. Ha! same week Jefferson Airplane released "white rabit"
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Feb 15, 2013
2:35 PM
Mark v drummer I liked the song Hey Conductor,was a different sound,that Gothic organ,who came up with the idea for it? When did you disban?

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