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Sandalwood Park
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Aug 18, 2012
10:42 AM
In the 60's we used to gather there every morning and play baseball, football, tennis and the games the folks that worked for the city had for us, It was a freat place to have fun. We always went to the Gourmet shop in the evening and had a red pop and slim jim.
16 posts
Sep 15, 2012
2:58 PM
Sandalwood park was named after the street it was on.Boring I know. But during the late sixties I play basketball there every Saturday from mid moring until mid afternoon. The best pick up games in Dayton were there. The competition was unbelievable. The boys from
alter Kettering and the west side of the city. If you lost and you weren't 6'5" or taller you had a long wait. At nite we did do a lot of "experimental" there.
Kurtz 26
1 post
Oct 08, 2012
7:40 PM
The church steps is where all the action was. Thats where we all met , then we took it up into the park shelter house where you had a running start from the cops.
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Jul 17, 2013
1:32 PM
That's funny - Kurtz 26
Kurtz 26
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Nov 14, 2013
7:29 PM
We took Franks ashes and spread them out under the spruce trees where we used to play horseshoes at the top of the park. We used to have some pretty hot games there in the early 70"s

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