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luv my dayton
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Sep 07, 2012
6:50 AM
Years ago when you saw a group of high school boys busy doing something it was most often under the hood of one of their cars, around the car or under a car, learning the different parts and how to change oil, air filters, spark plugs,fix a flat. Many times this kept kids busy and was to save them money as adults being able to do the maintenance on their own vehicles. Many of these young men would end up working at a service station during the summer to make money and helping the owner with the smaller jobs including pumping the gas.Those days seem to be gone and honestly can't say I've seen much of that taking place in the more modern times. Just another pass time that went by the wayside.
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May 14, 2014
11:52 AM
Back in the late 50's We would hang out at Cottles Gulf on the corner of Lexington and Rosedale ,after station closed for the day jack Cottle would let us come in and work on our cars for free,what a great guy.He had a love for Studabakers and had a couple real nice ones.
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Jun 10, 2014
5:27 AM
Around 1962-64 I was in High School and remember at least 4 guys in the neighborhood in Beavercreek always working on their 57 Chevys with 327 Chevy engines in them. We always hung around asking stupid questions but they tolerated us. Thanks you. Now I never see anyone working on their cars in the driveway. Unless they are putting another decal on their Honda. HA HA I do have a shop that works on all the local Turbo Buicks and I hang out there nowdays.

1987 Buick GN
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Jun 20, 2014
1:20 PM
Not to demean your Buick turbo but I remember the first year that the Regal Turbo was available, I think it was 1976. My Mom got one brand new and I took it for a test drive. When you stomped on the gas the turbo lag was glacial in it's slowness. The added power was nice but you couldn't count on it arriving the same afternoon.
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Jun 21, 2014
12:08 PM
Ared - no problem, the first turbo Regals were awful. Actually my x wife had a 78 or so, It really wasn't until 86 when they were intercooled and had sequential injection that they were worth mentioning. In 86-87 they were quicker than the corvette but GM refused to let Buick mention that fact. For several decades they were the quickest car GM had ever made, (yes, including the big block corvettes) but I have my reservations about that claim with a L-88 or ZL-1 vette but then those weren't true mass produced cars. I do know I had a 69 427 435 hp vette with 456 gears and this GN is almost 2 seconds quicker in a 1/4. AND gets almost 20 mpg.

1987 Buick GN
 photo 84733bd1-62cb-4704-8457-6666af53ae8d.jpg

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