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Trick or Treat
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Oct 05, 2012
5:29 PM
when I was a kid in the 60s and early 70s, I loved Trick or treat. My best friend and I would map out our North gate Neighborhood planning how we can get the most candy and filling our pillow case full and in those days we would get pop corn balls, candy apples, fresh apples, loose change sometimes up to 2.00 worth, and the Cops and Fire Dept would drive around giving out full size candy bars. There was so many kids out you almost had to stand in line at each door. the air was cold and crisp as we ran here and there just to get home for hot cider and charlie brown. Those days are long gone:(
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Oct 06, 2012
3:16 PM
Trick or Treat night was a huge ordeal at our house in the 50's!My mom was a die hard Halloween freak!There were never ever any store bought costumes or masks for her kids.
Just after supper which was the exact same meal every single year,wieners&beans,mac&cheese and applesauce,the "getting made up"would begin.It was like some weird ritual and I can't remember even one year when it was any different!
Mom would get out all her makeup,burnt corks,old clothes,hats and anything else she might need to turn us into whatever she would think up for each of us.It was always fun for us to look in the mirror when she was finished.I can still hear the laughter in my mind.I had no idea that the real reason for the homemade costumes was the fact that there was no money for anything that couldn't be concocted with what was already there.In my mind my mother was a genius of the highest order!
I did keep the tradition alive for my own kids with a few exceptions.
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Jun 06, 2013
5:00 AM
Ohio must have been the only state that had "Begger's Night" on October 30th and then the adult parties on Halloween night October 31st.

No one anywhere recalls that setup!!
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Jun 07, 2013
5:18 PM
WOW, amazing. Begger's Night. I haven't heard those words in many years.
luv my dayton
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Jun 11, 2013
8:26 AM
Trick or Treat was for the younger amongst us and then a certain age became beggars night. Can't remember what dinner was on those nights but probably quick and easy. No store bought costumes until early 60's which by then I was getting my own children ready with chicken pot pies for supper and store bought costumes which were used after for jammies. Came in fire retardent flannel. Ritual was beg in our neighborhood then head to grandparents to beg at their door. Then came grandchildren who did the same and headed to our door. Those days long gone but have videos and pictures of the events. Now, I just leave the house dark and don't bother as times have changed and not willing to open door to strangers. Took fun out of it when 6ft kids smoking cigarettes bounced up on porch for handout.The good old days really were the good old days as innocense was still counted for something.
blue J
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Jun 21, 2013
9:59 AM
I'm sorry to hear you had that experience with the older kids, luv...in my neighborhood now, it still happens pretty much the same as was described by bentz in the original post here, except that there are so many homes that we don't need to map anything. My kids are still little, so we're currently doing it up every year- my wife takes them out for the first hour and I take them for the second, or vice versa- lots of kids and lots of parents with them, so it's a good time. When we're on duty handing out candy at the house, we normally set up a chair in the driveway and sit out there. We get about 150 visitors or more, every year. And there are a few bigger kids who come around, but they're good kids- just holding on to one of those younger-kid pleasures...and the police and firefighters still come around and hand out the full-size candy bars- not ALL of the kids around get those, of course, but we've been fortunate enough to get them a few times.

It's great for me, getting to see them have a good time just being kids.

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