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Shoppers fair
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Oct 30, 2012
8:07 AM
Anyone remember Shoppers Fair on Salem Ave ? There was a A&P there at the same time. I remember my mom shopping there and then going to A&P, Freedom foods took over A&P spot and a Bingo hall took the Shoppers fair spot. I can't remember what the other shops was there in the 60s and early 70s. All there is now is a Bingo hall Just another dead shopping center:(
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Dec 01, 2012
5:47 AM
I remember Shoppers Fair on Salem from the 60s. My dentist was across the street and after the appointment my mom would go over to Shoppers Fair to buy a few items. They had steamed hot dogs up front and she always bought me one--mouth was still numb though from dentist visit and when I bit into the dog it would fall out...embarassing! That happened after every dentist visit!
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Dec 01, 2012
3:33 PM
I don't remember the Shoppers Fair on Salem but I worked at the one that was on Woodman Dr. between Dorothy Lane and Stroop Rd..That was in 1970 when I was 24,newly divorced and trying to make a new life for myself and my two children.
I worked for the company that had the shoe department.
It was after getting hired that I realized why it was called Shoppers Fair.Almost every department was owned and operated by a different company.They came together under one roof thus a "Shoppers Fair".
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Dec 01, 2012
4:09 PM
Cilla now thats neat info! I just remember my mom shopping there as a kid and the A&P on the other side of the shopping center. And Bill I do remember the hot dogs:)
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Feb 28, 2013
10:28 AM
Yep, Shoppers Fair....... That was the place to shop. Remember the smell of the popcorn? My neighbors, Donna and Diane Brock lived there. I think that was before K-mart and Gold Circle on Salem, right? All gone now. We never thought those years would turn out to be memorable years, did we?
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Feb 28, 2013
12:11 PM
Yep all gone, We use to swim at the JCC behind the Gold Circle in the 70s, love there toy dept. and the old k mart they had a snack bar there that at that time had the best sub.:)
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Jul 07, 2013
12:09 PM
My mother worked at Shoppers Fair on Salem for many years in the 60's and maybe early 70's. She was working there when it closed down whatever year that was. She then went to Stump's. We lived on El Paso Ave., right behind Liberal's.
Mike C
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Nov 09, 2013
6:04 PM
I forgot about Shopper's Fair. It was a different type place to shop compared to all the other stores around at that time. I do remember Sharkey's Pizza. That and the Kon Tiki theater.
luv my dayton
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Jan 01, 2014
6:39 AM
Cilla: I lived in that area and having 3 children of my own spent a lot of time and money in the store. It has been many things since then. Think there was a Big Star grocery, Bobs Warehouse and a Large pet shop. Think right now the building is empty. It was a great area to live and still is because theres so many businesses that fit the many needs of the area.

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