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Tom Blackburn-UD Flyers
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Nov 20, 2012
7:16 PM
Great coach great teams-remember Bill Uhl the 7footer from Utah,the Paxtons Don Don when he was a player Gary Roggenburk.
I remember how proud Dayton was of its basketball!That was when the NIT was the big playoff not the ncaa>
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Dec 19, 2012
5:35 AM
Remember Bill Chmielewski and what happened to him? And Roger Brown? John Horan? Jack Sallee?
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Feb 01, 2013
7:34 AM
I recognize all the names you folks brought back to mind. Flyers' basketball was great, even on a B & W 17 inch screen. Seems to me that Bill Uhl, John Horan and Jack Sallee were all on the same team around '56 or so. We always watched the Tom Blackburn show at noon on Sunday. Seems that the Flyers always came out of the NIT as runners up. When they finally became NIT champs that tournament was already being eclipsed by the NCAA competition.
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May 06, 2013
7:51 AM
I grew up as a huge UD Basketball fan. Made it to the NIT finals when they beat St. John's for the championship in 1962, my junior year at UD. Bill Uhl lives in Cincinnati and I saw him at a function down here last year. Chimelewski was the MVP as a sophomore and I don't think he played another game after the NIT. Roger Brown played in the old ABA and ended up as a politician in Indy.
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Aug 21, 2013
4:32 PM
Remember that league well ... I almost lived at the Fairgrounds, have seen many "greats" play there. Didn't Meineke go to UD? Had somewhat of a pro career. I remember a Bobby Wolf there also, from Stivers, I think.
Harry Schwab and Bill Hosket's dad did a lot of officiating around town. I think Schwab was the pro at that great Community golf course .... Stroop or Dororhy Lane. I saw Joe Lewis do an exhibition there, late 40's. I have forgotten, where did UD play most of their games, not sure, seen them often, Fairgorunds? We only lived 5 or 6 blocks from UD on Brown. Remember the 999 Bar on Brown Street, down by the Pine Club.
joey m
91 posts
Aug 31, 2013
9:39 AM
joedooly small world my dad was best friends with Harry Schwab they played golf together. I caddied for Harry and later for his son Pat who was a touring pro. He was partially sponsored by Babe Diedricksn Zaharis. I remember Joe Louis playing there, he came into town every year for the Fairway Open which was a negro tournament. Great memories!!!!!
luv my dayton
448 posts
Nov 06, 2013
11:22 AM
Thought there also was a player then by the name Chris Harris. Seems it was the only time I was big into UD basketball. Was a young teenager and more into the players than the game. Think it was a good year for them. Remember being on the bus heading downtown and this super tall guy got on and it was Bill Uhl.He sure did draw the attention as he was quite famous back then. Wonder what became of those guys over the years.
joey m
148 posts
Nov 07, 2013
12:23 PM
luv my dayton I knew Chris back then. He owned an appliance & TV store on Stroop Rd.That was in the 6o's. He owned a home off of Far Hills that had a fullcourt basketball court in the back yard. I was involved a little with the UD program and we would get some pretty hot ball games there. Names of some of the players Donald Smith, Donny May, Mike Pratt, Tom Crosswhite, Bob McGowan Dan Obrovac, Dutch Sheets,& Joe Marks. And Bill Uhl is or was my insurance man and since retired.His son Bill Jr. who played at UD also has agency now.

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