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Apr 19, 2013
9:38 AM
I went to Belle haven from 1967 to 1975, walked 2 miles to School rain or shine or snow: and had to walk it for lunch! That was 4 times a day! anyone remember any Teachers from that time?

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Aug 03, 2013
6:32 AM
Wow! LisaG69 those are the same Teachers I had! I almost forgot there names! but I'll always remember Ms Dedrick she help me so much, I think about her a lot. What about Ms porter? she would give you the Porter pinch on your arm it you were goofing off! Boy did that hurt!
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Aug 03, 2013
8:10 PM
how could i of forgotten Mrs Porter..she was my favorite
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Mar 01, 2015
5:06 PM
I did not go to kindergarten at Belle Haven or anywhere else but I did go to BH. Back in those days kindergarten was optional. My mother was ill for several months and I went to live with my grandmother in another state, returning in time to start first grade in the fall that year.

First grade was a pretty monumental year: they thought I had some developmental disability because I couldn't color with those fat crayons. that is, until Mom explained I had never seen, let alone used, fat crayons. Once they saw I could do really well with "grown-up" crayons, they let me stay off the short bus. The fun began, however, when Mom insisted they continue to let me use skinny crayons. They would not, saying if they made exceptions for me then they'd have to make exceptions for everyone.

I spent my first school year feeling like a loser because I couldn't control those stupid fat colors.

How mercifully times have changed.


Those who cannot remember the past are probably just old and stressed.

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Mar 02, 2015
7:43 AM
Yes Miss Gilbert was tough! I remembered when she put Chalk between my brothers toes and put his socks and shoes on for the rest of the class. The chalk burns when the feet sweat. Miss gross was a mean teacher too! Had me stand in the back of the room arms out for the whole Class and could not lean or move. The good times LOL

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