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Sep 12, 2013
10:24 AM
In Dayton you can start a fight about Pizza! But what mom and pop pizza shop from the past can you think of thats still is open or closed and cut there pizza in squares. Like Rocky's pizza in beavercreek great pizza and one shop or Joes pizza is another one. or Sam's pizza of the 60s but there closed
102 posts
Sep 12, 2013
10:35 AM
El Greco has great pizza and cuts it in squares.
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Sep 12, 2013
2:53 PM
Who cares about any other pizza cut into squares. Marion's was the best and if you don't think so we can just step outside.
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Sep 13, 2013
10:37 AM
joey m
108 posts
Sep 14, 2013
9:28 AM
Joes and it might have something to do with the name.
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Sep 27, 2013
7:25 AM
donw, I'm saddened to hear about your disappointment at Marion's. From the sound of it I too would be, as soft and doughy are 180 degrees from where Marion's always used to be.
Just another indication that things are always changing and, as usual, generally not for the better.
I suppose I should stop talking up a product that is, in fact, just a memory not something real any more.
And so it goes.
blue J
125 posts
Sep 27, 2013
7:49 AM
I've never had a pizza at Marion's that was like that. I think the last time I was there was within the past two to three months, rather than weeks. But at any rate, I'm sorry to hear that too, Don. I'd like to think that was an anomaly, because all of the pizza I've ever had at Marion's has been to the same standard- small rectangles, loaded with the toppings, and crispy crust.

I think if you had complained about it, they certainly would have made it right!
joey m
113 posts
Sep 27, 2013
9:49 AM
donw I totally agree with you. I believe Marions is not what they used to be. Rons is much better and have stayed original. If you didn't know both, Ron and Marion worked for Vic Cassano. They both copied Vics receipes and style of pizza. Rons has stayed the same and I believe one of the best pizzas in town. I was in the pizza business for over twenty years in the 60's 70's and 80's and thats how I knew them.
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Sep 27, 2013
10:13 AM
Donw, I found the pizza at Marions in Beavercreek to be the same (soft and doughy) I too was extremely disappointed. My son told me that I needed to order it well-done and baked in the old back oven. I did this and found it to be like the ones I used to get there. But I find it absurd that you have to do this. Why are they ruining what used to be a great pizza? Joes pizza is good, but unhandy for me to get to.
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Sep 27, 2013
2:01 PM
Syxpack, Its sad put just about all of them are doing it! El Greco's, Ron's, Joe's and rocky's all still use the old brick oven. Cassano's and Marion's have hurt there Pizza somewhat.
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Sep 29, 2013
11:01 PM
People here in the DC area do not believe me when I tell them how passionate Daytonians are about pizza purveyors. Think Ginos and Pat's in Philly, but more intense.
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Sep 30, 2013
3:09 PM
AllenN71, in Philly it's the cheesesteak sandwich. In the south it's various styles of bar-b-que, i.e.; Kansas city dry rub, Texas smoked,Memphis and so on. Cincy has the chili war, Skyline vs. everybody else. So Dayton gets the pizza feud, Marion's vs. Cassano's.I'm hoping that Marion's hasn't forfeited with that soft and doughy crust.
If anyone eats at the original store in Kettering in the near future let us know what your impression is.
8 posts
Oct 03, 2013
1:00 PM
Gotta love the Marions pizza!
luv my dayton
410 posts
Oct 04, 2013
7:41 PM
Joe's pizza and Marions are probably my favorites. Love Marions with sausage and mushrooms and also like the Italian sub. Good grief now I'm hungry.
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Nov 01, 2013
8:11 AM
luv my dayton, that's my favorite as well (although I add onions). I worked at the Marion's off Shroyer from '68-'72 while I was attending UD. I love that pizza. Can't get anything like it in Texas. Still have to have a Marion's "fix" whenever I come back to Dayton. Got a friend to drive up from Cincy in a snowstorm once, just to go to Marion's. I have never experienced the soggy crust some of the comments mention. Marion would be spinning in his grave.
old school dancer
8 posts
Nov 18, 2013
1:03 AM
OMG i miss cassinos pizza, we dont have one in alabama, anyone mail me one? lol
old school dancer
9 posts
Nov 18, 2013
1:04 AM
we use to eat after work at the hasty tasty and the hideaway resturant lol
old school dancer
10 posts
Nov 18, 2013
1:05 AM
is Lesordesville lake still there ? i spelled it wrong lol
Joe D
1 post
Apr 01, 2014
8:07 PM
Casano's? Yuk! I remember it as tasting like soggy dough, covered by ketchup, and Velveeta cheese. That said, after working until 1:00 am at the Lion's Den (1973-78), and imbibing in my own product, anything tasted good. Well, OK, adequate.

PS: I realize this is an old string, but I couldn't resist.
Joe D
Dan L Bayes
2 posts
Sep 26, 2014
5:36 AM
donm - I also live i Texas, and you're right. Nothing like Marion's down here. I was just back in Dayton and had a Marion's. I was NOT disappointed. OH the days, of the late 60's, Belmont HS football and basketball, Dare Devil Hill for sledding...
4 posts
Oct 11, 2014
11:05 AM
w ent to colonel white in the 70's... coming back to dayton soon from vegas...it broke my heart when i heard Scherrers ice cream closed[best ever!} but if u are telling me marions has changed??? OH LAWD Cancel my tickets and give me a valium
3 posts
Dec 21, 2014
10:06 PM
Closest thing to Marion's I've found here in Dallas, Texas is a chain called iFratelli's. Pretty close. Square pizza, square (ok, rectangular) slices. Crispy thin crust. Try it, I think you'll agree. Not perfect, but close.
54 posts
Jan 17, 2015
1:41 PM
My vote is for Cassano's pizza...every time I come to Dayton for a visit, if I don't get Cassano's pizza, I leave disappointed. I know, many of you think Marion's is best...I just can't get over Cassano's. There is a place in California, San Clemente, and there is a Cassano's pizza shop right at the pier...well you guessed it, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it, went right over and asked if they were related to the Cassano's in Dayton, Ohio....the answer was NO, but they wished they had a dollar for every time they're asked that...No, I didn't order from them, not very nice of me I guess, but if not Cassano's of Dayton, then it is just another pizza place to me! Viva Cassano's...
40 posts
Jan 21, 2015
1:20 PM
I go around looking foe all my old favorite's; Lum's Hot Dogs (Steamed in beer), Farrell's Ice Ceam Parlor, and (of course) Marion's. Not fair I suppose since I worked there frmo High school through College, but if pressed, I will admit that there was a place before Marion's. I loved the pizza at The Village Inn on Siebenthaler. Some of it was the Friday night atmosphere, but most of it was the pizza. Now I can't get any of these and I walk around feeling like I'm suffering withdrawal. Please don't ever take my Marion's lifeline away. lol
2 posts
May 12, 2015
1:45 PM
I am a pizza freak. There, I said it.

My romance with pizza was fomented in the late 1950's when, living in the Page Manor area, my dad and I would hop in the old 1951 Chevy "Teardrop" 2-door and make our traditional Sunday night visit to the Pizza Pantry, at the foot of Airway hill. The little strip of shops is still there. I believe the space is now the Orbit Inn Tavern.

The order was always 'to go', since the Pizza Pantry only had two tables for eat-in. Besides, Dad hated eating under fluorescent lighting. "It's like eating in a damn laundromat!" My dad was very opinionated about certain things. Anyway, it was the trip home with that magic pie, fragrant and steaming, in its horizontal paper bag and cardboard, stapled shut...pulled up like a tent with holes poked in it, burning my little thighs... it was heaven!

They say that the sense of smell is the number one key for memories and nostalgia. Dad was always busy. I rarely got alone time with him. I guess that fresh baked pizza fragrance was the smell of special time with my dad.

As I grew older, Dad would "volunteer" my brothers and me to pitch in and help make his big deep dish pizza. Again, always on a Sunday afternoon. I learned how to grate Mozzarella, dice onions, slice pepperoni, and stir the sauce. My brothers didn't have the patience to sit down and do 'women's work.' Dad encouraged me, saying, "Don't worry, son. All the best chefs are men. Learn to cook and you'll never go hungry."

In 1965, we discovered Marrion's Piazza at Patterson and Shroyer, and, Shakey's Pizza Parlour and Ye Public House, on Wilmington Pike. Dad went nuts for Marrion's. He'd let me order. "Large sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, ("mango peppers" to us Daytonians), and onion. Extra sauce and cheese."

I credit my father for Marrion's longevity. Dad always wanted to be friends with proprietors. On one visit, Dad pulled Marrion himself over to our table. All buddy-buddy, my dad said, "Let me give you a secret to lasting in the food business: Customers will forgive a price increase way more than you skimping on ingredients. You have a superior product here. Never change it. Raise prices if you have to, but don't change this pie! We also eat at Shakey's down the road. The striped vests and straw skimmer hats are cute, and the ragtime music is fun. They've been open less than a year and already I'm seeing their toppings moving in from the outer edges. They probably won't last 12 more months" He was right. Shakey's is gone. Marrion's has not changed their pizza since they opened.

I read your comments about Marrion's now starting to skimp and be thick and chewy. I haven't seen it. If fact, while awaiting a to-go order, I saw a framed clipping from a recent pizza trade magazine. The article showed the top 100 rated independent pizza chains in the U.S... Marrion's is #1.

Thanks Dad.
(Bill Chambers, 1922-2012)
joey m
378 posts
May 13, 2015
8:30 AM
Johnny Towanda your dad was a very smart man. My father was in the restaurant business many years and he gave me the same advice about not cutting corners on the quality of ingredients. And he was right on about men being the best chefs. But that's just mine and your fathers opinion. Wait ladies it was only an opinion. HA! HA!

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