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Downtown Dayton Days
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Oct 16, 2013
11:19 AM
Anyone have memories of Downtown Dayton Days? Mom waited all year to go shopping for us for school. They had some great sales at that time! Shopping all day and then having lunch at Rikes or Beermans. I can Remember the crowed that was there, It felt like Christmas.
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Oct 17, 2013
8:25 PM
My Aunt & Grandma lived outside the RTA bus lines in Madriver twp. They would hire a taxi into downtown & shop all day, then ride the #7 bus up N. Main, get off a block from our house & walk there to spend the rest of the day with us. This continued until Grandma was nearly 80 yrs. old. I'd be way excited all day waiting for them because they always brought me a present.
Mike C
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Nov 09, 2013
5:05 PM
My mother worked in an office building downtown. She would always go there on her lunch hour to pick up clothes for the upcoming school year for us. They would have the items out the day before DDD and she would try and find enough clothing for us that day, before the crazy rush the next day. She would also go the day afterwords as well. They kept the items out the next day as well. I do remember going there as well to pick up things for my children's upcoming school year as well. Those were great times to remember and also great times for Dayton. Long gone I'm afraid.

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