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The old go go bars
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old school dancer
19 posts
Jan 02, 2014
10:48 AM
I use to work at the tradewinds on watervilete, the clock lounge on linden, mr.lees on n.dixie, and the Tiki Doll lounge, anyone remember those or ever worked there? me and two of my sisters peggy was one and norma was the other, sure would like to find some old friends. i went to ruskin,lincoln, webster, orville wright, in the mid 70.s my name was Judy Kicklighter then lol, i am so excited to have found this site, its been so great reading the stories....
luv my dayton
512 posts
Jan 02, 2014
3:39 PM
Old school: believe at one time George karras was the owner. Knew some of the family as his father Frank was a cook at a place called Bolsers in Kettering. When in Jr high I had big crush on george. He had moved to Columbus and heard he was now deceased. All the family gone except for the youngest who is married with a couple of children.

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old school dancer
20 posts
Jan 02, 2014
8:20 PM
Wow George was a great boss, he was moody as a pmsing woman, then at times quiet and shy, but a good guy all in all, i worked there when Debbie, and shuan were barmaids debbies brother randy drove a taxi for i think checker cab.
77 posts
Mar 04, 2014
6:46 PM
I used to frequent the Tradewinds with Terry Raines in the late 60's and remember well George and the two, very pretty, dancers, one named Suzie. Nice atmosphere and a no-problems place as I recall: I had fun.
Mike Harris

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1 post
Jan 10, 2015
6:10 PM
I use to go to the clock lounge on linden, tommy's on east fifth, the pussy cat lounge, talk of the town, godfathers, bea's golden girls on north main, the crazy horse, and quite a few other ones back in the 70's and 80's. A man named Dino use to run the godfathers downtown.
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Apr 14, 2015
3:34 PM
I used to hang around the Tradewinds in the mid 60s.
The place brings back great memories, My first love was a dancer at the Tradewinds - Her name was Patty.
I heard she moved to Houston many years ago; and she
recently moved back to the Dayton area. I haven't seen her in over 46 years.
Thyra Rutter
1 post
May 08, 2015
3:50 PM
Does anyone remember belly dancing, I seem to recall a club that had belly dancing but can't for the life of me remember where it was, or what it was called, the manager was... Johnny or John?

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