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Fast Walking Joe
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old school dancer
22 posts
Jan 02, 2014
8:31 PM
Does anyone remember fast walking Joe, he was a fast walker, always had a cigar in his mouth lol i will never forget him, i thought he was cool......
102 posts
Jan 03, 2014
6:28 AM
You must be referring to Joe Meyer. Several of us with memories of east Dayton, especially around Xenia Ave., have "talked" about Joe on "Dayton Memories Blog" posts. Joe lived with his parents on Church St. and the family moved to Xenia Ave. just below the hill. Joe walked so fast that very few people could keep up with him. He did a lot of errands for Sophie Reichold (store at Xenia and Parrott) in the early sixties. One posting reported last seeing Joe selling flowers on Linden Ave. and believed has since passed on.
old school dancer
25 posts
Jan 03, 2014
7:30 PM
Awww he was a happy ol gut, i hadnt seen him in years, i lived all over that area, right across the st from the shamrock, i use to hang out at sonnys nite cap in 78-79 i was 15 and preg it was all i had to do, i didnt drink, just played pool.
old school dancer
30 posts
Jan 10, 2014
7:51 PM
RIP fast walking Joe, my memories of you were always good, May heaven be as wonderful as you imigained.
187 posts
Apr 12, 2014
7:16 PM
Fast Walking Joe had another name. We called him "Fireball Joe" because he would give fireball candy to the kids in the neighborhood.

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