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Remembrances > The Lion's Den, Wilmington Ave, 1973-78
The Lion's Den, Wilmington Ave, 1973-78
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Joe D
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Apr 01, 2014
8:15 PM
Having found this blog, it reminded me of working in the old Lion's Den 1973-1978, after I returned to UD following my Navy service. It was owned by the Brook's brothers and managed by "Tiny." They also owned the Living Room, and who knows what else. I worked with George, Wanda, Peter, and a few others who have remained friends all these years. It was later bought by Ken Hinkle (sp?). I remember some good times there. Well, I remember most of them, between shots of vodka.
Joe D

Last Edited by Joe D on Apr 01, 2014 8:16 PM
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Apr 02, 2014
4:24 PM
I went there a lot before the fire in about 1970-71?? I was in there earlier that night with a date and heard about the fire the next day. Always was a fun place.

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