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Philip Haas
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Robert W Dupont
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Jul 12, 2014
8:46 PM
Please check Philip Haas, he was an Inventor on Flush valve's he had 31 Pattens. Owned the philip Haas company on 123 Webster Street. my 4402230156 Philip Haas (inventor)
Philip Haas
Philip Haas Portrait.jpg
Passport photograph from 1924 with signature
Born June 7, 1874
Michelstadt, Odenwaldkreis, Hesse, Germany
Died September 30, 1927
Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, U.S.
Nationality German immigrant, naturalized American citizen
Education Dayton Public Schools
Occupation Inventor, Manufacturer
Religion Lutheran
Spouse(s) Catherine Steiger (1877-1960)
Children Albertina Anna Haas (1900-1981)
Marie K Haas (1903-1969)
Helen Anna Haas (1906-1984)
Alma Helen Haas (1908-1976)
Esther Haas (1917-)
Martha Nancy Haas (1918-1919)
Parents Michael Johann Haas (1840-1889))
Albertina Brand (1844-1899)
Philip Haas (1874-1927) was an American inventor and entrepreneur who lived in Dayton, Ohio. Altogether, he received 31 patents in connection with innovations in the field of plumbing.[1] His work was instrumental to the development of the modern toilet and was featured in the 2004 book Ingenious Inventions How They Work and How They Came to Be.[2][3]

Philip Haas (inventor) Contents
1 Early life
2 Marriage and children
3 Inventions
3.1 Frost-Proof Toilet Improvements
3.2 Rim Flushing System
3.3 Commercial Flush Valve
3.4 Water Closet Mechanics
4 Business ventures
5 Death
6 Patents
7 Notes
8 References

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