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Remembrances > Brown school elementary tennis court
Brown school elementary tennis court
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Nov 13, 2014
11:34 AM
I love the gentleman who, although somewhat disabled, helped me to learn the game of tennis! I wish I could remember his name but it served me well. How difficult it was to master the art of serving, throwing the ball high, arching my back, and slamming down with a twist as Istepped forward. Made the tennis team at at Fairview H.S. Went to OSU and qualified for the team there ... but never showed up at the first practice because I wanted to socialize rather than to spend hours improving my game. People I remember are Dottie Baker, Ray the redhead, Janet Sprout, etc. countless others whose names are "on my hard drive but fail me on my desktop." C'est la vie! On Sunday's, in order to play tennis, my mother insisted that If I wore shorts to the court, that I should change back to my Sunday dress for the remainder of the day! How things have changed since the 40's!
That's about it but if any one recalls the name of my old tennis coach, please share it with me? Thank you from a 85 year old who is still going strong if not on the court uany more!

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