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Feb 02, 2015
8:53 PM
Hi!!! Did anyone else attend Fairport during these years that I did?? I would like to find a school friend. Her name is Leslie Ann Walsh. She and her family (Mom, Grandma & little brother, Mikie) lived over in the Roland Circle townhouses and/or apartments off of Kings Highway. I spent the night with her the night our astronauts walked on the moon. I remember her Mom giving us Space Sticks and Tang in honor of the men in space. We waited all night to watch and they didn't get there until 4AM. Quite a late night for youngsters!!! Please let me know if you remember me or Leslie.
1 post
May 14, 2015
12:38 PM
I went tto Fairport Elementary Scchool from 1967 to 1970 then to Assumption Catholic School from 1970 to 1973. I remember Fairport kindergarten classes because they had the circle of squares with each square having a different thing, for lack of better terms, on them. For example, I used to love to sit on the "spoon and fork" square. I remember there were two kindergarten classes because I went in the wrong door once! My class was the door to the right and for some reason I lined up in the left line. I remember being so scared! I acted like I was supposed to be there until the teacher took me to the correct class. I had Mrs. Frish or Frisch, unsure of spelling, for the second grade. I remember she would read stories every morning to us! I then went to Assumption for 3rd grade and got in trouble for playing in the bathroom. One of my friends brought a bible into the bathroom so we all-3 got introuble. Snoopy was the lunchroom lady that would bring around extras if we would raise our hands. We then moved to West Carrollton in Feb. of '73 due to bussing and the neighborhood was turning bad. We lived on Prescott...now crack town! Thank God dad moved us!!

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