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Thunder in Ohio
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Jan 05, 2011
1:57 PM
Reading Curt's post took me back to 1962 and the story of a car named "Thunder in Ohio"!
It was my older brother's first car.I don't know what kind of car it was but it was old,maybe late 40's.It was completely gray primer and had an old trunk lid in place of the hood.He spray painted the name on both sides.The clutch didn't work very well and it had no brakes at all.
At the time we lived on Holly Ave. between Wyoming and Wayne Ave. in the Belmont area.I was a freshman at Belmont High School and he was a Junior.Believe it or not he drove us to school in that car!It was only four blocks up Holly,across Wayne and up the alley to the school.It was quite an ordeal no matter how short the ride was!
It went like this.Whoever wanted a ride would get in the car and off we would go up the street.When we got close to Wayne Ave. he would lay on the horn and hope for the best because he couldn't stop completly at the corner.We zigged across and into the alley.He would continue with the horn because everyone who walked to school went up the alley.People would hear that horn and part like the red sea.When we got to the parking lot he would start circling and circling until he was going very slow.One at a time we would jump out and wait for the next person as he would come around again.It was like the morning side show at Belmont.We would stand there and wait for the car to come to a stop so my brother could get out.
After school it was reversed except there was no parking lot to circle at home.There was an empty lot at the corner of Holly and Wyoming with hills on two sides.He would go down the alley turn onto Wyoming St. and into the lot where he proceeded to rock from hill to hill until the car came to a stop.
Needless to say the driving to school didn't last much longer than a few weeks.My father put a stop to that as soon as he found out what we were doing.
It was an adventure and a great memory!

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