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Gone Fishing
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Feb 24, 2011
10:21 PM
More snow coming made me think again about summer...
My dad and mom liked to fish. Their favorite place was a lake about 1 1/2 hours away. My dad loved to start very early in the morning so we started to get things ready the night before - this included watering the grass very well with the hose and then a couple of hours later shining a flashlight on the grass. When you saw the glistening night crawler you would grab it and put it in a can of dirt.
Very early in the morning, about 4 or 4:30 am Dad would start packing the car, Mom would wake my brother and I and we would stumble to the car. I would drowse in the car or watch the sun come up. Sometimes I would fall asleep until we got to the little bait store where Daddy would buy minnows. Occasionally I would sleep through the stop and wake up in the car after everything was set up and there were lines in the water. I heard the morning birds singing and the sound of the swing in the playground, the water lapping on the sides of the concrete channel, Mom and Dad's muffled voices and the sound of the engine of a boat going slowly out into the lake.
Then it would be time for breakfast = bacon and eggs cooked in a skillet on the Coleman gas stove. I didn't much like fried eggs at home but at the lake they tasted so good. I always had a fried egg sandwich with butter and grape jelly on the bread.
Dad fished for catfish with a rod and reel but Mom and my brother and I used bamboo can poles and minnows for bait and a red and white bobber. We caught a lot of crappies that way, we kept them in a net to take home and fry.
A few summers we stayed in a cabin for a week. My dad would fish at night or rent a rowboat and go to the middle of the lake. He wouldn't fish for long because my brother and I got bored after the excitement of being in a boat wore off.
We swam in the lake, played the juke box at the little store and played board games and cards. We got sunburned and mosquito bit and complained about everything. Those were some of the best times of my life.
F16 1UB
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Feb 28, 2011
1:04 PM
It was the last week in Aug before school restarted in 1959 when my family went to Little Pikes Bay in Ontario for a week of fishing. Dad & I would troll for bass during the day and after dinner, that my poor mom cooked, (no vacation for her) we'd wait until dark and go back out for night fishing using topwater lures called jitterbugs that wobbled & gurgled on the surface. The first night out we saw the northern lights. The brighter it got the better the smallmouth bass bit. This occurred for 2-3 nights. It was phenominal. As all vacations they end too soon but did I have stories to tell to my 4th grade class at Holy Angels.

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