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Roll of Honor - Montgomery County, OH
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This list of men from Montgomery County, Ohio was taken from the book "Military History of Ohio", published in 1887.




 Explanatory note.– So far as the most diligent and patient research could find the record, the following roster presents the name of every soldier who went out from this county in the war of 1861-5, and of present residents of the county who enlisted elsewhere. Where the town or township is not otherwise located, the enlistment was usually in Montgomery county, if in an Ohio regiment; where no rank is given, the soldier was mustered in as a private; where the soldier is credited with veteran service, the reenlistment was into the same regiment and company, unless otherwise stated. Although, as our title indicates, this roster is mainly composed of the “Rank and File.” who fought our battles and won our victories, it also includes general, field, line and staff officers, where any such belong to the county. The record of Ohio regiments in the field has been given in the preceding MILITARY HISTORY  OF  OHIO, and the children and children’s children of the soldiers of the county have just cause for pride in connecting the names given in the local roster, by their regiments. We have already presented a list of the achievements of the battles and engagements of the war, and omit the roll of battles from the individual rosters. In preparing this book the publishers, while sparing no effort and no expense to make it a full and complete history of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, devoting every page to the legitimate purposes of history, are yet aware that errors may have inadvertently crept in. They believe their patrons, realizing the magnitude of the work, will not be unduly censorious over any such errors. The book has grown beyond the limit originally intended, and it believed the soldiers for whom it has been written will appreciate the result attained. 

Names of the soldiers are in alphabetical order by last name.

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