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Five Beautiful Young Girls Murdered



This article appeared in the Wilkes Barre Times newspaper February 8, 1909



The Whitechapel Murders In London
            Another series of murders of girls, the victims being added to from time to time as in Dayton, Ohio, occurred in 1888, in the Whitechapel or slum district of London. Three murders were committed evidently by the one brutal hand and followed each other at brief intervals between April and September of that year. The crimes were laid by popular theory to an unknown degenerate referred to as Jack The Ripper, all the bodies being frightfully mutilated. Guilt was fastened upon no one, but a strong suspicion exists that a man executed in 1903 at Melbourne for crimes in Australia was Jack The Ripper. All the London victims were women of much inferior character to the girls who have been slain by a fiend in Dayton. all of whom have been struck down unawares.
            Herewith are published first pictures of victims and scenes in the Dayton, Ohio "Jack The Strangler" case, from photographs received this morning.
            While comparing with the infamous White Chapel murders of 20 years ago, the Dayton girl murders have no parallel in American crime annals.
            Altogether it appears five young women were mysteriously murdered and the police theory is that all were struck down by the same fiendish hand. This may or may not be true. It is a fact, however, that five young women of about the same age and social condition have been mysteriously murdered in the Ohio city and there are various tangible circumstances which seem to connect the crimes.
            The police call the supposed murderer, Jack The Strangler, from the fact that all of the girls were apparently killed by the clutch of a monster's hand upon the throat.

            The latest victim was pretty Elizabeth Fulhart, a little country girl, who went to Dayton to obtain employment. The day after her arrival, she disappeared. It is believed that she was lured into a vacant house, in the residence district, strangled to death, otherwise abused and dropped into a cistern in the rear of the dwelling. Two workmen happened to open the old cistern a week after the girl disappeared and discovered the body. It was fished out through the manhole through which it had been dropped and soon identified by the girl's brother. The girl was fully dressed. From the condition of the remains the police were unable to decide how death had been inflicted, but that there were no wounds seemed to strengthen the theory that she had been strangled. the body had been wrapped in a piece of gunny sack.
            The police went out to solve this mystery without any definite clew or theory as to a possible motive. The girl was known as of good character.

            On Jan 23, 1909, Mary Forschiner, 15, was assaulted and choked to death by some unknown man. Her body was found in an old shed. The police were completely baffled by this crime.
            Anna Markowitz, 18, was assaulted and killed on the night of Aug. 5, 1907. She was seized by an unknown man while walking in a park with her sister and a young man friend. The sister ran off to get help. When the police arrived the girl lay dead in a thicket. Layton Hines was arrested and on circumstantial evidence was sentenced to life imprisonment.
The police know frankly say that they doubt Hines' guilt.
            Dona Gilman, 20, was assaulted and then strangled to death by a fiend on the night of Nov. 20, 1908. Her body was found 40 hours later concealed in a thicket near her home.
            Ada Lantz, 13, after an assault, was thrown into a vault in the rear of her home and was there found dead. A party was in progress in the girl's home at the time. This crime, occurring in 1901, has never been solved.