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Great Days In Dayton


“Great Days in Dayton”

Reproduced on these pages are the full scripts of the “Great Days in Dayton” broadcasts.
All music and sound effect “cues” are indicated just as they appeared on the working scripts used by the cast.



            “Great Days in Dayton” is a series of twenty-six scripts written for radio production. It constitutes a dramatized history of Dayton.
            It does not pretend to be a complete history, since the limited time allowed for presentation (only thirteen hours in all) demanded the selection of material which was at once of the greatest historic importance and dramatic value. As a result, numerous minor historic events have been omitted.
            Also, for dramatic reasons, it was necessary to employ fictional characters and situations, as well as real historic figures and events, in the writing of these plays.
            The reader, and especially the student of Dayton history, is urged to  take these facts into consideration when reading the scripts here published.

            PHILIP MCKEE
            Dayton, Ohio
            April 21, 1941


Script  No. 1 – A City is Born

Script No. 2 – Courage of Our Fathers

Script No. 3 – Love in the Wilderness

Script No. 4 – Hour of Crisis

Script No. 5 – Thunder in the North 

Script No. 6 – Here Comes the Stage

Script No. 7 – Low Bridge

Script No. 8 – Rival Heroes

Script No. 9 – Christmas a Century Ago

Script No. 10 – The Iron Horse

Script No. 11 – Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

Script No. 12 – Half Slave, Half Free

Script No. 13 – Armageddon

Script No. 14 – Reconstruction

Script No. 15 – Industrial Progress

Script No. 16 – Government Comes of Age

Script No. 17 – Dayton’s Hundredth Birthday

Script No. 18 – Turn of the Century

Script No. 19 – First Flight

Script No. 20 – Home of Aviation

Script No. 21 – Untamed Waters

Script No. 22 – Up From Despair

Script No. 23 – Dikes Against Disaster

Script No. 24 – The World Aflame

Script No. 25 – The Roaring Twenties

Script No. 26 – Dayton Today