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A History of the Barney & Smith Car Company
History of the Barney & Smith Car Company (Part Two)





     Eugene Judson Barney was born in Dayton, Ohio, February 12th, 1839.  After completing the school course offered by the public schools of Dayton, he went to Rochester, N. Y., where he attended Rochester University.  Returning to Dayton in 1866 at the age of twenty-seven, Mr. Barney purchased the interest of S. F. Woodsum in Barney, Smith & Company and becoming Superintendent eighteen months later.

     Mr. Preserved Smith having retired in 1877, on July 18th, 1878, Mr. Barney was elected Vice-President and Superintendent and so continued until October 1st, 1881, upon which date, meanwhile his father having died, he was elected President of “The Barney & Smith Manufacturing Company,” which office he filled until he retired from the Presidency January 1st, 1900.

     Mr. Barney remains a member of the Board of Directors of the Company.




     Colonel James Delany Platt was born at Schroon Lake, N. Y., October 19th, 1838.  Beginning his education in the public schools of Schroon Lake, he later continued his studies at Fairfax, Vermont and Fort Edward, New York.  After leaving his studies, he spent the next five years in work on his father’s farm and in teaching school.  In the spring of 1860 he removed to Toledo, Ohio, where he was located when the Civil War began.  He volunteered his services to his country and joined the Tenth Ohio Cavalry which was in command of General Kilpatrick.  He participated in all the engagements under General Sherman from Chattanooga to the Atlantic, accompanying Sherman on his famous “March to the Sea.”  He remained with the army until the cessation of hostilities and was honorably discharged and mustered out in September, 1865, with the title of Lieutenant Colonel.

     After leaving he army, Colonel Platt came to Dayton, Ohio and became connected with Barney, Smith & Company October 1st, 1865.  When the Company was incorporated May 16th, 1867 as “The Barney & Smith Manufacturing Company” Colonel Platt was elected Secretary, which office he filled until July 18th, 1878 when he was elected Treasurer.

     On October 1st, 1881, he was elected Vice-President and Treasurer, which office he held until January 2nd, 1900, when he was elected President, which office he held until he retired November 10th, 1908.




     Frederick Estabrook Smith was born in Warwick, Mass., January 3rd, 1844.  He came to Ohio in 1859 and for ten years was employed in the Freight Department of The Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad.  In 1869 he became connected with The Barney & Smith Manufacturing Company, serving in the accounting and financial department.  On January 22nd, 1877, Preserved Smith retiring from the Company, sold a portion of his interest to F. E. Smith and on this same date he was elected Secretary of the Company and on July 18th, 1878, he was elected a Director to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Preserved Smith.  F. E. Smith continued to fill the position of Secretary until January 2nd, 1900, when he was elected Secretary and Treasurer.  Mr. Smith retired from active connection with the Company June 21st, 1900, but remained a member of the Board of Directors until June 6th, 1905.




     Caleb Parker was born in Brookline, Mass., September 19th, 1803.  He enjoyed the simple advantages offered by the district school.  He taught school at West Roxbury, but in 1826 became a grocer and later was elected to the House of Representatives, where he served one term.

     In 1854 he came west to Ohio and located in Dayton and became associated with Mr. E. E. Barney in the car business, the name of the firm then being Barney, Parker & Co.  In 1864 he retired from the firm, selling his interest to Mr. Preserved Smith.  Mr. Parker served without compensation, as Superintendent of Schools in Dayton from July, 1866, to April, 1868.  Mr. Parker died November 29th, 1885.

     When the handsome new school building was erected in 1904, on the southwest corner of First and St. Clair streets, the Board of Education paid fitting tribute to his memory by designating this building as “Parker School,” by which name it is now known.




     Preserved Smith was born in Warwick, Mass., April 17th, 1820, being the son of Rev. Preserved Smith, an Episcopalian Rector.  Mr. Smith was educated in the common schools with one year at the academy, and at the age of fifteen years he became a dry goods clerk in Boston, remaining in that position four years.  Mr. Smith came to Ohio in 1839, first locating in Cincinnati and then went to Troy, Ohio, as a merchant.  In 1856 he located in Dayton as the financial manager of the Dayton & Michigan Railroad.  He held this position during the panic of 1857 and largely by his efforts the road was finally completed.  In 1864 the road was leased to the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Company, at which time Mr. Smith retired.  Upon leaving the railroad, Mr. Smith bought in 1864 the interest of Caleb Parker in the Car Works and the firm name was changed to Barney, Smith & Company.  On January 22nd, 1877, Mr. Smith retired from the Company, selling a portion of his interest to Frederick E. Smith.

     Mr. Preserved Smith died January 21st, 1887.




     Edward E. Barney was born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1852, and upon completing his college course, entered the Car Works and learned the machinist trade.  On July 18th, 1878, he was elected Assistant Superintendent, and on February 18th, 1881, was elected a Director of the Company, and was also elected Superintendent, in which capacity he served until October 1st, 1881, when he resigned the Superintendency and T. A. Bissell was elected Superintendent, and E. E. Barney, Assistant Superintendent.  On February 12th, 1886, he resigned this position and was succeeded as Assistant Superintendent by A. M. Kittredge.  On August 6th, 1886, T. A. Bissell, having in the meantime resigned, Mr. Barney was again elected Superintendent, which position he held until September 4th, 1888, when he resigned and severed his connection with the Company.

     Mr. Barney died August 1st, 1896.




     Albert C. Barney was born in Dayton, Ohio, May 28th, 1849, and after completing his college course, entered the service of the Company to learn the molder’s trade.  Mr. Barney was elected a Director of the Company February 18th, 1881, which office he filled until the reorganization of the Company, May 27th, 1892, when he retired from the Directorate.

     After leaving the Foundry, Mr. Barney served in a general capacity about the works, but did not fill an official position.  His personal affairs requiring his attention, he early retired from the Company except as a Director.

     Mr. Barney died December 6th, 1902.


     A. E. STEVENS


     Ansel E. Stevens was born in Middleville, Herkimer County, New York, October 2nd, 1812, and died September 29th, 1888, at his home at No. 1810 East Third street, Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Stevens began in the agricultural implement business in the Car Shops in 1852, and left Dayton in 1854.  In 1859 Mr. Stevens returned to Dayton and entered the service of the Car Company as bookkeeper and general utility  man in the office and yard.  Mr. Stevens retired from the Car Works in 1882.



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