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Illustrated History of the Dayton Fire Department
Father and Son



The above are the likenesses of two men than whom none have been better known in and about Dayton for more than half a .century. Both have always been influential friends of the Dayton Fire Department from its very infancy. In the old volunteer days before the war, none of the divers companies ever got into financial difficulties, but what John W. Harries always came to the rescue, and probably John Harries, the son, imbibed his friendliness for the fire laddies from the father. As a young man he "ran with the machine," and when the company he belonged to disbanded, he never failed to indorse improvements, and to use his influence for the betterment of the department.

It was the father, John W. Harries who cut a very important figure in affairs before and during the war. It is related of -him, that when the mob attacked and fired the Dayton Journal Office, and the volunteer companies refused to run out their apparatus, as the mob threatened to destroy them, he sent messengers to all the companies appealing to them to run to the fire and offering to replace at his own expense, all apparatus that was damaged. This settled the matter, and soon afterwards all the companies were on hand at the lire. Many kindnesses extended by John W. Harries are still remembered by the old timers.

Charles H. Ware, who retired from the Board of Fire Commissioners in May after 12 years of continuous service, was a valued member of the board. His retirement was chiefly due to political animosities engendered by his fearless course as a commissioner, but those who are the more familiar with the affairs and needs of the department always esteemed him as a valuable member, and regret the fact that he was retired. He is a man of few words, but careful, considerate, and very positive when he once reaches a conclusion.

He has the respect and esteem of all the members of the department, and the business people generally. He has the respect and esteem of all the members of the department, and the business people generally.


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