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History of the Police Department of Dayton, Ohio
Facts About Dayton


Facts About Dayton, Ohio


It is situated in the center of the famous Miami Valley, the richest and most thickly populated section west of the Alleghenies, with 650,000 people within its trading district.

Mean altitude above sea level, 800 feet.

Population, 130,000; area, 7,360 acres.

Ten post-office stations; 70 city carriers; 15 rural routes; annual post-office receipts, $456,000; customs, $132,000.

Number of banks, 10; combined paid-up capital and surplus, $4,000,000; deposits, $12,000,000; annual bank clearings, $105,000,000.

Building associations, 19; deposits, $18,000,000.

Manufacturing establishments, over 1,200; annual output, $40,000,000; 122 cigar and tobacco industries.

Public schools, 23; high schools, 2; colleges and seminaries, 5; libraries, 5, with 66,000 volumes.

Y. M. C. A. with $600,000 property; W. C. A. and Y. W. L,, owning their own homes.

Memorial building, with large convention hall.

Assessed valuation, $53,500,000; forty-eight miles of paved streets: building permits in 1906, 1,100.

Fire companies, 15; firemen, 112; alarm boxes, 221.

Natural gas costs 30 cents, and manufactured gas 85 cents; 2 companies furnish electric light, cheap power, and steam heat.

Miles of sewer, 205; $2,000,000 water plant, with pure water; capacity,

31,500,000 gallons daily.

Railroads, 8; trains daily, 110; interurban lines, 13; convey 300,000 passengers per month; street-car lines—8 divisions, with 80 miles of track.

Churches, 101; hospitals, 3; sanitariums, 2.

Daily newspapers, 4; express companies, 8; telephones, 14,000.

Dayton bonds command the highest premium of any municipal bonds in the State.


Dayton Is


A port of entry; headquarters for 13 National and 16 State fraternal, religious, trades, and other organizations.


Dayton Has


Largest and finest Soldiers' Home, finest sanitary market in the country, National Cash Register Co.'s model plant of the world. Southern Ohio In-sane Asylum, Government stamped envelope plant, unexcelled railroad facilities, splendid factory sites, finest Union Railroad Station in the State, Miami and Erie Canal, Miami, Stillwater, and Mad rivers, three splendid concrete steel bridges, numerous small parks and squares.

A greater variety of manufactories than any other city of its size on the Western Continent, and FEWER LABOR TROUBLES.


Dayton Leads


The cities of the world in output of automatic registers, automatic toys, cash registers, car registers, clay-working machinery, computing scales, cotton-seed and linseed, oil machinery, filters, golf supplies, hoisting jacks, turbine water wheels, shoe lasts.

Good health, cheap fuel, progressive spirit, modem methods, clean, well-governed, up-to-date.

Come and see, or address F. H. Hall, manager, Dayton Chamber of Commerce, Dayton, Ohio.


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