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Titles by Subject Matter - Businesses, Institutions, Manufacturers

Album of Memories
by Margaret Ann Ahlers Copyright 1960
When Dayton’s growth demanded more hotels and new street cars. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on August 16, 1960

America's Best Employers
by Forbes Magazine Copyright 1918
An article on the reasons why NCR was a great employer appeared in Forbes Magazine March 16, 1918

The Atlas Hotel
by Charles F. Sullivan Copyright Unknown
This article actually deals more with Ludlow Street and Sullivan selling bricks at the turn of the century.

Boyer's, the Circus & Other Historical Reminiscences
by Chip Boyer Copyright 2003  All Rights Reserved
An unusual history of Boyer's Mortuary, including the embalming of Barnum & Bailey's world-famous chimpanzee, Chiko
Text taken from original maunscript and reproduced here with the author's permission 

The Buckeye Portable Tool Company
by Citizens Historical Association Copyright 1942
A short history of the Buckeye Portable Tool Company, which had grown from its beginnings in 1920 to having over 20 offices when this article was written in 1942.

Business and Advertisments of Dayton Circa 1889
by Curt Dalton Copyright 1996 All Rights Reserved
Short histories of important businesses, including the Gem City Stove, National Cash Register and F. A. Requarth

Business Changes
by Charles F. Sullivan Copyright 1947
Businesses of old that are no longer around.

Dayton, the Home of Religious Literature
by Howard Burba Copyright 1932
Several publishers of religious material were once in Dayton, including the famous United Brethren Publishing Company. This article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on August 7, 1932

Dayton Soapmaker Revamps Operation
by Mike Seemuth Copyright 1984
Hewitt Soap Company celebrates 100 years in business while revamping company to stay in business.

Doorway to a New Eraby Chrysler Corporation Copyright 1948
How the Airtemp Division of Chrysler came to Dayton.

Down Through the Years
by Winters National Bank Copyright 1921
A short history of Dayton from 1796 to 1921, as well as the first 107 years of Winters Bank

Early Printing in Dayton, Ohio
by Douglas C. McMurtrie Copyright 1935
A history of Dayton's early newspapers as well as booklets published in the city before 1835.

The End of the Van Cleve
by Jerry R. Cole Copyright 1969
The demise of the Van Cleve hotel in 1969. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on June 11, 1969

Farewell Old Friend
by Roz Young January 11, 1992
A last goodbye to Rike's Department Store/Lazarus

Firms and Manufactories of Dayton, Circa 1889
by Curt Dalton Copyright 1996 All Rights Reserved
Short histories of important businesses, including the Dayton Journal, Dayton Stencil Works and the Excelsior Laundry

The Golden Rule of Business
by Success Copyright 1899
Success magazine's January 14, 1899 issue included an article of how successful John H. Patterson and NCR was due to the creation of a welfare system for his employees

Heart to Heart Talk with Philistines by the Pastor of His Flock
believed to be by Elbert Hubbard Copyright 1907
This article that appeared in The Philistine magazine in April 1907 tells of how John H. Patterson once threatened to move NCR to New York and sell the company's buildings to a fertilizer business.

Hewitt Soap Co.
by Adam Housh Copyright 2006
A short history of the Hewitt Soap Company from its beginning in 1897 to its closing in 2005.
Reproduced here with the author's permission

A History of the Barney & Smith Car Company
by H. M. Estabrook Copyright 1911
A history written by the Barney & Smith Car Company while at its peak, before the 1913 flood

How I Get My Ideas Across
by John H. Patterson Copyright 1918
Patterson's methods of "teaching through the eye", charts and slides to educate his employees and the public.

How We Select Salesmen
by Frederick B. Patterson Copyright 1922
The criteria used to choose people who became salesmen for NCR. The article appeared in The Cincinnatian magazine, December 1922

Industries & Institutions of Dayton, Circa 1889
edited by Curt Dalton Copyright 1995 
Short histories of important industries and institutions, including Loew Brothers, Rikes and St. Elizabeth Hospital

Isaac Davis Coal & Oil Business - 225 East Fifth Street
by Charles F. Sullivan Copyright Unknown
Even though by the title of the article you'd think it would focus on Davis Coal & Oil, it actually deals more with the Durst Milling Company.

Montgomery County Business Directory  1893-94
Author and printer unknown Copyright 1893
Short history of Dayton, plus a list of merchants in Dayton and surrounding cities.

NCR - Trip of Second Educational Party (1902)
by David MacClement Rowe Copyright 1902 All Rights Reserved by Linda Trent
Describes N.C.R. employees on a tour to a number of prominent Eastern cities in the fall of 1902
Transcribed and submitted by Linda Tope Trent
Text taken from original source owned by Linda Trent and reproduced here with her permission

Old Lady Gets a New Face
by Herbert Meeker Copyright 1966
How the Victoria Theater fared in the 1960s, including a restoration by the owners. The article appeared in the Journal Herald on Augsut 26, 1966
Transcribed by Dayton History Books Online volunteer Betty Zins

Patterson Got the Most Out of Life by Being a Man of Very Few Words
by Roz Young April 4, 1992
A tale about John H. Patterson, founder of NCR

A Piece of History Will Be No More
by Rex Broome Copyright 1961
The demise of the old Wayne Market House on Wayne Avenue that had to be removed to make room for Route 35. The article appeared in the Journal Herald August 24, 1961

Platt Iron Works
by Roz Young Copyright December 30, 1976
The story of Platt Iron Works and how well their products held up

Public Libraries in Dayton, 1805-1914

by W. J. Conklin, M.D. Copyright 1914
A speech on the occasion of the opening of the Carnegie Branches, February 1914

Reviving a Once-Famous Industry
by Howard Burba Copyright September 30, 1928
The stone quarry near Centerville that was known for its Dayton limestone" was once again in use in the 1920s.

Research & Development: Cornerstone of the Future
by Dayton, USA Copyright 1965
How the Dayton area was rich in research and development in the 1960s.

Rike's Department Store Clothing Guideline
by Rike's Department Store Copyright 1968
A guide on how female employees were supposed to dress for work  at Rike's in 1968.

Romance of the Cash Register
by Mort Weisinger Copyright 1954
An article on the first 70 years of the National Cash Register, which appeared in the March 1954 issue of Coronet magazine.

Society of American Florists and Ornamental Horticulturists 22nd Annual Meeting
by Society of American Florists Copyright 1906
A story of landscape gardening work done by N.C.R., incuding the Boy's gardens

Solving the Model Factory Problem
by Spenser Forbes Copyright 1899
How John H. Patterson and NCR improved the daily lives of the factory's workers. Article appeared in American Magazine, April 1899

Spark of Genius
by Delco Copyright 1949
The story of Delco and its role in the community.

The Story of the Stamped Envelope
by Howard Burba Copyright 1932
How Dayton was once the biggest producers of stamped envelopes in the United States. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on May 15, 1932

The Story of Wayne Avenue in the 80's and 90's
by Edward P. Dies Copyright 1950
A wonderful account of the people and places on Wayne Avenue in the 1880s and 1890s.

Subscribers of the Dayton Telephone Exchange
by the Dayton Telephone Exchange Copyright 1881
A list of businesses and people who had telephones in Dayton in 1881, as well as instructions on how to use the service

Thanks to Deeds' Deed, NCR Cashed in on Invention
by Roz Young Copyright July 28, 1990
How Deeds adn Kettering made the electric cash register possible

Three Dayton Bankers Tell: How I Earned My First Dollar
by Howard Burba Copyright 1922
Three famous Dayton bankers - Valentine Winters, Harry H. Darst and William R. Craven - tell of how they got to where they were and what young men had to do to succeed. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on July 2, 1922

Welfare Work: The New Industrial Policy
by Chas. M. Steele Copyright 1905
How John H. Patterson and NCR began the trend of improving their workers lives by providing them education and better working conditions. The article appeared in Facts magazine, July 1905

When "Davis" Came to Dayton
by Howard Burba Copyright October 9, 1932
Davis sewing machines were quite the rage when the company moved to Dayton in 1890.  They later made their mark on the world by selling bicycles and becoming the Huffy corporation.

Woodland Cemetery Association of Dayton, OH
by Woodland Cemetery Association Copyright 1875
History of Woodland up to 1875, including dedication of the cemetery, number of interments and charter