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Titles by Subject Matter - Dayton - Comprehensive Histories - Before 1900

The Backgrounds of Early Dayton History
by Professor W. B. Werthner Copyright 1928
A paper read by Professor Werthner before the Dayton Torch Club on November 13, 1928 

A Boy's Impression of Dayton 64 Years Ago
by Michael Ohmer Copyright 1901
An exact copy of Ohmer's diary, in which he describes Dayton as it was in 1840

A Brief History of the Settlement of the Town of Dayton
by John W. Van Cleve Copyright 1838
An explanation on how the first settlers of Dayton nearly lost their land. First published in Journal of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio in 1838.

Early Dayton
by Robert W. Steele and Mary Davies Steele Published 1896
Important facts and incidents from the founding of the city of Dayton to the 100th Anniversary spanning the years 1796 to 1896

An Essay on the Future Progress and Prospects of Dayton
by Simon Snyder Copyright 1853
A short study of how Dayton planned to become one of the most important cities in the world
Transcribed by Dayton History Books Online volunteer Barbara K. Fissell

The First History of Dayton Ever to Appear in Print
by Howard Burba Copyright December 31, 1933
The first real history of Dayton appeared in the newspaper in 1833, only 37 years after the first pioneers settled here.

The Folks on Hole's Creek and Why We Joined Them
by A. A. Thomas Copyright 1915
A short history of Dayton and Oakwood. Includes information on John and Zacharia Hole

Guide to the Central National Soldiers' Home for Visitors and Citizens: with Sketches of Dayton
by The Guide Publishing Company Copyright 1891
Descriptions of the Soldiers' Home (now the VA Center) and other historical aspects of Dayton as well

Historical Collctions of Ohio - Montgomery County section
by Henry Howe Copyright 1891
Henry Howe wrote a three volume set on the history of Ohio.  The section on Montgomery County from  Volume Two, pages 537 to 570, is reproduced here. 

History of Dayton, Ohio
by Harvey W. Crew Copyright 1889
One of the best books written about Dayton that touches on many aspects of the city's history

Odell's Dayton Directory and Business Advertiser
by James Odell, Jr. Copyright 1850
Dayton's first business directory included a brief sketch on the history of the city. Only the history section has been placed here.

Pioneer Life in Dayton and Vicinity: 1796-1840
by John F. Edgar Copyright 1896
One of the most important reference books on Dayton's early history

Reed's Illustrated History of Montgomery County
by H. S. Reed Copyright 1880
Includes histories of the county's townships and important business interests at the time