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Titles by Subject Matter - Education / Inventions / Schools

Address on Female Education
by Rev. J. W. Hall Copyright 1846
A paper read by Rev. Hall on the first anniversary of Cooper Female Academy
Transcribed by Dayton History Books Online volunteer Lisa Kell

After A Year - Moraine Park School
by Moraine Park School Copyright 1918
An experimental high school in Dayton that didn't believe in grades, but focused on projects and interaction. It only lasted a few short years.

Another Link in Unbroken Chain
by Carl Wise Copyright 1935
The early days of education in Dayton are recalled. The article appeared in The Dayton Journal on August 14, 1935

Cooper Female Academy
by Roz Young Copyright August 31, 1996
A short history on a 19th century private school for the more privileged girls in and around Dayton.

Early Schools
by Charles F. Sullivan Copyright 1947
The earliest schools in Dayton, starting with a block house where the Soldiers' Monument now stands.

Education of Girls in Dayton Cooper Seminary
Author unknown Published 1911
A history of the prinicpals of Cooper Seminary from its beginning in 1844 to its end in 1886

The Good Old Times: A Poem
by E. M. Thresher  Copyright 1888
Thresher, a graduate of Central High School in 1858,  remembers his glory days there

High School A Different Way
by Dayton USA Copyright 1965
The history of co-operative schools in Dayton, from Parker to Patterson. The article appeared in Dayton USA, January 1965.

The High School's Place in Education
by A. A. Thomas Copyright 1894
A paper read before the Alumni Association of the Steele High School, June 22, 1894

Lion Cast by Torch Light, Scupltor Recalls
by Betty S. Dietz Copyright 1952
How the famous sculptor created the bronze Leo the Lion for Steele High School. This article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on February 17, 1952.

Memories From Steele High
by Roz Young Copyright August 8, 2003
Fond memories of the school in the 1930s, including the school cheer

Moraine Park School: A Statement of Policy 1922-1923

by Moraine Park School Copyright 1922
Experimental school in Moraine that ultimately failed, probably due to students not being prapared well enough for college

The Old Red Brick Schoolhouse
edited by Charlotte Reeve Conover Copyright (no date, but believed to be 1906)
History of the schoolhouse that was once located at the junction of Main & Brown Street

Public Libraries in Dayton, 1805-1914
by W. J. Conklin, M.D. Copyright 1914
A speech on the occasion of the opening of the Carnegie Branches, February 1914

Romance of the Lightning Rod
by Howard Burba Copyright 1925
A little known fact that the first copper lightning rods were built in West Milton. This article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on July 12, 1925

Short Stories of Science and Invention
by Charles F. Kettering Copyright 1942-1945
A collection of 59 talks on science and invention that Kettering gave during intermission of the General Motors Symphony of the Air radio show.

A Statistical Study of the College Records of the Graduates of the Steele High School
by A. F. Foerste Copyright 1923
A report on how well the graduates of Steele High did in college.  The report appeared in The School Review Vol. 31, No. 6 (June 1923).

Steele Lion
Author unknown Copyright Circa 1935
The story of the lions that once stood in front of Steele High - both the original plaster one and the more familiar bronze one that later replaced it. This was written as part of the WPA writers project during the Great Depression

University of Dayton: Potential Unlimited
by Kay Timmons Copyright 1965
How the University of Dayton grew from only 14 students and how their graduates were the best choice for hiring by prospective employees. Published in Dayton USA magazine on September 1965.

Warm Memories of School Furnace
by Roz Young Copyright January 11, 2003
The smells, the soot and the teacher who smoked