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Titles by Subject Matter - Soldier's Home / VA Center

The Country's Defenders Soldiers' Monument at Dayton
by New York Times Copyright 1877
President Rutherford B. Hayes unveiled the Soldiers' Monument that stands at the VA (then Soldiers' Home) on September 12, 1877. Published in the New York Times on September 13, 1877.

Guide to the Central National Soldiers' Home for Visitors and Citizens: with Sketches of Dayton
by The Guide Publishing Company Copyright 1891
Descriptions of the Soldiers' Home (now the VA Center) and other historical aspects of Dayton as well

History of the National Home for Disabled Soldiers
by Chaplain William Earnshaw  Copyright 1875
One of the best accounts written about the Soldiers Home in Dayton, Ohio. Includes visitors to the Home and the various duties of the ex-soldiers that lived there.

History of the VA Center
by Williard G. Hitchings Circa 1972
A short history of the VA Center located in Dayton, Ohio, from 1867 to 1972.

Life of Col. Edwin Franklin Brown
by Judge O. B. Brown Copyright (no date, believed to be about 1910)
Important figure during the Civil War, and first Governor of the Soldier's Home in Dayton

Mrs. Miller Laid to Rest
by Dayton Daily News  Copyright 1914
A tribute to Emma L. Miller, "Little Mother of the Soldiers' Home", who died there in 1914. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on January 20, 1914

National Asylum For Disabled Volunteer Soldiers - Report of 1867
by House of Representatives Published in 1868
Report of the creation of the Central Branch of the Soldiers Home in Dayton

The National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soliders
by Maria Barrett Butler Copyright 1886
Butler gives a wonderful description of the Soldiers Home in Dayton as it appeared in the late 1800s.  The article appeared in Harper's Magazine October 1886

The National Home For Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: A Memorandum
by George H. Wood Copyright 1917
Report of the Board of Managers of the Soldiers' Home on the many activities offered for the care and comfort of disabled veterans.

Story of the Chaplaincy, Veterans Administraion Center
Author unknown, Copyright 1950

A history of chaplains at the old Soldiers' Home, now known as the VA Center, from 1867 to 1950.

Two Red-Letter Military Events
by Howard Burba Copyright 1934
Includes how Dayton was inspected for "military preparedness" in 1858 and the visit of President Rutherford B. Hayes to the Soldiers’ Home here in 1877. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on January 7, 1934.

The Veterans' Big Beer Hall at Dayton
by New York Times Copyright 1895
Veterans at the Soldiers' Home (now the VA Center) were, on average, consuming over 5,000 glass of beer per day, at a profit to the Home of nearly $100,000 a year. Published in the New York Times on January 3, 1895.