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Titles by Subject Matter - Wright Brothers


Another Glimpse of "Bubbo" Wright
by Roz Young Copyright October 15, 1996
Nicknames and how Orville Wright was sometimes called 'Bubbo'.

Day the Wrights Came Home

by Howard Burba Copyright 1931
The Wright Brothers were given a two day celebration in Dayton when they came home from France in 1909. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on January 4, 1931

Even Famous Daytonians Didn't Escape Devastation
by Roz Young Copyright November 1, 1997
Orville and Bishop Milton Wright lost a number of personal items during the 1913 flood.

From Dayton to the Argonne
by The Dayton Wright Airplane Company Copyright 1919
How the Dayton Wright Airplane Company evolved from the early efforts of the Wright Brothers to become the foremost producers of airplanes

Here's How It Was Really Reported
by Roz Young Copyright 1970
How the report of the Wright Brothers first flight was handled by Dayton newspapers at the time. Published in NCR World Spetember-October 1970.

How We Made the First Flight
by Orville Wright Copyright 1913
Orville's article was published in Flying and The Aero Club of America Bulletin, December 1913


Make-Believe Trip to Kitty Hawk
by A. S. Kany Copyright 1943
A fantastic account of the time the Wright Brothers spent getting ready for the first flight, including words from Captain Tate. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on December 12, 1943

Mastery of the Air
by William J. Claxton Copyright 1918
A history of aviation from its very beginnings to World War I. Includes several chapters on the Wright Brothers

My Acquaintance with Orville Wright
by Edward A. Deeds Copyright 1943
Deeds tells of meeting the Wright Brothers in John H. Patterson's office at NCR and how he became friends with Orville Wright over the years. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on December 12, 1943

A New Story to Add to the Wright Archives
by Roz Young Copyright December 17, 1994
Someone writes in to say they watched the Wright Brothers fly at a state fair in Pennsylvania in 1908

Orville and Wilbur Wright As I Knew Them
by Brig. Gen. Frank Lahm Copyright 1943
The General, who was the first Army pilot, tells of his meetings with the Wright Brothers. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on December 12, 1943

Orville Shows Rightful Indignation at Museums' Handling of Early Planes
by Roz Young Copyright September 30, 1995
Two letters help explain why Orville was going to give his 1903 airplane to a museum in London instead of the Smithsonian.

Orville Wright Looks Ahead
by Alexander McSurely Copyright 1943

On the 40th anniversary of flight Orville talks of the future of aviation. This article appeared in the Dayton Journal Herald on December 12, 1943

The Shop that Became a Shrine
by Howard Egbert Copyright 1928
How the Wright Brother's bicycle shop in Dayton became a monument to flight.

Skylines over Dayton
by Charles Starrett Jr. Copyright 1943
The latest in war aircraft is discussed forty years after the first flight by the Wright Brothers. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on December 12, 1943.

They Taught Me to Fly
by General H. H. Arnold Copyright 1943
The General tells of how he regards the Army Air Force as the heritage of Orville Wright. This article appeared in the Journal Herald on December 12, 1943

 When Flying Machine Stock Went Up
edited by Leonard K. Henry Copyright 1936
A few interesting facts about Orville Wright, including his fear of heights! This was part of the Federal Writers Project during the Great Depression.


The Wright Brothers
by Fred C. Kelley Copyright 1943
The best-known biography of Orville and Wilbur Wright, authorized by Orville Wright himself.


The Wright Brothers - The first magazine article written about them (The article had no title)
by Amos Ives Root Copyright 1905
First article to appear about the Wright Brothers. Published in Gleanings in Bee Culture, January 1, 1905.

The Wright Brothers' Aeroplane
by Orville and Wilbur Wright Copyright 1908
How the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, in their own words. First appeared 
in The Century Magazine on September 1908.

The Wright Flyer
by NCR World
How the 1905 Flyer was reassembled and displayed (which it still is) at Carillon Park, Dayton, Ohio. The article appeared in  NCR World, September-October 1970 issue.