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Titles by Subject Matter - City Goverment

Annual Report of the City of Dayton for the Year 1917
by the Dayton City Commision Copyright 1917
A report on the various Dayton Divisions, including Health, Recreation and Welfare, and how the city had changed due to America entering WWI.

A Century of Service: History of the Dayton Public Library, Dayton, Ohio 1847-1947
by Elizabeth Faries Copyright 1948
The beginnings of what has now become the Dayton Metro Library. Also includes the history of libraries in Dayton before the present organization, stretching back to 1805.

City Manager Plan of Government for Dayton
by L. D. Upson Copyright 1913
How in 1913 voters of Dayton, Ohio, approved a charter giving to that city a "city-manager" plan of government. The article first appeared in the National Municipal Review in October 1913.

Compilation of the Ordinances of the Common Council of the Town of Dayton
by Common Council Copyright 1826
All the laws needed for a small town to function, from the keeping of gunpowder to the regulating of hogs running loose in the streets.

Comment on the Dayton Charter
by Lent D. Upson Copyright 1915
On Dayton's change to a city manager government.  Published in National Municipal Review, April, 1915

The Dayton Idea
by Elbert Hubbard Copyright 1914
Highlights of an article that originally appeared in the FRA July 1914 issue. The article deals with the formation and ideals of The Greater Dayton Association.

The Dayton Plan
by Isaac F. Marcosson Copyright 1914
Article that originally appeared in Colliers January 3, 1914 issue.  The article dicusses how Dayton is changing to a Commission-Manager form of governing.

Dayton's Most Urgent Needs
Author Unknown Copyright 1904
Article promoting changes to be made to make Dayton a better city, including more parks, getting rid of the canal and opening more manual training schools. The article appeared in Men's Welfare Volume 1 #2, October 1904

Department of Public Welfare - City of Dayton
By D. F. Garland Copyright 1916
An article stating Dayton's need to improve its public parks, employment, medical services and other services in order to help decrease poverty, disease and crime. Printed by the City of Dayton September 1916

Liberty Head Penny Used For City of Dayton Seal in 1826
by Dayton Daily News Copyright 1937
When Dayton had to choose a town seal, the Liberty Head penny, with its 13 stars around a woman's portrait, was chosen. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on December 5, 1937

The Little Boss and the Big Manager
by Harold Howland Copyright 1916
Improvements in Dayton due to changing to City Manager governing. Published in Metropolitan, November 1916

One Year of City Management in Dayton, Ohio
by Lent D. Upson Copyright 1915
A look at the first year after Dayton switched to a City Manager to govern the city's affairs. The article was published by the Bureau of Municipal Research in Dayton, March 1915

Post Office and Courthouse, Dayton, Ohio
by The Secretary of the Treasury Copyright 1911
On February 20, 1911 the Secretary of Treasury asked that Congress to include $25,000 on their deficiency bill to allow for the start of the construction of a new post office in Dayton.

Proposed Charter for the City of Dayton
by the Charter Commission  Copyright 1913
Dayton charter outlining the responsibilities of city management and departments.

Report on Proposed Park System for the City of Dayton
by Olmsted Brothers Copyright 1911
A wonderful document by the Olmsted Brothers, designers of Central Park in New York, written to convince the city to have them design a system of parks.  Readers will recognize quite a few of the parks mentioned here.

Sale of Federal Building and Site at Dayton, Ohio
by Mr. Ashbrook on behalf of Congress Copyright 1916
A report to authorize the sale of the old Post Office in Dayton in 1916

The Strike
by Michael Solomon, Copyright 1942
In 1942 many Dayton city employees went on strike after not getting raises for over a year. This article appeared in the City of Dayton Annual Report for 1942.

Survey of Dayton Public Markets
by Bureau of Municipal Research Copyright 1914
A survey of where the markets were located, how many stalls were in use and who used them