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Guide to the Central National Soldiers' Home
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The chapter “Guide to the Central National Home” was too long to fit onto one web page, so it was broken into three sections. – Editor of Dayton History Books Online


Guide To the Central National Soldiers’ Home For Visitors and Citizens: With Sketches of Dayton


Copyright, 1891, by The Guide Publishing Company, Dayton, Ohio


All Rights Reserved - Press of U. B. Publishing House


Table of Contents


Guide to the Central National Home


            Section One  - Historical Sketch & Home Directory

            Section Two - Buildings & Sights to See

            Section Three - Items of Interest


Sketches of Dayton


            Historical Sketch of Dayton


            Dayton Institutions


            Sketches of Schools and Churches


            Dayton Manufacturers


            The Press


            The Railway System


            Sketches about the City