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Titles by Subject Matter - Politics

Carrier's Address, to the Patrons of the Journal and Advertiser, January 1, 1841
by Journal and Advertiser Copyright 1841
A poetic broadside that recaps what was printed in the Journal and Advertiser in 1840

The Day Henry Clay Visited Dayton
by Howard Burba Copyright September 11, 1932
Over 150,000 people attended a speech Henry Clay gave in Dayton in 1842. An amazing feat, considering there were less than 7,000 people living in the city at the time.

The Day Lincoln Spoke in Dayton
by Howard Burba Copyright 1931
Lincoln's visit to Dayton while running for president in 1859. The article, which appeared in the Dayton Daily News on February 8, 1931, includes sections of the speech he gave on the Old Court House steps.

First Great Political Rally - Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
by Howard Burba, Copyright 1930
When General William Henry Harrison came to Dayton in 1840 it was the event of the year. The article appeared in the Dayton Daily News on October 26, 1930

German Day
by J. McLain Smith Copyright 1890
An address on the restriction of governmental interference toward personal rights.

Governor Cox's Speech 
by Governor James M. Cox Copyright 1920
Governor Cox's speech on accepting Democratic nomination for President of the United States on August 7, 1920

The Progressive Democracy of James M. Cox
by Charles E. Morris Copyright 1920
Morris was the Secretary of Governor James M. Cox of Ohio , who wrote of why Cox should be elected President of the United States

To the Electors of Montgomery County
by Henry Bacon Copyright 1822
Henry Bacon's speech while running for the Ohio State Legislature, for which he was successful