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Unparalled Recipes For The Cure of Some of the Most Dreadful Diseases that Flesh is Subject to


Although it should not have to be said, I will anyway.  The following “cures” should not be taken.  This is for reference only.  The spelling and punctuation was reproduced as it appeared in the book.  Part of the text of the booklet is unreadable.  What information could be read has been included in this text. Much thanks to Michael English, who is a relative of Daniel Detrick, for providing a more complete version of this medical book to DHBO. - Editor


Unparalleled Recipes for the Cure

Of Some of the Most Dreadful Diseases that Flesh is Subject to.


 Be persuaded to read this book carefully.



Published by D. Detrick



City Book Store Print




Memento Mori

Entered According to Act of Congress,


In the Clerk’s Office of the District Ct., O. 1846.





Valuable Recipes




            A Certain Cure for a Felon. – Take the finger on which the Felon is in one hand, and a knife or any pointed steel in the other, point the steel close to the fellon, and say, (with becoming reverence and fear,)


            My God, I pray, through Christ’s own blood,

            To make this fellon well and good,

            In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: Amen.


            This must be done three times, commencing in the evening immediately after sundown, next morning before sunup, and the following evening again as before.






            For Removing Swanies on Man and Beast. – Also, any seated rheumatic, pain whatever.

            Take one quart of Brandy, and put therein, (powdered)

                        1 oz, of cloves,

                        1 oz, of cinnamon,

                        2 oz, best camphor,

                        6 pods of red pepper,

                        1 table spoonful pf salt,

            Let it stand in moderate heat for three days, shaking it once in a while, and it is fit for use.  Apply it morning and evening.




            For The Falling Fits. – Take three teaspoons full of Ginsang, three do. of gum, three do. of Poplar root, three do. of Gentin root, three of Molasses, put all in a pint of rye whisky, and shake it well. Let it stand two days.  Dose, one spoonfull every morning before eating.  The above articles must all be powdered.






            For Removing A Cancer. – Take three living Toads, put them in a new earthen crock, cover them thick with flower of Brimstone, and cover the crock tight, so that no steam escapes. Set it on a coal pile, and roast them, until you are able to make both Toads and brimstone into a fine powder.  Then wash your cancer with sour wine, and apply this powder on the cancer while wet, four times a day.  Be carefull at uncovering it, not to inhale any of the perfumes of the Brimstone.  This is a simple but sure cure.




            To Stop Bleeding. – This method ought not to be made use for beasts.  Upon Christ’s blood and heart, there grow three Roses. The first white, the second red, the third is good. With these I stop the (the name of the bleeding person must be spoken) flow of blood, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.






            To Take The Fire out of any Scald or Burn. – You draw in your breath and say, “An angel came from east (then blow out your breath, while you blow on the afflicted part,) and brings a frost and takes away heat.”  Repeat it three times, stop a little, then do it over again in the same manner three times, stop again a little. Now do it again three times, exactly the same way and conclude with "In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen."




            For the White Swelling. – Take the Kidneys with the fat of a good sized Ewe Lamb, tie it together with a string. Now have a vessel with clear tar, and take the Kidneys and dip them into the tar, and hang them before a fire.ut a vessel under them with clear water to receive the fat and tar as they roast out. Put them as often into the tar as it




roast’s off, until all the fat is roasted out.  Be careful not to burn the salve in the receiving vessel.  To use this salve, you put it on a rag and lay it on the affected part. Leave it on twenty four hours, then take it off and throw it in the fire, and put on another, and so continue on until you effect a cure. It will positively help, though it should take twelve months to effect a cure.  If bones project out of the wound, they must be removed.




            Black Hawk’s Salve. – For the cure of any sore, or removing of pain, and white swelling...

            Take half a pound of rattle root, pound it fine, then take one quart of linseed oil and one pint of sweet oil, put the rattle root in the oil, then boil it one hour, then strain the oil, then set it on the fire, and soon as it boils, put in one pound of red lead and three ounces of golden litharge. Stir it until it turns black,





then put in sixty drops of Peppermint, and three teaspoonsfull of Laudnum. Stur one minute, then take it off and put it into boxes, it is fit for use.  



            For The Flux... Make a small bag that would hold a quart, and fill it with wheat flour, pack it tight and tie it well, then put it in boiling water and boil it well for an hour, then take it out and let it dry.  Now take as much Castor Oil as will lightly move you. While this is doing, take some of the boiled flour, grate it fine, and boil it in milk to such a substance that you can drink it, let this be the most of your food, until the flux has left you. However, you must take a spoonful of sweet Oil every day, (unless it would move you too hard) while you are taking the above, until you are cured.

            Abstain from every thing sour, and from all kinds of meat.




            For the Ague. – Take two ounces of




Rhubarb, one of Cayenne Pepper, and one of Quinine (all fine), mix this up with Honey to a proper consistence to make pills. To use these pills, you ought to purge yourself well, then take for an adult, one pill an hour for five hours. When the Ague is checked, you must take some every day until all symptoms disappears.  You may rely on these pills.




            For the Pole-Evil... (if not open)  Take one pint of Spirits of Turpentine, and one ounce of Camphor in a bottle until it is dissolved, then apply it three days in succession every morning. It must be aided in soaking in by holding a hot iron over the place you anoint.  This will also answer in Fistulas.


            For the Pole-Evil (when open) Take Bucks-Horn and file it fine, and put a teaspoon full in each ear of the animal, and tie them shut.  This must be done three days before the new




moon, and on the day of the new moon, you must bleed your horse on the neck. If there is no change in two months, repeat this last process.  If used as prescribed it will affect a cure.




            For Swanies... The first Friday in the new moon before sun rise, take a knife and cut the skin on the place affected so that it bleeds, then lay your hand above the affected part, now name the animal and say, “There are three kinds of swanies, the marrow swaney, the bone swaney, and the flesh swaney, (now let your hand slide over the affected part downward while you keep on saying) out of the marrow in the bone, out of the blood in the flesh, out of the flesh in the skin, out of the skin in the air."  This do three times in succession, always on the two first Fridays in the new moon.




            For the Bots... Lay your hand between the ears of the animal, name his name, and say, “There are three




different kinds of Bots, (now move your hand to the shoulder and say), there are some black, (now move your hand to the middle of the back and say,) and some white, (now move your hand again to the tail of the beast while you keep saying) and some red.” In ten minutes they are dead.  A very simple but sure cure.




            For a Founder... Take rye chop, a small quantity, and make it into a dough, then get from three different places on your body, from each place three pinches of hair, making nine pinches alltogether. Mix them with the dough, and feed it to the animal. It will effect a cure. 

            Another for the Same... Take the animal by his foretop, and give him three hard pulls or jerks, so do also at the tail. It will cure your beast.




            For the Spaven or Splint... Take a rule or round stick of wood, and beat it once a day for three days in succession, until it get warm at each




beating, and also sore, and it will gradually disappear.




            For the Heaves... Take up a heap of the large Ants, (comonly called piss-ants), ground, eggs, and every thing clean, put them in a pot or kettle with water, and boil them well, then drench your horse with this water, or mix his feed with it, and repeat it.  It will affect a cure.




            For Cholic... Take three pints of sweet milk, (if milk cannot be had water will do, but it is not so good), three pods of red pepper, three ounces of lard, one twist of tobacco, and some soot out of the chimney. Boil them together till one quart remains, then drench your horse.  A certain cure.




            For the Yellow Water... Take equal quantities of dog wood bark, shoemake root and yellow poplar root, enough to fill a common sized kettle. Cover it with water, and boil it down




to one half.  When so boiled down, put into it one half pound of Alum, Now drench your horse with this liquor three mornings. After this is done, feed nothing but oats mixed with wheat bran, and wet with this liquor, for eight days, then bleed on the neck.  This is a certain cure.





            Cancers Kinds and Appearances... Cancers are undoubtably cured in many instances by bruises, especially those which appear on the breast of women.  All cancers are attended with keen and shooting pains.  Cancer warts have much the appearance of common warts, but are attended by keen pains.  Rooting cancers, are of a redish blue color. They often remain stationary for many years, they suddenly shoot keen pains.  Eating cancers generally appear like a small drop of blood under the skin, which breaks out into a sore.  Blood cancers resemble the eating cancers, but they are more tender to




be touched, and liable to bleed.  Rose cancers, after wasting and eating the flesh, slowly for a while, suddenly enlarge in size, assuming a blueish red appearance.




            Pulverize the scrapings from the outside of the bottom of an iron pot used over the fire. With yellow arsenic in such proportions as to make a gray powder, make a liniment of a proper consistency to apply with a feather, by mixing this powder with butter. With this anoint, open runing cancers for four days.  Then poultice with oat meal every twelve hours, for a few days, when the cancerated flesh will come off.  To a cancer not open, a plaster should be applied, made of the forenamed powder, mixed with the yellow of an egg, and spread always on a linen rag just the size of the cancer. After being on four days, apply a poultice on the plaster till it becomes loose, then remove the plaster, and continue to poultice, till the lump runs out, in the removal




of which care should be taken not to strain or break the roots.  When removed, the opening should be washed with milk and water.  At this stage of the treatment, the opening should be filled with linen lint, as should also those cancers which are previously open.  After the poultice has been removed, then place a plaster of salve, as below directed, to be renewed every twelfth hour, at which time all the lint should be carefully taken out, and new lint be put in its place. 




To Prepare the Salve... Take one gill of sweet Oil, put it in a skillet and heat it till gently boils, then add two ounces of pulverised red lead, sturing it constantly till it becomes a brown color, then add two ounces of rosin, two ounces of Bees wax, and two ounces of Gum Frankincense. Stir them till melted, when cold, if too hard for spreading, add Oil sufficient to reduce it to the right temperature. Should proud flesh arise in the wound, take blue stone and wet it, and (unreadable) touch the wound all over the proud flesh, if necessary it may be repeated. Arsenic being very poisonous, the powder should not be applied to the mouth, or in any way y which it could be conveyed into the internal (unreadable) of the system. The author assigns the public that if his directions are (unreadable) in the forgoing recipes, (unreadable) cures will follow, himself having tried with the best effects all that he offers.