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History of Dayton, Ohio 1889







Indian History-Mound Builders-Dayton Earthworks-French and English Claim the Ohio Valley-Indian Titles Extinguished-Ohio One of the Greatest of the Indian Battle-fields - Indian Trails - Dayton in the Indian Hunting Ground - Wild Animals and Birds-The Twightwee or Miami Villages-Shawnee Towns-Pickaway Plains-The Miamis Head of a Confederacy-Gist Visits the Miamis in 1751Visits the Shawnees-Ohio Land Company-Celoron de Bienville Claims the Ohio Valley for the French-Ascends the Big Miami-The French Destroy Pickawillany -French Build Posts at Erie and Venango-Fort Duquesne-English Do Not Assist the Indians-The Miamis Allies of the French in 1763-The English Destroy the Miami Villages--.Miamis Remove to Fort Wayne-France Cedes the Northwest to England-Pontiac's War-Captain Bullitt Visits Chillicothe in 1773-Lord Dunmore's War-Daniel Boone a Captive at Chillicothe-Colonel Bowman's Expedition from Kentucky Against Chillicothe-Byrd's Force of British and Indians Invade Kentucky-Rogers Clarke's Expedition to Ohio-Four Thousand Shawnees Rendered Homeless- Broadhead Defeats the Delawares- Crawford's Expedition-Clarke's Second Expedition-Skirmish on Site of Dayton-Logan's Campaign in 1786-Second Skirmish on Site of Dayton-Gratitude Due to General Clarke- Symmes Visits Upper Miami Valley-Harmar's Defeat-Scott and Wilkinson's Raid- St. Clair's Defeat-General Wayne's Campaign-Treaty of Peace-British Vacate Western Forts 1796 – Tecumseh – Friendly Indians at Piqua in Fidelity of Logan-Black Hoof-Tribes all Removed from Ohio Before 1843…. 9





Natural Advantages-Fertility and Beauty of the Miami Valley-Kentuckians Long to Dispossess the Indians-Gist's Visit in 1751-Valuable Timber-Well Watered Wild Animals-Natural Meadows-"A Most Delightful Country"-Kentuckians Visit It with Clarke and Logan-Describe the Country as an Earthly Paradise Major Sites Surveys Symmes' Purchase in 1787-Wishes to Buy Land in Miami and Mad River Valleys-Symmes Explores the Valleys-Indians Camped on Site of Dayton-Land Worth One Dollar an Acre-Tropical Luxuriance of Vegetation Kentuckians Come to View the Country in 1795-Land Concealed by Vines and Weeds-Kentuckians Discouraged and Turn Back-Rich Farming Lands Near Dayton-Fortunate Location of Town-Confluence of Four Rivers-Value of Farm Products-Four River Valleys Afford Facilities for Construction of Railroads- Dayton Center of Ten Railroads-Superabundance of Game and Fish- Natural Fruits, Nuts, and Wild Honey-Mr. Forrer's Account of Hunting in 1818-Abundance of Wild Animals and Fish in 1530 and 1840-Flights of Pigeons-Migrations of Squirrels-Fish Baskets-Wagon Loads of Fish-Temperate Climate - Mean Temperature of the Year-A Healthy City-Four Streams Furnish Water Power - Value of the Rivers to Manufacturers-Timber-Fuel-Hard Woods-Building Stone-Prof. Orton Describes the Quarries-Excellent Lime-Brick Clay-Sand - Abundance of Granitic Gravel-Prof. Orton on the Value of Gravel-Excellent Turnpikes and Streets Due to Gravel-Natural Drainage-Pure Water-Inexhaustible Wells….27





Settlement of Dayton-Venice on Site of Dayton Laid Out in 1789-Major Sites-Venice Abandoned- Danger of Visiting Site of Dayton Before 1791- Hostile Indians-Treaty of Greenville Secures Safety of Settlers-Site of Dayton Purchased from Symmes-Original Proprietors of Dayton-Symmes Requires Three Settlements to Be Made-Benjamin Van Cleve's Account of the Survey of the Purchase-I). C. Cooper Cuts a Road Out of the Brush - Hardships Endured by Surveyors - Field Notes Kept on Tables of Wood - Dayton Laid Out and Named - Lottery' Held on Site of Town, November 4th-Lots and Inlols Donated to Settlers Drawn-Settlers Permitted to Purchase One Hundred and Sixty Axes at a French Crown Per Acre -Forty-six Persons Agree to Settle at Dayton - Only Nineteen Eventually Avail Themselves of Donations and Become Settlers-Van Cleve's Account of Settlements in the Purchase-Names of Original Settlers of Dayton-Three Parties Leave Cincinnati in March, 1796-Hamer's Party Travel in Two-horse Wagon-Newcom's Party Make the Journey on Horseback-Difficulties of the Journey to Dayton by Land-Thompson's Party Ascend the Miami in a Pirogue -Description of the Voyage-Poling Up Stream- Beauty of the Landscape-Supper in the Miami Woods-Names of the Passengers in the Pirogue-Ten Days from Cincinnati to Dayton-Mrs. Thompson the First to Land-Indians Encamped at Dayton-Land at Head of St. Clair Street-The Uninhabited Forest All that Welcomed Them-Encouraging Indications-Biographies of Original Settlers-Daniel C. Cooper….34




The Pioneer's Faculty of Adapting Himself to Unaccustomed Surroundings-Temporary Protection-Log Cabins-Trees Cut Down-Scanty Furniture- Pioneer Housekeeping-Illness from Exposure-Scarcity of Cooking Utensils-Wooden, Pewter and Horn Dishes and Spoons-No Lamps-Light and Heat from the Open Fire-Cheerful Winter Evenings-Scarcity of Food-Venison, Game, Wild Birds' Eggs and Wild Honey-Corn the Principal Article of Food-Varieties of Corn Bread-Difficulty of Making Meal-Substitutes for Mills-Dearness of Provisions Brought from Cincinnati-Flour Fourteen Dollars Per Barrel-Clothes, Moccasins and Harness Made of Deer Skin-Caps of Raccoon and Rabbit Skin-Settlers Often Made Their Own Leather-The Pioneer's Dress-Home-made Linen, Flannel and Linseys -The "Faculty" of the Pioneer Women-Pioneers Wholly Dependent on Each Other for Society and Assistance-The Latch-String Always Out-Sports, House Raisings, Corn Sbuckings, and Log Rollings-Quiltings-Weddings--Early Marriages-The Axe and Rifle Equally Indispensable-Wolves-Hunting, Trapping and Fishing-Settlers on the Town Plat-Names of Streets-Boundaries of the Town-Gullies and Ravines-Hazel Thickets Spread Over Nearly All the Town--The Country Thickly Wooded-Three Cabins on Monument Avenue Constituted Dayton in 1796-Houses Built Near the River Because It Was Supposed to Be Navigable -People Usually Drank River Water-Prairies Within the Town-The Communal Corn Field West of Wilkinson Street-First Winter Mild and Pleasant--Out of Door Work-Dayton the Rallying Place in Case of Danger from Indians-Jerome Holt, D. C. Cooper, and Robert Edgar Arrive--A Good Crop Gathered in 1797-The Growth of New Vegetables Eagerly Watched-Contented with Their Situation, Poor as It Was….49




Dayton Township-Small Fees Received by Officials-Taxes in 1798-D. C. Cooper, Justice of the Peace from 1799-1803-Newcom's Tavern-The Tavern Used as the First Court House and Jail-First Store-Newcom's Corner, the Business Center of Dayton-A Typical Frontier Tavern-Dayton Contained Nine Dwellings in 1799-Several Roads Opened--Monument Avenue Cleared-Main Street a Narrow Wagon Road Settlements Few and Far Between- Hardships of Pioneer Life-- Indian War-Apprehended-Block House Built-School Opened in the Block House-First Distillery Started-Cooper's Saw Mill-Corn Cracker-Hogs Introduced-Feed on Mast-Attacked by Wild Animals--First Flat Boat Launched-Sheep Introduced-Cost of Groceries at Cincinnati-Little Money in Circulation-Business Conducted by Barter-Value of Different Kinds of Skins--Cut Money-McDougal's Store-Trade with the Indians-First Child Born in Dayton-Taxation in 1800-First Wedding-Census in 1801-First Minister-Methodists-Presbyterians-Log Meeting House-First Grave Yard--John W. Van Cleve's Description of Dayton in 1805 -Presbyterians Worship in Newcom's and McCullum's Taverns--Worship in the Court House--First Brick Presbyterian Church-Rev. James Welsh, First Pastor William Kin-John H. Williams….59





Growth and Improvement-John Cleves Symmes Unable to Fulfill His Engagements and Settlers in Danger of Losing Lands--New Settlers Decline to Came-Unsatisfactory Preemption Law-Law of 1801-Settlers Enter Lands-Land Office Opened-Original Proprietors Relinquish Their Claims-D. C. Cooper Titular Proprietor of Dayton-Petition Presented to Congress by Settlers-Satisfactory Titles Secured-Cooper's New Town Plat-Donations of Lots for Public Use-Only Five Families in Town-First Election of Dayton Township-Formation of Montgomery County -Dayton the County Seat-First County Court-Opening of Court Attracts a Large Crowd-Cases Tried-Unusual Fines-Punishment by the Lash-Prisoners Confined in an Old Well in Newcom's Tavern Yard-Indian Prisoners-First Election  in Dayton for Member of Congress-First County Commissioners Elected-Main Street Cleared to Warren Street-Gully, Corner of Main and Third, Filled with Logs-Mr. Cooper's Elegant Mansion of Hewn Logs-Henry Brown's Frame Store Only Store in 1804-Henry Brown-His Sons-Col. Charles Anderson-Cooper's Saw and Grist Mills-Cooper's Carding Machine-First Jail Built of Round Logs - Benjamin Van Cleve First Postmaster - Post-office in 1805-1821- Post Riders-Postage….71




Dayton Incorporated-Form of Government--Taxation to Pay Town Expenses Voted Down-New Settlers--Colonel Robert Patterson-McCullum's Tavern First Brick Building--Used as a Court House--Dayton Library Society-First Great Flood-Levees--Jonathan Harshman-Licenses--Ferries-Cooper's New Plat of Dayton-Public Square in the Center of Third and Main Street Crossing--Brick Court House -First Brick Stores--Four General Merchandise Stores--Country Produce Taken Instead of Cash--Difficulty of the Trip East for Goods--Trouble in Collecting Debts --Mode of Bringing Merchandise to Dayton-Trains of Pack Horses-Dayton Academy-John Folkerth-New Roads Opened--Miserable Condition of Roads-First Brick Private Residence-Advertisements of Business Alen in the Repertory -Troop of Light Dragoons--Taverns--Dr. Welsh--Dr. Elliott-First Drug Store-Abram Darst-Revised Town Plat-Fourth of July, 1809-First Political Convention --Navigation of the Miami, 1809-1828--Keelboats Between Dayton and Lake Erie-Flatboating to New Orleans--First Book Published in Dayton-Fourth of July, 1810--Oration by Joseph H. Crane-Militia Drill--Shakers Mobbed -Political Animosity-Two Public Dinners, July 4, 1811-Earthquakes-Prosperity of Town, 1812-1813….82





War of 1812-Aggressions of Great Britain-Tecumseh and the Prophet-Ohio Militia Ordered to Report at Dayton-General Munger Orders a Draft-Militia Bivouac Without Tents at Library Park--Governor Meigs Arrives-Issues a Call to Citizens for Blankets--Block Houses Built in Montgomery County-Colonel Johnston Holds Council of Shawnees-Generals Gano and Cass Arrive-Three Regiments of Infantry Formed-First Troops Organized by Ohio-General Hull and Staff Arrive --Governor Meigs Surrenders Command to Hull-The Governor and General Review Troops--The Three Regiments March Across Mad River to Camp Meigs-Leave Camp Meigs for Detroit--Difficult March--Arrive at Detroit in Good Spirits Munger's Brigade Disbanded-Army Contractors Make Purchases at Dayton-Hull's Surrender--Consternation of the People--Hand Bill issued at Dayton, Calling for Volunteers- Captain Steele's Company -- Suffering of Families of Soldiers-Kentucky Troops Arrive--Harrison Calls for Volunteers and Horses-Dayton Ladies Make 1,800 Shirts for Soldier.--Expedition Against Indians Near Muncietown--War Ended--Returning Troops Encamped on Main Street-Dayton Companies Welcomed Home….106





Mechanics' Society-Thanksgiving on May 5th-Dayton Bank-Alexander Grimes-Stone Jail-Mr. Forrer's Account of Dayton in 1814-Colonel David Reid-J. W. Van Cleve's Description of Flood of 1814-Proclamation of Peace-Female Charitable and Bible Society-First Market House-Dayton Merchants in 1815-H. G. Phillips-G. W. Smith-William Faker-Obadiah B. Conover-William Huffman-Moral Society-Associated Bachelors-Bridge Over Mad River-First Sabbath Schools-Bridge Street Bridge-Stage Coaches 1818-1825-Camp Meetings-Menageries-Cooper's Mills Burned-First Fire Company-George A. Houston-Wolf Scalp Certificates-Cut Money-Fever Prevails-Joseph Peirce-Dayton in 1821-Charles R. Greene-Cheapness of Provisions-The Gridiron-First Musical Society -Colored People Emigrate to Haiti-First Fire Engine-Execution of McAfee....127




Canal Agitation-Dinner to DeWitt Clinton-First Canal Boat Arrives-Enthusiasm of the People-Trade by Wagon to Fort Wayne-Dayton in 1827-Medical Spring Traveling Museum-First Fire Wardens-Excitement at Fires-Flood in 1825Dayton Guards-Business in 1528-Price of Properly-Temperance Society-New Market House-Rivalry Between Dayton and Cabintown-Seely's Basin-Peasley's Garden-Miniature Locomotive and Car Exhibited in the Methodist Church-Daytonians Take Their First Railroad Ride-Seneca Indians Camp in Dayton-Steele's Dam-General R. C. Schenck-Fugitive Slave Captured in Dayton-First Railroad Incorporated-Flood of 1832-Relief Sent to Cincinnati Flood Sufferers-Political Excitement-Council Cut Down a Dickson Pole-Cholera in 1832-Silk Manufactory Established--Eighth of January Barbecue-Procession of Mechanics, July 4, 1833-Taverns-Town Watchmen-Bridge Over the Miami-Lafayette Commemorative Services-Fire Guards-One Story Stone Jail Built-First Carriers' New Year’s Address-Board of Health-Fire Alarm-R. A. Thruston….151




Measures Proposed for Improving the Town-Proceedings of Council-Public Meeting to Sustain Council-Library Park--Dayton Business Men in 1837-Value of Property-Abolition Mob-Mad River Hydraulic-Montgomery Blues-Philharmonic Society-Shin Plasters-Thomas Morrison-Zoological Museum-William Jennison, the Naturalist-Turnpikes--Act of Legislature Authorizing State Aid to Turnpikes-Early Markets-Third Street Bridge-New Buildings Erected in 1838-Cooper Hydraulic-Fire Department-An Anti-Slavery Society Formed-Reward Offered for Arrest of a Fugitive Slave-John W. Van Cleve's Map of Dayton-Dayton Silk Company Incorporated--First County Fair--Morns Multicaulis Excitement--Swaynie's Hotel--Carpets Manufactured in Dayton-An Old-Time Fire --Number of Buildings Erected in 1839--Mosquitoes-Log Cabin Newspaper-Improved Stage Coaches-Harrison Convention--Numbers in Attendance—Enthusiasm-Hospitality of Dayton People-Banners Presented….171




Municipal History-Beginning of Corporate History-Original Boundaries of the Town Site-Difficulties Connected with Securing Titles-First Town Election-Boundaries of the Settlement-Select Council in 1816 and Other Years-Boundaries of Wards-Addition to Market-house-City Officers from 1830 to 1850-Officers' Salaries-Boundary Lines Defined-Polling Places Established in 1844-Cholera in 1849-Officers from 1850 to 1889-The Fire Department-Board of Health-City Police-Dayton Police Benevolent Association-Water Works-Postoffice….193




Educational-Early School Legislation-Great Interest in Public Schools 1835-1838-Dayton Academy-Lancastrian School-Early Private Schools-Francis Glass-Milo G. Williams-E. E. Barney-Dayton Public Schools-German Schools-Night Schools-Colored Schools-Instruction in Music-High School-School Law of 1853-Superintendent of Instruction-Intermediate School-Normal School-Penmanship and Drawing-Night Industrial School-Comparative Statement-Public Libraries-First Library Incorporated in Ohio-Dayton Lyceum-Mechanics' Institute-Dayton Library Association-Dayton Public School Library-Cooper Female Seminary -Emanuel Parochial School-St. Joseph's Parochial School-St. Mary's Parochial School-Holy Trinity Parochial School-Holy Rosary Parochial School-St. Mary's Institute-Deaver Collegiate Institute-Miss Anna L. J. Arnold's Select School for Girls-John Truesdell's Select School for Boys-Miami Commercial College-Union Biblical Seminary….217





The Great Floods-That of January 2, 1847-That of September 19, 1866-That of February 3 and 4, 1883-The Local Flood of May 12, 1880-With Statements of Losses, Description of Floods, Etc….262




War with Mexico-The Nueces River the Boundary Between the United States and Mexico-Tile Erection of Fort Brown-Beginning of Hostilities-Battle of Palo Alto-Calling out of Troops-War Spirit in Dayton-Recruiting Office Opened-Public Meeting-Resolutions Adopted-Military Parade-Approval of Call for Fifty Thousand Men-Executive Committee Appointed-Troops Organized and Leave Dayton--Battle of Montgomery-Return of First Troops-Attitude of the Whigs-Resolutions by Returned Soldiers-Conclusion of the Mexican War-War of the Rebellion-Nomination of Lincoln in 1859-6eorge W. Houk on Southern Members of the Charleston Convention-Vallandigham Elected to Congress-Petition Circulated-Democratic Resolution-Attempt to Assassinate Mr. Lincoln-Various and Conflicting Opinions-Attack on Fort Sumter-Troops Organized-Relief of Solders' Families-Mr. Vallandigham's Letter in Cincinnati Enquirer-Relief Societies-Military Companies-Military Committee for Montgomery County -First Draft-Kirby Smith's Advance-Drafted Men Come into Town-Relief of Soldiers' Families-Union League-Burnside's Order No. 3h-Vallaudigham's Arrest-Destruction of Journal Office-Martial Law-,Morgan's Raid-Soldiers' Fair and Bazaar-Destruction of Dayton Empire Office-Ohio National Guard-Draft in 1864-Rejoicing Over Lee's Surrender-:Assassination of Lincoln-Summary of Dayton's Enlistment-History or First Ohio Regiment-Of Ninety-third Regiment-National Soldiers’ Home-Soldiers’ Monument….269





Mercantile and Commercial-Numerous Branches of Trade and Commerce-Numbers of Firms in Business in Various Years-The Wholesale and Retail Grocer-Dry Goods Dealers-Extent of Trade-Disproportionate-Explanation-Dayton Exchange-Circular Issued-Railroad Construction from Xenia to Washington-Cheap Coal a Desideratum-Death of the Exchange-Completion of the Railroad into Jackson County-Gradual Reduction in Price of Coal-New Board of Trade-Its Efforts in Behalf of the Prosperity of the City….353




Banking-Dayton Manufacturing Company-First Loan-New Banking Law-Trials of the Bank-Final Suspension of Specie Payments-Closing up the Business of the Bank-New Banking Law Promised-On National Banks-Various Views-New Banking Law-Dayton Branch of the State Bank-The Dayton Bank-The Crowbar Law-The City Bank-The Farmers' Bank-The Miami Valley Bank-The Exchange Bank-The Dayton National Bank-National Banking Law-First National Bank-Second National Bank-Third National Bank-Merchants' National Bank-Fourth National Bank-Union Safe Deposit and Trust Company-Dayton Savings Bank-Teutonia National Bank-Dayton Building Association, No. I-Concordia Building Association-Franklin Building and Savings Association-New Franklin Building Association-Germania Building Association-Mutual Home and Savings Association-Other Building Associations….363




Manufactures-Connection Between Manufactures and Agriculture-William Hamer's Mill-Mr. D. C. Cooper's Sawmill and "Corn Cracker"-Matthew Patton's Cabinet Making-Robert Patterson's Fulling Mill-James Bennett's Wool Carding-Sutherland's Carding Machine-His Sudden Disappearance-Emory, Honghtons & Company's Nail Factory-Elias Favorite's Ifat Factory-William H. Brown, the First Gunsmith-Thomas Clegg's Operations-Henry Diehl's Chair Factory-Jethro Wood's Patent Plows-Washington Cotton Factory-Greer & King-Hiram Wyatt's Cracker Factory-Thomas Brown-S. N. Brown S Company-Crawford's Last Factory-Miami Cotton Mill-Cooper Cotton Factory-Dayton Carpet Factory-Osceola Mills-Strickler, Wilt & Company-Clock Factory-Portable Threshing Machines-Marble Works-W. & F. C. Estabrook-Pritz & Kuhns-The Moore Grain Drill-Sachs-Pruden Ale Company-The Mead Piper Company-W. P. Callahan & Company-F. Benjamin, Ax Factory-Beaver & Butt-John Rouzer-Buckeye Iron and Brass Works-The Aughe Plow-Columbia Bridge Works-The Pitts Thresher and Separator-Barney & Smith Manufacturing Company-Dayton Manufacturing Company-Pinneo & Daniels-John Dodds-Dayton Buggy Works-Stilwell & Bierce Manufacturing Company-Breweries-McSberry & Company-McHose & Lyon-Farmers' Friend Manufacturing Company-Cracker Factories-Brownell & Company-Other Manufacturing Companies-The Hydraulics-Dayton Gas Light and Coke Company-Dayton Electric Light Company-Natural Gas-United Brethren Publishing House-Christian Publishing Association-The Reformed Publishing Company-Conclusion….390





The Bench and Bar of Dayton-Early Legislation Establishing Courts-First Courts Held in Dayton-Jurisdiction-English Common Law-Roman Civil Law-Early American and English Lawyers-Common Pleas Court-Judges-Superior Court-Judges Personnel of the Dayton Bar, Etc…..472




Medical History-Early Medical Societies-Early Physicians-The First Medical Bill-Dr. John Steele-Other Early Physicians-Dr. Job Haine-Dr. John W. Shriver -Dr. Oliver Crook-Dr. Clarke McDermont-Other Deceased Physicians-Dr. John Wise-Dr. J. C. Reeve-Dr. Ellis Jennings-Dr. W. J. Conklin-Dr. D. W. Greene-Dr. C. H. Von Klein-Dr. George Goodhue-Dr. John S. Beck-Dr. A. E. Jenner-Dr. James M. Weaver-Dr. J. J. Mcllhenny-Dr. E. Pilate-Dr. P. N. Adams-Dr. C. H. Pollock-Dr. H. K. Steele-Dr. A. H. Iddings-The Montgomery County Medical Society-Homeopathic Physicians-Dr W. Webster-Dr. J. E. Lowes-Dr. W. Thomas-Dr. W. H. Grundy, deceased-The Montgomery County Homeopathic Medical Society-The Mad River Dental Society-Early Dentistry and Dentists-Later Dentists-The Cholera in Dayton in 1819….520




Literature, Music, and Art-Early Writers-J. W. Van Cleve-W. D. Howells-Maskel E. Curwen-W. D. Bickham-Isaac Strohm-Gertrude Strohm-Hon. G. W. Houk -Mrs. G. W. Houk-Mrs. L. B. Lair-Miss Mary D. Steele-Mrs. Charlotte Reeve Conover-Miss Leila A. Thomas-Samuel C. Wilson-Rev. M. P. Gaddis-Rev. J. W. Hott, D. D.-Professor A. W. Drury, D.D.-Bishop J. Weaver, D. D.-Rev. E. S. Lorenz, A. M.-Rev. M. R. Drury, A. M.-Rev. L. Davis, D. D.-Rev. W. J. Shady-Rev. D. K. Flickinger, D. D.-John Lawrence-Rev. I). Berger, D. D.-Professor J. P. Landis,D. D., Ph. D.-Mrs. Isadore S. Bash-E. L. Shuey, A. M.-Rev. D. H. French, D. D.-.Rev. E. Herbruck, Ph. D.-Dr. J. C. Reeve-Dr. W. J. Conklin-Edward B. Grimes-Dr. C. H. Von Klein-Robert W. Steele-Pearl V. Collins-Dayton Literary Union-Woman's Literary Club-Early Musical History -Music Teachers-Vocalists-Instrumentalists--Composers-Philharmonic Society-Harmonia Society-Y. M. C. A. Orchestra-Other Societies-Charles Soule, Sr.-.Mrs. Clara Soule Medlar-Mrs. Octavia Soule Gottschall--Charles Soule, Jr.-Edmond Edmondson-John Insco Williams-Mrs. Williams-Mrs. Eva BestT. Buchanan Read-Mrs. Mary Forrer Peirce-Miss H. Sophia Loury- Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers-Effie A. Rogers-Miss Laura C. Birge-Hugo B. Froehlich-Harvey J. King-The Decorative Art Society-Otto B:ck-Miss Mary Burrowes -The Misses Edgar-Valentine H. Swartz-Early Architecture-Daniel Waymire -Joseph Peters-Recent Architecture-Leon Beaver-Peters and Burns-Charles L. Williams….546




The Press-Early Newspapers-The Repertory-Ohio Centinel-Ohio Republican-Ohio Watchman-The Gridiron-Other Early Papers-Daily Journal-Log Cabin-Daily Transcript- Daily City Item-Gazette- Democrat-Volkszeitung - Daily Herald-Monitor-Religious Telescope-German Telescope-Other Religious Papers….572




Church History-First Presbyterian Church-Third Street Presbyterian Church-Park Presbyterian Church - Fourth Presbyterian Church - Memorial Presbyterian Church-United Presbyterian Church-First Regular Baptist Church-Wayne Street Baptist Church-Linden Avenue Baptist Church-Zion Baptist Church-Grace Methodist Episcopal Church-Raper Methodist Episcopal Church-Davisson Methodist Episcopal Church-Sears Street Methodist Episcopal Church-First German Methodist Episcopal Church-Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church-St. Panes-Wesleyan--Christ Church-Ascension Chapel-First United Brethren-Second United Brethren-Third United Brethren-4ummit Street United Brethren-High Street United Brethren-Oak Street United Brethren- Broadway Christian -Brown Street Christian-Emmanuel Church Evangelical Association-Wayne Avenue Evangelical Association- First Reformed-Second Reformed-Trinity Reformed-Hebrew Congregation-First English Lutheran-St. John's Evangelical Lutheran-St. John's German Evangelical Lutheran-First Orthodox Congregational-The Catholic Churches-Dayton Ministerial Association-General Boards of the United Brethren Church-Young Men's Christian Association-Woman's Christian Association….590




City Graveyard-Woodland Cemetery-St. Henry's Cemetery- Calvary Cemetery-Hebrew Cemetery….643




Transportation Interests-The Miami and Erie Canal-The Railroads-The Street Railroads….650




Early History of Insurance-First Company Organized in Dayton-Montgomery County Mutual Fire Insurance Company-Dayton Insurance Company-Large Number of Companies Organized-Central Insurance Company-Miami Valley Insurance Company-Farmers' and Merchants' Fire and Marine Insurance Company-Ohio Insurance Company-Other Companies-General Remarks….659




Public Institutions-St. Elizabeth Hospital-Dayton Asylum for the Insane-Widows' Home-Children’s Home….666




Masonic Lodges-St. John's Lodge-Unity Chapter, Number 16-Reese Council, Number 9-Reed Commanderv, Number 6-Other Masonic Lodges-Odd Fellow Lodges-Montgomery Lodge, Number 5-Dayton Encampment, Number 2 -Other Odd Fellow Lodges and Associations-Knights of Pythias--Miami Lodge, Number 32--Humboldt Lodge, Number 58-Iola Lodge, Number 83--Other Knights of Pythias Lodges-Druids-Franklin Grove, Number 8-Victoria Circle, Number 3 -United Workmen-Miami Lodge, Number 16-Teutonia Lodge, Number 21Other Lodges--Earnshaw Rifles-Howard Council, Number 161, Royal Arcanum -United American Mechanics-Fulton Council, Number 15-Other Councils-Grand Army Posts-The Dayton Club….673




Biographical Sketches-Eliam E. Barney-Eugene J. Barney-Thomas Brown-John R. Brownell-William Dickey-Robert R. Dickey-William P. Huffman-George P. Huffman-Stephen J. Patterson-Thomas A. Phillips-George Levis Phillips-Louis H. Poock-John Rouzer-E. Fowler Stoddard-Edmond S. Young….687