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History of Dayton, Ohio 1889
Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Masonic Lodges-St. John's Lodge-Unity Chapter, Number 16-Reese Council, Number 9-Reed Commanderv, Number 6-Other Masonic Lodges-Odd Fellow Lodges-Montgomery Lodge, Number 5-Dayton Encampment, Number 2 -Other Odd Fellow Lodges and Associations-Knights of Pythias--Miami Lodge, Number 32--Humboldt Lodge, Number 58-Iola Lodge, Number 83--Other Knights of Pythias Lodges-Druids-Franklin Grove, Number 8-Victoria Circle, Number 3 -United Workmen-Miami Lodge, Number 16-Teutonia Lodge, Number 21Other Lodges--Earnshaw Rifles-Howard Council, Number 161, Royal Arcanum -United American Mechanics-Fulton Council, Number 15-Other Councils-Grand Army Posts-The Dayton Club.


            DAYTON is well supplied with secret societies, all the various branches D of benevolence, beneficiary, and other work being represented. The Masonic order, as was natural to expect, was the first to have a society or lodge in the place or in the vicinity. Harmony Lodge, Number 9, was the first lodge organized in this vicinity, and all the members of the order residing in Dayton, Springfield, and Urbana, belonged to this lodge.. Meetings were held in each of these places once each month. Afterward this lodge was divided, and St. John's Lodge formed of Masons living in the vicinity of Dayton and Troy. This new lodge met semi-monthly in each of the two places. Both Harmony and St. John's lodges operated under special dispensations granted by the Grand Lodge of Ohio, and the latter continued to hold its sessions alternately at Dayton and Troy, until it was permanently established at Dayton. On January 10, 1812, St. John's Lodge, Number 12, was chartered with the following members: Samuel Shoup, George Grove, Aaron Gosard, Jerome Bolt, Hugh McCullom, George F. Tenery, Henry Marquart, Alexander Ewing, William McCullom Calhoun, William Smith, John Cox, and David Steele. The lodge now numbers 202 members, and has the following officers: George M. Smart, W. M.; W. S. Kemp, S. W.; George Caswell, J. W.; Joseph Light, treasurer; W. G. Whitehurst, secretary; James A. Smith, S. D.; Charles H. Billings, J. D.; Henry Guckes, Tyler; E. E. Baker, chaplain ; Henry Dornbusch, marshal; George J. Roberts, P. L. Snyder, and H. A. Billings, trustees, and George J. Decker and George A. Harrington, stewards.

            Unity Chapter, Number 16, was organized January 7, 1820, with the following, members: William Fielding, F. Gosney, John C. Underwood, R. J. Skinner, Henry A. Imlag, Orris Stearns, Burnett Lewis, Robert (page 674) Hurd, Charles Connelly, G. A. Schenck, Elisha Broham, William and Martin Smith The first officers were William Fielding, H. P.; Robert Hurd, king, and William Smith, scribe. The membership at present is 254, and the officers are as follows: George Caswell, H. P.; W. S. Kemp, king; George M. Smart, scribe; Charles H. Billings, C. H.; Allen Jeffers, P. S.; O. W. Kneisly, R. A. C.; Phillip Haas, treasurer; W. G. Whitehurst, secretary; II. L. Shinkle, G. M. 3d. V.; E. A. Leonard, G. M. 2d V.; C. K. Baker, G. M. 1st V.; 'Thomas Wyatt, guard, and Peter McFarlane, chaplain.

            Reese Council, Number 9, received its charter October 14, 1843. The charter members were A. Death, John Sayre, H. Vinal, M. Simpson, and others, whose names are not ascertainable. The present membership is 182, and the officers are George M. Smart, T. I. M.; Stephen J. Rigler, D. M.; George Caswell P. C. W. Phillip Haas, treasurer; Lewis J. Bowman, recorder; J. H. Satcamp, C. of G.; George F. Kuhns, C. of C.; A. N. Bonner, steward, and Allen Jeffers, sentinel.

            Reed Commandery, Number 6, was organized June 1, 1846, under a dispensation granted by Right Eminent Sir Bela Latham, grand master of Ohio. The first officers were as follows: Isaac L. Davis, E. C ; George Keifer, G.; and Samuel Reed, C. G. The first conclave was held in the Sayre Building, on the southeast corner of First and St. Clair streets. The charter was received and permanent officers elected October 27, 1846. These officers were: Rev. William H. Raper, E. C.; Thomas C. Mitchell, G.; John Mills, C. G.; John Sayre, P.; John H. Achey, S. W.; John Willson, J. W.; D. Eichelberger, treasurer; Peter Baer, recorder; James Bolens, S. B.; William Davidson, sword bearer; M. S. Blossom, W.; S. C. Mitchell, J. W. Kills, and N. Benjamin, guards; and L. H. Brown, S. The present membership is 285, and the officers are W. B. Anderson, E. C.; Valentine Schaeffer, Dr.  W. H. Bussard, C. G.; A. R. Harlacher, P.; Charles H. Leaman, S. W.; G. F. Kuhns, J. W.; G. F. Kuhns, J.W.; G. B. Harman, treasurer; John H. Scheffel, recorder; M. Olt, Jr., St. B.; N. D. Bates, Sw. B.; W. A. Reiter, W.; Allen Jeffers, S.; John P. Charch, 3d G.; Ed. T. Hart, 2d. G.; James C. Turner, 1st G.; S. B. Hurlbut, Jr., 0.; and Eli Fasold, C. E. Underwood, and George M. Smart, trustees.

            Dayton Lodge, Number 147, was organized August 21, 1847. It was chartered October 25th, and instituted with seventeen members. The first officers were: John Sayre, M.; J. Collins, J. W.; J. L. Howard, S. W. There are at the present time 195 members, and the officers are: W. Bellville, W. M.; A. N. Bonner, S. W.; J. H. Satcamp, J. W.; P. Jo’Hantgen, treasurer; W. B. Sullivan, secretary; Joseph Klopfer, S. D.; Charles Shannon, J. D.; Allen Jefers, tyler; S. H. Vinson, L. W. Van (page 675) Loan, and B. N. Davis, trustees; C. C. Spaulding and W. E. Douson, stewards; Louis Groneweg, chaplain, and John Hanitch, marshal.

            Mystic Lodge, Number 405, was organized January 11, 1868, with thirty-one members. The first officers were as follows: Christian Emrick, M.; W. B. Wonderly, S. W., and Ziba Crawford, J. W. The present membership is 132, and the present officers: Lewis J. Bowman, W. M.; J. Russell Johnston, S. W.; Robert S. Wilson, J. W.; George W. Heathman, treasurer; John H. Scheffel, secretary; W. C. Whittaker, S. D.; Louis F. Tappan, J. D.; Robert M. Nevin, tyler; Eli Fasold, Ira Crawford, and N. D. Bates, trustees; W. M. hunter and Charles W. Dale, stewards, and Peter McFarlane, chaplain.

            Gabriel Grand Lodge of Perfection, A. A., Scottish Rite, was instituted March 8, 1880, and was organized under a charter granted September 22d, with sixty-five members. The present officers are: Erville B. Bishop, T. P. G. M.; John N. Bell, H. of T. G. D. M.; H. A. Billings, V. S. G. W.; George F. Kuhns, V. J. G. W.; E. E. Baker, G. 0.; G. B. Harman, treasurer; L. J. Bowman, G. S. K. of S. and A.; George M. Smart, G. M. of C.; James A. Smith, C. G.; L. F. Walker, G. H. B., and Phillip Haas, G. T.

            Miami Grand Council Princes of Jerusalem, A. A., Scottish Rite, was instituted March 8, 1880, and was organized with sixty-five members.

            The present officers are: John N. Bell, M. E. S. P. G. M.; David B. Wilcox, G. II. P. D. G. M.; George M. Smart, M. E. S. G. W.; John W. Snavely, M. E. J. G. W.; G. B. Harman, V. G. T.; L. J. Bowman, V. G. S. K. of S. and A.; J. W. Swick, V. G. M. of C.; Harrison A. Kepner, V. G. A.; John P. Charch, V. G. M. of En.; Phillip Haas, G. T., and S. B. Hurlbut, Jr., G. O.

            Dayton Grand Chapter of Rose-Croix, A. A., Scottish Rite, was instituted March 8, 1880. It had sixty-five charter members. The present officers are: W. L. Bates, M. W. and P. M.; II. A. Billings, M. E. and P. K. S. W.; C. H. Leaman, Al. E. and P. N. J. W.; J. W. Swick:, M. E. and P. K. G. Or.; G. B. Harman, R. and P. K. T.; L. J. Bowman, R. and P. K. S; Charles Coulter, R. V. P. K. II.; W. S. Kemp, R. and P. K. M. of C.; John P. Charch, R. and P. K. C. of G.; S. B. Hurlbut, Jr., R. and P. K. G. O.

            The Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, and Master Masons' Aid Association was organized July 15, 1879. The present officers are Eli Fasold, president; George J. Roberts, vice-president; T. B. IIannah, secretary; J. B. Thomas, M. D., medical director; Third and Fourth National Banks, designated depositaries; Jost Durst, 0. M. Gottschall, and W. E. Crume, executive committee; Jost Durst, George J. Roberts, (page 676) T. B. Hannah, Colonel J. B. Thomas, O. M. Gottschall, W. E. Crume, and Eli Fasold, trustees. The object of this association is to enable Masons to provide for their widows and orphans.

            Freemasons' Mutual Benefit Association was organized April 17, 1871, with sixty members and the following officers: C. C. Keifer, president; O. M. Gottschall, secretary; and C. C. Kiefer, Allen Jeffers, D. K. Boyer, James M. Matthews, J. H. Waymire, P. L. Snyder, and 0. M. Gottschall, directors. The object of this association is purely benefciary, viz.: to raise a fund for the benefit of the widows and children of the deceased members. No qualification with reference to age or health is necessary. Any Master Mason of St. John's, Dayton, or Mystic lodge may become a member. There are at the present time one hundred and fifty members in the association, and the ofcers are as follows: H. A. Billings, president; Ezra Jefferys, vice-president; Eli Fasold, treasurer; and Allen Jeffers, secretary.

            Montgomery Lodge, Number 5, Independent Order Odd Fellows, was instituted May 3, 1833, under a charter dated April 19, 1 833. The first members were R. N. Comly, Richard Green, Martin Conklin, John Tothill, and John Sidle. The first officers were Richard Green, N. G.; Richard Disney, V. G.; R. N. Comly secretary; and Martin Conklin, treasurer. For some time the meetings were held in a room over Schoenher's clothing store. The present officers of this lodge are as follows: Eugene E. Carter, N. G.; Albert Mendenhall, V. G.; F. C. Garrett, P. S.; J. S. Williams, R. S.; John V. Dix, treasurer. Dayton Encampment, Number 2, was chartered August 2, 1839. The charter members were William F. Comly, James Cook, Henry L. Brown, Elias Favorite, John Sayre, William B. Dicks, and James Vanostran. The present officers are John L. Riley, C. P.; C. S. Bussy, S. W.; John States, J. W.; L. S. LaRose, scribe; and F. C. Garrett, treasurer. L. S. LaRose has been scribe of this encampment continuously since June 17, 1852. Wayne Lodge, Number 10, was chartered April, 1840, and instituted July 7 following, with the following members: William F. Comly, P. N. Comly, John Sayre, H. Wyatt, L. Wollaston, Joseph A. Dusang, J. Bartlow, D. M. Houk, George F. Meyer, Elias Favorite, and Lewis Lindsley. The present officers are C. S. Bussy, N. G.; W. D. Freeman, V. G.; C. Renck, P. S.; Charles Holt, R. S.; Charles A. Starr, treasurer. The present membership is about 150.

            Buckeye Lodge, Number 47, was organized under a charter granted August 16, 1845, and instituted August 30th, with 20 members. At the present time it has about 100 members, and the officers are as follows: J. E. Reeder, N. G.; Peter Larson, V. G.; Charles Leichtle, R. C.; W. D. (page 677)  Gifford, P. S.; D. V. Pottle, treasurer; Charles H. Leaman, W. J. Abbey, and W. H. Ainsworth, trustees.

            Odd Fellows' Aid Association of Montgomery County was organized June 23, 1869, with the following officers: M. Worman, president; W. W. Lane, secretary, and John Bettelon, treasurer. The object of the association is to aid families of deceased members by a system of mutual insurance. Each member pays an assessment of one dollar and ten. cents at each death, and the family of the deceased member receives five hundred dollars, and one dollar of each assessment paid by the insured during his membership. The association now has five hundred and seventy members, and the officers are as follows: D. J. Smith, president; James Corcoran, vice-president; L. S. LaRose, secretary, and John Bettelon, treasurer.

            Gem City Encampment, Number 116, was instituted May 21, 1869, by James Turner, G. P. The charter members were: J. M. C. Matthews, C. P.; George B. Hicks, H. P.; Adam Weber, S. W.; John P. Lutz, J. W.; J. Malloway, scribe; George W. Kemp, treasurer; Henry Dornbush, Ezra Clark, J. R. Mitchell, and William P. Patton, trustees. At the present time the encampment has ninety-one members, and the officers are James A. McCandless, C. P.; Lawrence Kirschner, J. W.; W. C. Slifer, scribe, and Charles Schaeffer, treasurer.

            Wildey Lodge, Number 24, Daughters of Rebekah, was instituted January 7, 1870, with thirty-three members, and the first officers were:           Adam Weber, N. G.; L. Mueller, V. G.; H. Riehl, R. S.; Frederick Tschudy, P. S.; and H. Dorubush, treasurer. The present membership is one hundred, and the present officers are: Mrs. Paulina Brueshaber, N. G.; Mrs. Louisa Kiehl, V. G.; Adam Weber, secretary; Sophia Sauer, treasurer; and Adam Weber, John Olt, and John Roepken, trustees.

            Steuben Lodge, Number 507, was organized June 10, 1872, with twenty-four members, and instituted May 24, 1872, by James Turner, G. M. The present officers are: Richard Otto, N. G.; Michael Weirauch, V. G.; A. Auerhammer, R. S.; Adam Weber, P. S.; George Fischer, treasurer; G. H. Schulte, and Julius G. Miller, trustees, Fraternal Lodge, Number 510, was organized June 10, 1872, with thirteen charter members. The first officers were as follows: B. F. Hoar, N. G.; Henry Webbert, V. G.; Hiram Lewis, R. S.; D. G. Fitch, P. S.; Lewis De Lawter, treasurer; trustees, 13. E. Homer, Hiram Lewis, and W. W. Buchwalter. The present officers are: C. C. Davidson, N. G.; Frank P. Thompson, V. G.; Samuel P. Greene, R. S.; A. R. Bowman, P. S.; Louis Groneweg, treasurer, and Frank P. Thompson, Webster Fry, and C.,B. Wysong, trustees.

            (page 678) Oregon Lodge, Number 351, Knights of Pythias, was instituted May 8, 1889. It had thirty-three charter members, and its first officers were as follows: Dr. J. A. Romspert, P. C.; J. A. Aulabaugh, C. C.; C. M. Van Pelt, V. C.; John W. Devise, P.; H. V. Brown, M. at A.; W. R. Knaub, M. of R. and S.; E. L. Gloyd, M. of F.; W. 0. McCabe, M. E.; F. G. Miller, I. G.; A. P. Groby, O. G.; W. F. Marquardt, E. E.; J. A. Romspert, R. and D. D. G. C. At the present time (July 1st) the lodge has thirty-eight members. It meets in Dover Block, on the southeast corner of Fifth and Wayne streets, every Wednesday night. The Odd Fellows' National Beneficial Association was incorporated February 2, 1881. The object of the members of this association is to provide for the support of their families in case of their own death. The amount of insurance is $3,000 and the assessment of members varies according to their grade, from $1.10 up to $2.50. The officers of the association at this time are as follows: Hon. Henderson Elliott, president; Rev. William A. Hale, vice-president; James Auderton, secretary and general manager; James C. Reber, treasurer; Ellis Jennings, M. D., medical director. The above and Hon. W. D. McKemy are the trustees.

            Dayton Lodge, Number 273, was instituted April 20, 1855, with the following charter members: George M. Young, William Stover, A. E. Underwood, W. W. Wolf, Joseph Baird, Thomas J. Green, I. N. F. Beaver, John M. Hartle, Ziba Crawford, and John Graves. The first officers were: George M. Young, N. G.; John Graves, V. G.; Ziba Crawford, R. S.; Joseph Baird, P. S.; I. N. F. Beaver, treasurer. Its present officers are as follows: A. J. Fisher, N. G.; Frank N. Trissell, V. G.; W. C. Slifer, R. S.; W. H. Hughes, P. S., and J. A. Aulabaugh, treasurer.

            Miami Lode, Number 32, Knights of Pythias, was organized February 15, 1871, and was instituted March 31st, with the following members: George T. Mulford, James W. Swope, Benjamin F. Boyer, Louis Keller, George M. Smart, J. S. Miles, George W. Snyder, Daniel K. Hasler, F. Riebold, Charles Auderton, James Clingman, J. Lacy Marquiss, C. Stinson, George W. Stieg, Joseph Light, B. B. Crosley, H. C. Snodgrass, H. Webbert, W. H. Ware, and a few others. At a regular meeting of this lodge, held July 11,1889, the following officers were installed: L. C. Packham, P. C ; F. E. Rose, C. C.; William Hall, V. C.; Adam Groby, P.; A. F. Smart, M. of F.; George M. Smart, M. of E.; B. F. Boyer, K. of R. and S.; S. J. Smith, M. at A.; Jesse Foley, I. G.; and J. P. Marquardt, O.G.

            Humboldt Lodge, Number 58, Knights of Pythias, was founded by Peter Reinhardt, assisted by Peter Weidner and Robert George. On August (page 679) 26, 1873, a meeting was held, at which twenty-five names were secured for the organization of a lodge. The lodge was instituted September 9, 1873, by James W. Swope, instituting officer, who was assisted by members of Miami Lodge, Number 32. The first quarters occupied were in a building which stood on the present. site of the Callahan building. The lodge then moved to the Clegg building, on Jefferson Street, and next to Castle Hall, on Fifth Street. They then moved to Gorman Hall, on Jefferson Street., and at last to the present Pythian Castle, which was dedicated January 10, 1889, and which is said to be the finest and most complete castle in the world. From an original membership of twenty-five the number of members has increased to 205. There are at present but ten German lodges in the grand jurisdiction, Humboldt ranking first as to numbers and second as to financial strength among the number. The total number of deaths of members of the lodge has been seventeen. Following are the names of the officers of this lodge, installed July 2, 1889: William Kramer, P. C.; Fred Trieboldt, C. C.; Charles W. Schenk; V. C.; R. Henry Meyers, P.; D. D. Mentel, M. of F.; Emil Reichert, K. of R. and S.; Fred Berk, M. of E.; William Koch, M. at A.; John Boeliner, I. G.; Henry Sauer, 0. G.; C. H. Frank, Louis Hass, and Fred Kramer, trustees.

            Iola Lodge, Number 83, was instituted March 24, 1875,.by Grand Chancellor James W. Swope, his grand deputies, and other prominent members of the order. There were twenty-one charter members, and the first officers were as follows: Charles 0. Iddings, P. C.; E. L. Rowe, C. C.; Charles E. Clark, V. C.; J. C. Young, P.; A. H. Whyte, K. of R. and S.; D. T. Mills, M. of F.; William Wolf, M. of E.; Thomas S. Tilton, M. at A.; John W. Marshall, I. G.; Henry Hass, 0. G.; Charles 0. Iddings, representative. This lodge and Humboldt Lodge have always occupied the same hall, and are still together, participating in the dedication of the new hall in the Barney Block, January 10, 1889. The membership of this lodge has increased from the original 21 to 303, its present membership. The active membership at present, however, is but 241. Fourteen of the charter members are still active in the work of the lodge. The officers elected at the last election are as follows: James W. Reiich, P. C.; Herman F. Cellarius, C. C.; 0. E. Davidson, V. C.; Uranius Hord, M. at A.; David C. Hale, K. of R. S.; Edward A. Silzel, M. of F.; A. H. Romspert, M. of E.; Harry G. Dodgson, 0. G. I.; R. Griffith, I. G.; trustees, John W. Hanitch, G. Russell Wells, H. W. Lewis. The new Pythian castle, in the Barney Block, was dedicated on Thursday night, January 10, 1889. This castle consists of ten rooms, and has all the modern conveniences, and furnishes the most complete lodge-room arrangements in the city. The suite of rooms thus dedicated (page 680) consists of lodge, drill, banquet, kitchen, ladies' toilet, and other rooms necessary for suitable quarters for the knights. In the afternoon, commencing at two o'clock, there was a reception to the ladies of the members of Iola, Humboldt, Miami, and Hope lodges, of the Knights of Pythias of Dayton. At three o'clock the handsome painting, 'Pythias at the Block," by Mrs. John W. Marshall, was presented to Iola Lodge, by Miss Pearl Marshall. The Hon. W. B. Richie, of Lima, supreme representative of Ohio, officiated.

            Humboldt Division, Number 12, U. R., K. P., was instituted March 21, 1882, with thirty-six charter members. The first officers were Peter Weidner, captain; Frederick Weis, first lieutenant; Charles Guenther, herald. The present membership is seventy-five, and the present officers are Louis Haas, captain; Christian Neeb, first lieutenant, and John C. Spengler, herald.

            Iola Division, Number 26, U. R. K. P., was organized with thirty members, and the first officers were John A. Miller, captain; J. W. Marshall, lieutenant; II. 11. Hall, herald; W. S. Brown, recorder; G. R. Wells, treasurer; II. W. Lewis, guard; F. G. Wonder, sentinel. The present officers are H. W. Lewis, captain; C. A. Decker, lieutenant; Charles S. Durst, herald; R. D. Wells, recorder; W. H. Johnson, treasurer; W. S. Heathman, guard; Charles Bischweiler, sentinel. The present membership is fifty-eight, and the division meets every Monday night in Pythian Castle.

            Dayton Division, Number 5, U. R. K. P., was instituted November 13, 1878, and organized with the following officers: Charles D. Iddings, commander; P. Weidner, lieutenant commander; J. P. Marquardt, Jr., herald; L. II. heist, recorder; J. L. Marquis, treasurer; Robert George, guard; W. S. Star, sentinel. The division has a membership of forty-five, and the following officers: J. 1. Marquardt, Jr., S. K. C.; William Yahraus, S. K. L.; Louis C. Waltamathe, S. K. II.; W. M. Carpenter, S. K. R., and Dr. G. H. Geiger, S. K. T.

            Royal Temple, Number 2, Pythian Sisters, Was organized March 2, 1889. This is, as its name indicates, the second temple organized in the State of Ohio. It is auxiliary to Hope Lodge, and was organized by J. A. Hill, of Greencastle, Indiana. The original membersliip was somewhat more than fifty, and the first officers were as follows: Mrs. Mary Aimworth, P. E. C.; Mrs. Hattie Robinson, M. E. C.; Mrs. Mary E. Fry, S. C.; Mrs. M. J. Kelly, J. C.; Mrs. Maggie Worley, M. of R. and C.; Mrs. J. S. Corbet, M. of F.; Mrs. B. F. Shiugler, M. of '1'.; Mrs. Rebecca Wysong, P. of 'I.; Mrs. J. C. Ferneding, P. of O. T. The same officers were reelected June 22, 1889.

            (page 681) Thusnelda Temple, Number 3, Pythian Sisters, was organized March 6, 1889, with forty-seven members. Following are the names of the first officers: Mrs. Peter Weidner, M. E. C.; Mrs. L. Shank, E. S.; Mrs. V. Bieser, E. Jr.; Mrs. T. M. Kern, M. 0. T.;  Mrs. Kate Polmeier, M. of R. and C.; Mrs. M. Gesler, M. of F.; Mrs. M. Lehman, I. G., and Mrs. Jennie Hester, 0. G. The present officers are: Mrs. Phillippina Olt, M. E. C.; Mrs. V. Bieser, E. Jr.; Mrs. T. M. Kern, M. 0. T.; Mrs. Mary Williams, M. of R. and C.; Mrs. M. Gesler, M. of F.; Mrs. M. Lehman, I. G., and Mrs. Jennie Hester, 0. G.

            Franklin Grove, Number 8, U. A. 0. D., was organized July 10, 1849. The present officers are: Fred Stehle, N. A.; John Grieser, V. A.; Charles Nagel, secretary; George Sauer, treasurer; John Nickel, I. G. The trustees are John H. Trangenstein, Daniel Schroer, and John Olt.

            Victoria Circle, Number 3, U. A. 0. D., was instituted January 31, 1884. The present officers are: Mrs. Louisa Riehl, A. D.; Mrs. H. Bargh, F. B.; Mrs. F. Stehle, S. B.; Mrs. P. Christ, C.; Mrs. L. Ruehl, I. G.; Daniel Schroer, secretary, and Sophia Sauer, treasurer. Adam Weber is the grand secretary of the Grand Grove of the U. A. 0. D., and has held the office for the past nineteen years.

            Miami Lodge, Number 16, Ancient Order United Workmen, was organized February 9, 1874, with twenty-three members, and the following officers: Meyer Lebensberger, P. M. W.; M. J. Swadener, M. W.; A. Whitcomb, F.; W. H. Barbour, 0.; W. D. McKemy, R.; Daniel Leonhard, F.; Joseph Lebersberger, R.; and Philip Kerr, W. Meetings were held for some time in Gorman's building, East Third Street. They are now held in Huston Hall.

            Teutonia Lodge, Number 21, was organized April 15, 1874, with thirty-two charter members. The frst officers were Philip Kern, P. M. W.; Louis Haas, M. W.; George Happel, F.; Christ Kronenthat, 0.; Samuel Wagner, G.; George Hueber, R.; Henry Kueler, F.;         George Herbig, treasurer; Andrew Metz, W. The first meetings were held in the Gorman Block. They are now held in Huston Hall. Concordia Lodge, Number 46, was instituted March 27, 1875, with twenty-four members. The first officers were John Schoen, P. M. W.; Peter Lenz, M. W.; Jacob Gruenewald, F.; William Nauerth, 0.; Charles Wenzel, G.; Adolph Abicht, R.; Louis Stern, treasurer. Dayton Lodge, Number 48, was organized June 9, 1875, with forty members, and the following officers: C. P. Rousch, P. M. W.; Charles E. Swadener, M. W.; W. F. Trebein, F.; Albert Cozine, 0.; W. W. Lane, R.; John D. McKee, F.; Charles E. Clark, R.; F. W. Wood, G.; Jacob (page 682) Kinsel, I. W.; E. F. Wellemeyer, 0. W.; William Seeley; Fred Weis, and J. D. Arras, trustees.


            The Earnshaw Rifles, at a meeting held January 2, 1889, elected the following officers: Captain, A. J. McCannon; first lieutenant, John C. Bennett;.second lieutenant, Charles E. Fisher; frst sergeant, W. S. Cook; second sergeant, Omar Randall; third sergeant, Edward Wetz; fourth sergeant, Edward Williamson; fifth sergeant, B. S. Caryer; first corporal, M. H. Bennett; second corporal, Harry Frantz; third corporal, Elmer Ernest; fourth corporal, B. W. Butler; fifth corporal, J. D. W. Butler; sixth corporal, Clarence Switzer; seventh corporal, Louis Sortman; eighth corporal, H. S. Sayer.

            At the annual election of officers of Dayton Ruling, Number 2, F. M. C., the following was the result for the ensuing year: Worthy ruler, John W: Garst; worthy vice-ruler, M. H. Huesman; past worthy ruler, Joseph Hahne; worthy recorder, John E. Trone; worthy collector, William 0. Tiffany; worthy treasurer, Frederick Miller; worthy chaplain, Louis Napoleon Mehlberth; worthy marshal, Horace Blakesley; worthy warden, J. 0. Layton; worthy guard, Charles C. Sortman; worthy sentry, Henry Winner; worthy medical examiner, Dr. James A. Ambrose; worthy trustees, S. D. Trove, John H. Dorfineier, and W. W. McKinney. The installation of these officers occurred on Thursday night, January 3, 1889.

            The Dayton Turngemeinde held its annual election of officers on Sunday, December, 30,1888, with the following result: President, Edward Neder; vice-president, Bernhardt Froelich; recording secretary, Bernard Roenrboldt; financial secretary, Herman Uhlrig; first instructor, William Herzog; second instructor, Victor Roehm.; master of apparatus, Elmer Linxweiler; librarian, Theodore Schubert; flag bearer, Reinhard Roehm; trustees, Bernard Froelich, Luther Peters, Jacob Liuxweiler, Jr., Frederick Brueshaber, and William Herzog.

            Howard Council, Number 161, Royal Arcanum was organized in September, 1878, with nineteen charter members. The first officers were as follows: S. Johnson, P. R,; 0. M. Gottschall, R.; H. E. W. Campbell, V, R.; F, M. Osier, 0,; T. B. Holmes, secretary; G. R, Wells, C.; S. L, LaRose, treasurer; James W. Anderton, G,; W. F. Snyder, S. At a regular meeting of this council, held January 1, 1889, the following officers were installed: Samuel L. LaRose, R.; A. 0. Schenck, V. R.; J. S. Crilly, P. R.; William Watkins, 0.; S. B. Hall, secretary; H. W. Surface, C.; John E. Viot, G.; C. L. Bader, treasurer; J. S. Osborn, C., and A. L. Shearer, S.

            Dayton Council, .Number 15, Order Chosen Friends, at a meeting (page 683) held January 2, 1889, the following officers were elected and installed: J. O. Heindle, P. C, C.; W. H. Moore, C. C.; T. W. Adelott, V. C.; W. A. Marietta, secretary; R, M. Allen, treasurer; L. W. Strahler, P.; D. F, Fischbach, M.; David Meister, W,; C. W. Wilmking, G.; Henry Harlan, S.; T. W. Davy, Allen Selby, and H. J. Bradford, trustees.

            Gem City Castle, Number 2, Ancient Order of Knights of the Mystic Chain, was instituted February 27, 1889, by J. L. B. Wiswell, of Columbus, Ohio, assisted by T, J. Scanlan and J. F. Wheeler, also of Columbus. The number of members of the Castle at the time of institution was sixty-five, and the following were the first officers, elected and installed on the same day on which the Castle was instituted: J, M. Bartch, S. K. P. C.; Charles Alther, S. K. C.; Samuel Shine, S. K. V. C.; George Williams, F. L.; John Caylor, treasurer; A. B. Miller, chaplain; E. L. Horner, R. S.; H. Heiney, A. R. S.; Valentine Ketteman, C. of S.; J. Stuck, A. C. of S.; George Bartch, I. G,; C. S. Perry, 0. G.; Charles Fry, Jacob Zimmerman, and S. H. Heiney, trustees.

            Fulton Council, Number 15, Order United American Mechanics, was organized June 17, 1872, with thirty-three members. The first officers were as follows: George S. Ball, C.; M. V. Wirich, V. C.; Richard Witcomb, R. S.; W. A. Bosler, F. S.; W. H. Rouzer, treasurer. Mayflower Council, Number 35, was organized September 27, 1875, with about thirty members. The first officers were: J. W. Knaub, C.; George A. Smith, V. C.; William L. Winchell, R. S.; C. H. Decker, F. S.; W. C. Slifer, treasurer.

            Miami Council, Number 7, Junior Order, was organized October 18, 1872, with eleven charter members. The first officers were: D. P. Clark, C.; H. W. Lewis, V. C.; G. R. Wells, R. S.; H. J. Buvinger, A. R. S.; C. W. Bridenbaugh, F. S.; B. T. Guion, treasurer. At a meeting of this council held on January 4, 1889, the following officers were installed: E. G. Fauver, Jr., P. C.; T. Rench, C. E.; J. E. Waterman, V. C.; John P. Branin, R. S.; C. C. Cotterill, A. R. S.; C. D. Kidd, Jr., F. S.; D. J. Smith, Jr., treasurer; W. R. Bosson, C.; H. J. Crutchfield, W.; Alexander Waterman, I. S.; Edward Long, 0. S.; W. G. Smith, F. D. Wark, and L. A. Rowe, trustees; John P. Brannin and E. T. Rench, representatives.

            Friendship Council, Number 15, Junior Order, was organized with eleven charter members, December 17, 1877. It was a re-organization of a lodge which had been in existence four years previously, and which was known as Surprise Lodge. The first officers of Friendship Lodge were: J. B. Kuhns, C.; Arthur Deiter, V. C.; Charles Weikel, R. S.; Edward Defter, A. R. S.; J. W. Eby, treasurer; H. A. Siler, F. S.

             (page 684) Honor Council, Number 24, Junior Order of United American Mechanics was instituted January 29, 1889, by D. S. C., Charles D. Kidd, Jr., who acted as councilor during the initiation. The following were the officers elected for the ensuing year: George W. Stevens, Jr., P. C.; David Fetters, C.; William Beecher, V. C.; George R. Wallace, R. S.; Henry House, A..11. S.; G. H. Fetters, F. S.; George F. Sawyer, treasurer; Frank Wilson, C.; R. M. Huston, W.; Charles Wilson, I. S.; David Price, 0. S.; M. Beecher, George W. Stevens, and David Fetters, trustees.

            In October, 1866, King Encampment, Post Number 20, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized in Dayton. It had three hundred and eight members. In February, 1867, Allen Encampment Post, Number 152, was organized, and in a short time afterward Diester Encampment was organized. - E. A. King Post was organized September 22, 1879, the first officers of record being as follows: Samuel B. Smith, P. C.; A. A. Simonds, S. V. C.; George W. Hatfield, J. V. C.; Charles Anderton, Adj.; Adam Knecht, Q. M.; Frederick Schaefer, 0. D., and Jacob Schaefer, 0. G. The present officers of this post, the name of which was changed from E. A. King Post to the Old Guard Post, Number 23, March 10, 1885, are as follows: N. Doren Bates, P. C.; John N. Bell, S. V. C.; Parker Rusby, J. V. C.; Ambrose Hodge, Adj.; Thomas L. Steward, Q. M.; James A. Ambrose, surgeon; Amos S. Jones, chaplain; Elwood Middleton, 0. D.; Samuel B. Rohrer, 0. G.; John T. Harper, S. M.; James 0. Davis, Q. M. S.; John L. H. Frank, chairman; Henry S. Rockey, secretary, and the latter two with John Mull, James C. Turner, and John R. More, trustees. The post now numbers three hundred and eighty-five members.

            Diester Post, Number 446, G. A. R., was chartered May 17, 1884, with the following members: John E. Brockman, P. C.; Julius George

            S. P. C.; James Dunn, J. V. C.; Bernhard Roehm, Q. M.; Robert Burkner, adjutant; -- Wilson, chaplain; John Bauer, 0. D.; Joseph Neibert, 0. G.; Lawrence Darst, Charles Dreihorst, William Britton, Joseph Diester, and William L. May, M. P. Nolan, William Silzel, and Frederick Gunckel. The present officers are: J. K. P. MacDorgh, P. C.; H. B. Zehring, S. V. C.; Frank Brooks, J. V. C.; George W. Sherer, adjutant; Philip W. Jordan, Q. M.; Charles W. Shiebley, chaplain; R. F. Switzer, 0. D., and W. Parsons, 0. G.

            Hiram Strong Post, Number 79, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized in October, 1884, and was instituted October 10th following.    It derived its name from the colonel of the Ninety-third Regiment Ohio Volunteers. Its first officers were E. P. Robinson, C.; I. N. Thorne, (page 685) S. V. C.; J. G. Feight, J. V. C.; W. I. Rose, S.; R. W. Parks, C.; Charles Graf, 0. D.; W. H. Puterbaugh, 0. G.; T. J. Barry, A.; W. A. Lincoln, Q. M.; G. A. Russler, S. M.; H. R. Wheeler, Q. M. S. The post had sixty charter members, of whom forty-six were mustered in at the institution of the post. The present ofcers are J. W. Armitage, C.; J. R. Thompson, S. V. C.; M. Beecher, J. V. C.; J. B. Walton, C.; A. M. Williamson, S ; B. F. Arnold, 0. D.; W. H. Ainsworth, 0. G.; Charles Bishop, A.; Charles Graf, Q. M.; J. E. Sullivan, S. M.; J. S. Corbett, Q. M. S. This post has at the present time 108 members in good standing, and is in a very prosperous condition. It is the only post on the west side of the river.

            Martin R. Delaney Post, Number 615, is composed of about thirty colored members.

            William Birch Post, Number 601, was organized July 22, 1886. It was named in honor of Major William Birch, of the Ninety-third Ohio Regiment. The first officers were: J. A. Smith, P. C.; William M. Simpson, S. V. C.; William Thompson, J. V. C.; Thomas Miller, A.; 0. A. Phillipps, 0. M.; I. M. Smith, Rollings, S.; N. Robbins, C.; O. D.; F. Long, O. G.; O. J. Gebbart, S. M., and L. M. Shank, Q. M. S. The present officers are: P. P. Ellis, P. C.; J. A Smith, S. V. C.; I. M. Smith, J. V. C.; John C. Miller, A.; Z. E. Hersh, Q. M.; Charles Metz, 0. D.; H. A. Whitney, 0. G.; J. C. Good, S.; L. Griswold, C.; 0. Kenney, S. M.; J. J. Holmes, Q. M. S. This post meets regularly on the first and third Tuesday evenings in each month, in Hilgefort's building, North Main Street.

            The Dayton Club was organized in the early spring of 1889. The main purpose of this club was to maintain a place for the social entertainment of members of the club and their families, and friends and visitors from abroad. An association of prominent and wealthy citizens was easily formed, and is now composed of somewhat more than one hundred members, The directors of the club are as follows: John A. McMahon, W. P. Callahan, A. C. Marshall, II. C. Lowe, Charles E. Pease, William Huffman, E. Morgan Wood, Charles A. Phillips, and Charles Craighead, The president is E. Morgan Wood, and the secretary, Thomas K. Negus. The Peter P. Lowe homestead was rented for the accommodation of the club, and the rooms of this house were opened in the evening of May 28, 1889, with a reception to members and their families. Music was furnished by the Metropolitan Band. The reception committee was composed of E. Morgan Wood, John A. McMahon, A. C. Marshall, Charles E. Pease, T. K. Negus, Charles B. Clegg, T. P. (caddis, and Charles E. Mead, assisted by Mrs. R, R. Dickey, Mrs. (page 686) T. J. Wood, Mrs. E. M. Wood, Mrs. LL E. Mead, and Mrs. B. I. Cummin. The club rooms were regularly opened for business on Wednesday, May 29, 1889.

            Dayton Lodge, Number 23, Knights of Honor, was instituted July 13, 1814. This lodge is in a flourishing condition, having about one hundred and seventy-five members, and holding regular meetings at Knights of Honor Hall, Number 1101 East Third Street, every Monday evening. The present officers of this lodge are as follows: George H. Aiger, D.; William R. Grason, V. D.; Frank Burrows, A. D ; W. A. Marietta, R.; C. E. Campbell, F. R.; S. Bussey, C.; J. Weis, G.; S. U. Daugherty, G.; August Wollenhaupt, S.

            There are numerous, other societies and lodges of various kinds in this city, which have received no mention, on account of the difficulty of securing satisfactory data, and because of the great pressure of matter on the columns of this work. It is and must be a source of gratification to all right-thinking people that societies of this kind are so numerous in. every city of the land. They supply means of social life, in which the restraints inseparable from religious meetings are not felt, and which are free from the unpleasantnesses and dangers which are too often associated with the public ball and promiscuous gatherings. Many of these societies and associations, too, are beneficiary in their nature, furnishing insurance easily carried, and extremely acceptable to the beneficiary in case of misfortune or death of the principal. They are one of the many concomitants of an advancing civilization, the evidence of which it is always pleasant and profitable to contemplate.

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