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Memoirs of the Miami Valley Volume One
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 Edited by Hon. W. H. Shinn


PREHISTORIC EARTHWORKS - Mound Builders in Miami Valley-Prehistoric Fortified Hill in Butler County-Butler County Pre-eminent in Antiquities-Smithsonian Institution Report… 17-25


BUTLER COUNTY-Ancient Earthworks-Fortified Hill-McCormick Mound-Cochran Mound-Hoffman Group-Warwick Mound-Circular Enclosure on Big Miami-Group of Mounds in Ross Township-Meescopf and Cooper Mounds-Lamdon Mound-Schwarm Mound Earthworks on Seven Mile Creek-Rolls of Cloth and Other Relics- Fortifications in Fairfield Township-Enclosure and Mound on Nine Mile Creek-Mounds and Enclosures on Big Miami-Mounds in Liberty Township-Group in Union Township-Ancient Fortifications Above Hamilton-Signal Mounds-General Descriptions Recorded ... . 18-20


HAMILTON COUNTY-Langdon Mound and Mound on Gould Farm -Ancient Cemetery Near Madisonville-Earthworks Near Milford- Ancient Works in Anderson Township-Enclosures in Sycamore Township-Fortified Hill at Mouth of Great Miami-Mounds on Site of Cincinnati-Aboriginal Vault or Oven on Duck Creek-Old Roadway in Columbia Township…20-21


MIAMI COUNTY-Mound on Corn Island-Earthworks and Mounds in Concord and Newton Townships-Embankment on Left Bank of Great Miami-Works on Site of Piqua-Mounds and Earthworks in Washington and Spring Creek Townships-Clay Tablets Found near Piqua-Graded Way at Piqua… 21-22


MONTGOMERY COUNTY-Flint Implements Found Near Centerville-Earthworks Below Dayton-Stone Mound near Alexandersville-Enclosure South of Dayton-Ancient Works near Alexandersville-Great Mound at Miamisburg-Ancient Manufacturing Village near West Carollton-Aboriginal Cemetery near Dayton…22


SHELBY COUNTY-Mound in Northern Part of Van Buren Township… 22


WARREN COUNTY-Fort Ancient, in Washington Township-Mounds in Franklin Township-Ancient Fortifications and Mounds near Foster's Crossing-Miamisburg Mound Second Most Important of Its Character in the United States-Fort Ancient Most Imposing of Historic Fortifications of the Miami Valley-Description of Fort Ancient-Miami Valley well Within Glaciated Region of Ohio-Explorations Status of Mound Builders… 22-25


Indians of the Miami Valley


The Miamis-Their Principal Villages-Indian Conflicts-Territorial Claims of the Miamis in Ohio-A Record by General William Henry Harrison… 25-26


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Settlements in the Miami Valley


            Expedition of Henry Gist and Two Companions in 1751-They Visit Towns of the Miamis-Expedition of Colonel Bird, from Canada, in 1780-Campaign of General George Rogers Clarke, in 1780-First Block houses-Expedition of General Benjamin Stites, in 1786-Stites and Symmes Ask Congress for Land Grant Between the Two Miamis-Settlement Promoted-Town of Columbia Founded-Dedication of Cincinnati-Land Patent Issued to Symmes and His Associates-Treaty with the Indians-Founding of Losantiville and North Bend-Military Post Established-Fort Washington-County of Hamilton Established-Inception of the City of Cincinnati-.Indian Troubles-General Anthony Wayne Assumes Command-Fort Defiance Established-Indians Suppressed-Treaty of Greenville-Activities of Early Settlers-Colonization Enterprises-New Town of Turnerville-Settlement of Dayton-Progress of Settlement-Land Speculations-Astonishing Immigration in Early Part of Nineteenth Century-Frontier Conditions-Early Day Cincinnati-New Counties Established-Roads Laid Out-General Advancement and Development-Transportation Difficulties-Social Evolution-The Great Kentucky Revival-Religious Activities-Pioneer Clergymen-The Miami Exporting Company-Early Commercial Conditions-Trade Conditions in Miami Valley During the War of 1812Initiation of the Steamboat Era-Hamilton County the First Settled in Miami Valley-Record of Settlement of Cincinnati-The North Bend Settlement-The Activities of Judge Symmes-Rivalry Between Settlements-Pioneer Hardships-Indian Depredations-Activities of Government Troops-Arrival of General Wayne-The Wayne Campaign-Ludlow Lays Out Town of Hamilton-First Settlers-Hamilton Made County Seat of Butler County-First Court House-First Settlement in Warren County-Bedle's Station-Mount's Station-South Lebanon Oldest Town-Other Settlements-Town site of Dayton Selected-The Town Laid Out-First Families at Dayton-Montgomery County Established-Dayton the County Seat-Dayton's Status During War of 1812Growth of Town-First Settlement in Miami County-First Apple Tree in the County-New Settlers Arrive-Early Mills-Settlement at Staunton-First Survey of Troy-First White Family in Shelby County-First Mill-Logan County's First Settlers-Blockhouse Stations During War of 1812-Miami Valley Pioneers of Distinction-Othniel Looker-John Reily-Jeremiah Morrow-Daniel C. Cooper-William H. West-Thomas L. Young-John B. Weller-William C. Schenck-John W. Van Cleve-Edward Henry Knight-William Henry Harrison-John Woods… 26-80



Edited by Prof. John E. Bradford


            Physiographical Influences in Colonization Activities-Dr. Drake's Account of the Miami Valley-Rapid Infux of Settlers After War of 1812-15-Census Comparisons-Chief Cities of the Valley… 81-82


Educational Status 100 Years Ago


            The Typical Pioneer Schoolhouse-Its Construction-Description of Building-Important Pioneer Schoolhouses-Description of Early Schools-Teachers… 82-84


Pioneer Schools


            John Reily Opens Subscription School at Columbia-First Schoolhouses in Cincinnati-First School in the Interior of the Miami Valley-Early Schools at Hamilton-Benjamin Van Cleve's School at Dayton-First School at Eaton-First Schoolhouse in Miami County-Early Schools in Darke County… 85-87


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Pioneer Academies


            Beginning of More Comprehensive Educational System-Academies Established at Cincinnati, Dayton and Xenia-Mention of Leading Educational Institutions in the Miami Valley in First Two Decades of Nineteenth Century… 87-88


Founding of Miami University


            Grammar School of Miami University-Government Land Grant of Entire Township for Academy or College-Committee Locates College Township in 1803-Causes of Delay in Establishing of University-Rival Claims of Cincinnati… 88-91


Founding of Cincinnati College


School Association Incorporated in 1807-Record by Dr. Drake-Cincinnati College Founded in 1819-Endowment Provisions-Rev. Elijah Slack First President-Rev. Philander Chase Becomes President in 1821-Memorials to the Ohio Legislature-University Remains at Oxford… 91-92


Grammar School of Miami University


            University Evolving Into Real College-Buildings Erected at Oxford-University Opens in November, 1818-First Teachers… 93-94


Other Pioneer Educational Institutions


            Founding of Medical College of Ohio-Members of Faculty-First Medical College in the Miami Valley-Cincinnati Founds School of Literature and Arts-Dr. Drake's Account of the Organization-Summary of Cultural Activities at Close of Second Decade of Nineteenth Century… 93-94


Educational Development


            Marked Progress During Period from 1820 to 1837-Ohio Establishes State System of Public Instruction-School Land Grants-Tax Levied for Support of Schools-Effects of School Tax Law-Cincinnati Public School System Organized in 1829-Atwater's Record of Cincinnati Schools in 1837-Woodward College… 95-97


Provision of Better Text Books


            Efforts toward Co-ordination and Standardization of Text BooksProfessor McGufey's Contribution-The McGuffey Readers and Spellers-Dr. McGufey's Great Service at Miami University… 97-98


Publication of School Books


            Early Newspapers-Cincinnati Presses Issue Twelve Books-Book Publishing Expands at Cincinnati-Record of Development-List of Important Text Books… 98-99


Educational Experiments


            Introduction of Lancastrian System-The Ohio Mechanics' Institute-Records Concerning This Institution-Manual Labor Institution Founded at Dayton-Outcome of the Experiment-Farmers' College of Miami University in 1829-Pleasant Hill Academy-Farmers' College of Hamilton County-Western Literary Institute and College of Professional Teachers-Record of This Organization-Miami Valley Leads in Educational Progress in Ohio-The Academic Pioneer Issued-Western Academician and Journal of Education Makes Its Appearance-The Ohio Common School Director… 99-103


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The College of Liberal Arts of Miami University


            Miami University Assumes Important Place-Record of GrowthRegime of Dr. Bishop as President-His Associates-University Gains High Rank… 103-104


Rise of Church Colleges


            Catholics Found the Athenaeum-St. Joseph's College at Cincinnati-St. Mary's at Dayton-Union Seminary Established Under Auspices of the African Methodist Episcopal Church-Present Institution for Colored Youth, at Tawawa Springs-Founding of Wittenberg College by the Lutherans-Urbana University Established-Founding of An Antioch College-Society of Friends to Establish Wilmington College.. 104-105


Theological Schools


Theological Department Added to Miami University-Lane Theological Seminary-Xenia Theological Seminary-Other Theological Institution… 106


Law Schools


            Law School of Cincinnati College Founded in 1833-Brief Record Concerning the Institution… 106-107


Education of Women


            Cincinnati Female Academy-The Cincinnati Female College-Other Pioneer Institutions for the Education of Women-Oxford Female Academy-Description of the Institution-Hamilton and Rossville Female Academy-The Western College for Women… 111-112


European Influences on Education


            Study of Foreign Languages Introduced-Immigrants' Friend Society and Its Work-Miami Gymnasium Association and Its History… 112-113


Effects of Civil War on Education


            Effect of War on Trend of Education-Professor Thwing's Estimate-Statistical Data-Legislation Affecting High School-The Rise and Decline of the National Normal School at Lebanon-Miami University Loses Students from the South-Closing of the Institution-Reopening and Subsequent Growth-Outlook for the Future… 114-119


Dominance of Cincinnati in Educational Development of Ohio


            From the First Cincinnati Has Played Important Part-Cincinnati School Exhibits at the Centennial Exposition-Cincinnati University… 119-120


Educational Pioneers


Samuel Lewis-Milo G. Williams-Nathan Guilford-Robert Hamilton Bishop-William Holmes McGuffey-John W. Scott-Rufus King Calvin E. Stowe-Joseph Ray-William Norris Edwards-Robert W. Steele-Samuel Galloway-Miami Valley's Contribution to Present-day Educational Service-Prominence of the Miami Valley in the Educational Development of the State… 120-125


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Edited by Hon. W. H. Shinn


            Conditions Prior to the War of 1812-Establishing of First Banks The Miami Exporting Company Establishes First Bank in Ohio-Record of the Company-Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank Founded at Cincinnati in 1813-The Bank of Cincinnati Established in 1814-Legislative Action Relative to Unauthorized Bank Paper-Lebanon-Miami Banking Company-The Bank of Cincinnati-Little Miami Canal & Banking Company-The Bank of Hamilton Founded-Suspension of Specie Payment Resultant Depreciation of Bank Notes-Second Bank of the United States-Efforts to Resume Specie Payments-Banks in West Lose Popular Confidence-Chaotic Financial Conditions-Increase Number of Unauthorized Banks-Hostility to United States Bank-Low Prices of Staple Products--Condition of Miami Valley Banks at This Period-Congressional Powers and Action-The United States Bank Fight -Ohio Banks Accept Bonus Law-Financial Conditions in 1826-27-Fluctuations in Values-The Ohio Life Insurance & Trust Company -Miami Exporting Company Revived-Miami Valley Banks in 1835-Bank Commissioners Appointed by Legislature-Internal Improvements in Ohio-Attempts to Compel Specie Resumption-Conditions in 1842Expiration of Bank Charters-Cincinnati the Metropolis and Financial Center-Prices of Products in 1843-44-Legislature Passes General Banking Law-Opposition to the New Law-Election of 1846-Bank Circulation Nearly Doubled-Free Banking Law of 1851-Extinction of Home Discounting-The State Bank of Ohio-Conditions in the Early '50s-Banking Provisions of New State Constitution-Failure of Ohio-Life Insurance & Trust Company Precipitates Panic-Circulation of Ohio Banks Centralized in Cincinnati-Control of Exchange by Speculation-Cincinnati Becomes Monetary Center of the West-New Redemption Agency Established at Cincinnati-Local Results of National Banking Law… 126-155




Edited by W. C. Culkins


            From Indian Trail to Aeroplane-Commercial Conditions and Transportation Facilities of the Early Days-Development of Navigation Facilities-Internal Thoroughfares Constructed-Keel-boats on the Great Miami-Value of New Highways-Military Roads-Old National Road-Development of Canals-The Miami Canal and Its Influence-Canal Decadence Attends Building of Railroads-Miami & Erie Canal-Steamboat Navigation Instituted on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers-Modern improvements in Ohio Navigation-Limitations of River and Canal Transportation-Erie & Kalamazoo Railroad-Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad-First Railroads in the Miami Valley-Franklin, Springboro & Wilmington Railway-Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad-Chillicothe & Lebanon Railroad-Other Early Railroad Corporations-The Little Miami Railroad-Description of Line and Its Operation-Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad-Eaton & Richmond Railroad-The Louisville & Nashville Line-Building of Narrow-gauge Lines-Development of Interurban Railroad Systems-First Lines in Vicinity of Dayton-The Cincinnati & Hamilton Interurban-The Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth-Interurban Railway & Terminal Company-The Cincinnati & Columbus-General View of Interurban Transportation in Miami Valley-Influence of the Automobile-The Good Roads Movement Avoid Unude Optimism… 156-168


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Edited by Judge John C. Hover


            Aspect of the County 100 Years Ago-White Men and Indians Dispute Dominion-The "Wabash Expedition" of General Clarke-Punitive Expedition against Shawanoes Stronghold-Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton Lead Troops-Result of Conflicts-Campaign Led by Colonel Benjamin Logan-Final Act of the Tragic Drama of the Indian-Battle of Fallen Timbers-Indians Loyal to Terms of Treaty of Greenville… 169-172


The Dawn of Peace


            Indians Return to Old Haunts-White Settlement Slow-Indian Towns 4 Re-established-White Captives Reared by Indians-Record of Various Captives-Interesting Story of Isaac Zane's Life in Captivity-James McPherson Resident of Logan County in 1800-Record of the Family Robert Robitaille's Trading Post-Simon Kenton Comes Back-Margaret Moore, White Wife of Blue Jacket-Their Son Joseph and Daughter Nancy-A Semi-tragic Romance… 172-177


The Day of the Settler


            Logan County Had Magnificent Natural Resources-An Inviting Place for Settlement-Joe Sharp and His Family Arrive, as the First Overland Immigrants, on Christmas Day of 1801-Discovery of Bee Trees First Corn Planted-First Orchard in Logan County-Record of the Sharp Family-Daniel Antrim First White Boy Born in the County-Settlement Advances-True Pioneer Spirit-Zane's Town-Record Concerning Zane Family-Sharp's Mill-William McColloch's Mill-McColloch Killed in War of 1812-First Free School in Logan County-Samuel McColloch and His Benignant Influence-Interesting Data Incidental to Election of 1806 in Logan County-Romance of Career of Jonathan Chapman, "Johnny Appleseed"-Chapman a Quaint Character-Bronze Memorial Tablet… 177-184


Logan County Formed


            New County Separated from Champaign-Temporary Seat of JusticeFixing of Boundaries-County Named in Honor of General Benjamin Logan-Popular Error as to Origin of Name of County… 184-185


COUNTY SEAT-Various Offers of Sites-A Site Selected-Bellefontaine Made Name of County Seat-Origin of the Name-The Town Laid Out-Sale of Lots-Earliest Settlers-First Tavern-First Brick Building-Other Buildings of Early Days… 185-187


PUBLIC BUILDINGS-Temporary Courthouse-Church Services Held in This Building-First Jail-Erection of Permanent Courthouse-Courthouse Used for Varied Purposes-Old Courthouse Becomes Tavern-Other Taverns Opened… 187-189




Hotels-General Growth of Bellefontaine


            Social Life Centers in Old Taverns-Walter Slicer's Old Hotel-The "Union House"-Captain John B. Miller a True Patriot-Building of the Hotel Logan-Its History-The Hotel Ingalls-Business and Home Building Advances-Early Mercantile Establishments at Bellefontaine-First Railroad Train Arrives in Bellefontaine-Great Fire of 1856-Continued Growth-Additions to the City-Initiation of System of Fire Protection-The City Building-Present Municipal Officers-Melodeon Hall-Bellefontaine a "Good Show Town"-Wave of Improvement Begins in 1875-The Opera Block-A Record of Modern Buildings-The Carnegie Library-The New Postoffice Building-Street- Improvements -Fine Municipal Improvements and Public Utilities of Present Day Beautiful Cemetery Developed-Brown Park-Rutan Park-Bright Auguries for the Future… 189-199


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The Logan County Bar


            First Court Held-No Resident Lawyer-Pioneer Lawyers Traveled the Circuits-Burdens and Problems Rest on the New County-Prominent Ohio Lawyers Who Appeared in Logan County Courts in Early Days-William Bayles First Resident Lawyer-Anthony Casad Came in 1826-Hiram McCartney-Samuel Walker-Henry M. Shelby-Isaac Smith and George H. Nieman-Richard S. Canby-Benjamin Stanton-C. W. B. Allison-Joseph H. Lawrence-John M. Lawrence-James Kernan, Sr.-James Kernan, Jr.-James Walker-James B. McLaughlin-J. Duncan McLaughlin-N. G. Johnston-Thomas H. Wright-Sidney B. Foster-Henry C. Dickinson-William W. Beatty-R. N. Jordan-George W. Emerson-Captain Harold B. Emerson-James W. Steen-Milton Steen-John Reese-James A. Oder-John O. Sweet-William-A. West-Samuel H. West-John E. West-Johnson E. West-Robert P. Kennedy-Emanuel J. Howenstine-John R. Cassidy-William B. Ramsey-Joseph C. Briggs-P. N. Stewart-Major Edward K. Campbell-Alexander Jay Miller-William Wallace Riddle-Thomas M. Shea -Jacob J. McGee-Hamilton Brothers-Hugh H. Newell-E. P. Chamberlin-Dow Aikin-John P. Bower-M. R. Brown-Elmer L. Goodwin -Lewis F. Hale-John S. Huston-Forrest G. Long-S. J. Southard-Frank DeFrees-Marion G. Bell-Thomas L. Moore-Ben. S. Johnson -W. Clay Huston-Walter S. Plum-P. M. Keller-Edward Kellison-N. G. Hahn-Ernest Thompson-The Court Reporter, R. Eva Byers-County Officials-County Commissioners-Characteristic Incident in Pioneer Courthouse… 199-210


Courts of Logan County


            Majestic Figures on Bench in Earlier Years-Orvis Parrish First Presiding judge-Associate judges-Probate Court Established-Judge Benjamin Metcalf First Judge of Common Pleas Court Under New Constitution-Hon. William Lawrence, A. M. LL. D.-Judge William N. West-Judge John A. Price-Judge Duncan Dow-Judge John C. Hover… 210-218


The Logan County Press


            The Logan County Gazette-The Hubbard Brothers-The Examiner-The Republican-The Mac-a-chack Press-The Bellefontaine Press-The Index-Republican… 219-223




            First Roads Followed Old Indian Trails-Development of Highways-First Ohio Railroad Traversed Logan County-Locally Known as "Mad River Railroad"-Now a Part of the Big Four System-The C., C. & I. Railroad-The Bellefontaine & Delaware Railroad-The Detroit, Toledo & Indiana Railway-The Toledo & Ohio Central Railway-St Mary's Branch of Toledo & Ohio Central… 223-224


Logan County in the World War


            Various Patriotic Activities-Best Logan County Talent Enlisted in Ranks of "War Workers"-Liberty Loan Campaigns and Their Logan Executives… 224-225


THE LOANS-The First Liberty Loan and Its Support in Logan County-Second and Third Loans-The Fourth Liberty Loan-The Women's Committee-Bellefontaine's Record-Splendid Aid of the Women-The Logan County Draft Board-Registrations-War Savings Stamp Campaign-War Chest Drive… 225-228


LOGAN COUNTY CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS -Remarkable Inception of Logan County Chapter-Clara Barton's Tribute to judge William Lawrence-Work of Miss Elizabeth Haviland -Initial Meeting of Chapter-Organization Perfected-Splendid Record of Practical Achievement-Those Prominent in Work of the Logan County Chapter… 228-233


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The Medical Profession


            Honor Due to Pioneer Physicians-The Conditions Which They Faced -Logan County's Bright Page of Professional History-Mrs. Phoebe Sharp-Dr. John Elbert-Dr. Benjamin Stanton Brown-Dr. James Crew- Dr. Abiel Hovey Lord-Dr. Joseph Canby-Dr. Canby's Professional Contemporaries-Dr. S. W. Fuller-Dr. Thomas L. WrightDr. David Watson-Dr. W. D. Scarf-Dr. Edwin Pratt-Dr. J. M. Wilson-Drs. Perry D. Covington and William H. Cretcher-Dr. Rutter-Dr. James Paulding Wallace-Dr. John Saxton Deemy-Dr. Robert G. Reed-Present Members of Logan County Medical Association-Dentists Now in Practice-Dr. J. W. Arbergast-Hospitals in Bellefontaine-The Mary Rutan Hospital… 233-239


The Churches of Bellefontaine


            Pioneer Religious Activities and Their Influence-Solidarity and Harmony of Present-day Church Work-The Methodist Episcopal Church -The First Presbyterian Church-The English Lutheran Church-St. Patrick's Catholic Church-The Baptist Church-The First Christian Church-.Associate Reformed Church-The Episcopal Church-The Reformed Presbyterian Church-The Church of the Brethren… 239-245


Fraternal, Patriotic, Civic and Philanthropic Organizations

            Secret and Other Fraternal Orders-Women's Christian Temperance Union-Logan County Soldiers in the Civil War-Grand Army Post Women's Relief Corps-Sons of Veterans-Order of the King's Daughters and Sons-Daughters of the American Revolution-City Federation of Women's Clubs-Woman's Franchise League-Railroad Young Men's Christian Association-Knights of Columbus… 245-250



            Early Industrial and Mercantile Enterprises at Bellefontaine-Present day Industries of the City-Industries of the County at Large-Financial Institutions of Bellefontaine-Building and Loan Companies- Bellefontaine Chamber of Commerce… 250-259



            The Pioneer Log Schoolhouse-The Story of the Rural Schools-Village and Centralized Schools-General Review of Educational Work in the County… 259-268




BELLE CENTER-The Town Has Lively History All Its Own-Record of Growth and Advancement-Business Enterprises-Physicians of Belle Center-Newspapers… 268-273


HUNTSVILLE-Eligible Location of the Town-Early History-Present Status-Other Villages and Hamlets-Lakeview and Other Resorts-History of the Lake Townships-Pioneer Grist Mills-Church Records of the Cherokee District-Development of Huntsville-Further Record Concerning Huntsville… 273-280


LEWISTOWN-Central Point of Historic Interest in Upper Miami Region-Outline of Early History of This Section-Village of Lewistown Platted in 1835-First Store-First Schoolhouse-Early Mills-Pioneers and Their Descendants-Church History-Coming of the Railroad-First Doctors-Present Business Enterprises… 280-284


The State Dam and Indian Lake-Harrison and Union Townships-Genesis and Growth of the Children's Home in Logan County-Silver Lake as a Pleasure Resort-Twin Lakes- DeGraf and Logansville-Early History of Southwest Part of Logan County-The Logansville District-Pioneers-The Town of Quincy-Its Present Status… 280-292


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DE GRAFF-Development Begins in 1826-Arrival of William Boggs-Railroad Comes-Town Laid Out-History and Present Conditions of the Village-An Attractive and Modern Little City… 292-295


TOWNS OF THE SCIOTO SLOPE-Original Settlements-Differences in Soil and Water Supply-Becomes Center for Manufacturing of Maple Sugar-Prominent Pioneers-Indians Linger-Early Mills-Village of Middleburg Founded-Rapid Growth of Town-Religious and Business Activities-First Tannery-First Frame House-First Cookstove-Counterfeiters Operate in This Wild Country-Oldest Church-Other Churches Established-Grange Movement Vigorous-The Township Hall at Middleburg-Middleburg of Today-Early Mills -Construction of Roads-Early Industrial and Mercantile Enterprises-Religious Organizations-East Liberty-North Greenfield-East Liberty Today-Pioneer Review Continued-Old Sandusky Road-Rushsylvania and Its History-Inception and Growth of Big Springs-The Town of Harper-Continued Record of Pioneers-West Mansfield Platted-Its History… 295-312


WEST LIBERTY-Town Surveyed and Platted in 1817-Condition in 1820-Record of Development-Civic Progress and Business Growth-Present Conditions-West Liberty an Important Town of the County Today-Review of Civic and Business Activities-Donn and Abram Saunders Piatt-Brilliant Career of Colonel Donn Piatt-Legends of Interest-Pickrelltown and Its History… 312-324


A VALLEY OF MEMORIES-"Back to Scenes of Beauty"-Zanesfield's Romantic History-An Interesting Survey of Its History-Once a Valley of Mills-Zanesfeld in Past and Present… 312-331




Edited by Judge Joseph D. Barnes


Topographical Data-Once a Dense Forest-The Indians-Indians Migrate From Canada-Enmities Inspired by Rival Traders-French and English Contest Claims-Indians Led to Battle-The Langdale


Raid-Trading Post of Peter Loramie-Punitive Expedition of General George Rogers Clarke-Tragic Death of Colonel John HardinWayne's "Legion" Pushes Up the Valley of the Great Miami-Strongholds Established-Fort Recovery-Fort Piqua and Fort Loramie-Fort Loramie's Stategic Importance-Early Settlement Retarded by --Indian Hazards-James Thatcher the First Settler-Other Settlers Come-Permanent Peace Promotes Rapid Immigration-Shelby County Created in 1919-Origin of Name-Organization of the County-Hardin Designated First Seat of Justice-First Court Convenes-Officials Chosen -Sidney Made the County Seat-Platting and Settlement of the Town -The Public Square-Sale of Lots-Temporary Courthouse-Survey of Public Highways Instituted-First Courthouse and Jail-New Courthouse Completed in 1833-Third and Fourth County Jails-The Present Courthouse… 332-347


Bench and Bar in Shelby County


            Admirable Pioneer Lawyers-Personnel of the First Court-First Case on Criminal Docket Judge Samuel Marshall First Resident Lawyerudge Patrick Gaines Goode Judge Jacob S. Conklin Judge Hugh Thompson J. S. Updegraff-Edmund Smith-Silas B. Walker-Adolph J. Rebstock-General James Murray John H. Mathers-Hugh Thompson Mathers-John E. Cummins-Nathan R. Burress-Colonel Harrison Wilson John E. McCullough-George A. Marshall-John Milton Staley John G. Stephenson judge W. D. Davies-J. Wilson, Conklin (page xii) -S. J. Hatfield-Emery L. Hoskins-S. L. Wicoff-Judge Harvey H. Needles-David Oldham-Harry and John Oldham-James E. Way-Andrew J. Hess-Charles R. Hess-Hon. J. E. Russell-Joseph C. Royon-Hugh Doorley-Frank J. Doorley-John Quinlin-Robert E. and Charles C. Marshall-Logan W. Marshall-Charles C. Hall-D. F. Mills-Harry K. Forsythe-Hugh Bingham-Samuel J. Hetzler-Emerson V. Moore-Percy R. Taylor-Judge Joseph D. Barnes-Summary of Legal History of the County… 348-361


The Medical Profession


            Dr. Pratt Sidney First Recorded Physician-Dr. William Fielding and His Benignant Influence-Dr. Park Beeman-Dr. John C. LeedomDr. H. S. Conklin-Dr. Wilson V. Cowan-Dr. Albert Wilson-Dr. Stephen C. Hussey-Dr. John L. Miller-Dr. D. R. Silver-Dr. Henry E. Beebe-Dr. Hugh McDowell Beebe-Dr. Frank D. Anderson-Dr. W. D. Frederick-Dr. S. G. Goode-Dr. B. M. Sharp-Dr. Cyrus E. Johnston-Dr. A. W. Reddish-Dr. A. W. Hobby-Dr. J. C Ferree-Dr. August Gudenkauf-Dr. J. W. Costolo-Dr. Flint Hubbell-Dr. John Franklin Connor-Drs. O. O. and Vernon LeMaster-Dr. W. Judd Conklin-Dr. H. A. Tobey-Dr. Lester C. Pepper-Dr. A. W. GrosvenorDr. Millard F. Hussey-Dr. J. W. Miliholland-Dr. J. D. GeyerDr. Kidder and Dr. Werth-Dr. Arthur Silver-Osteopathic Practi

tioners-The Representatives of the Dental Profession-Resume Incidental to Death of Dr. William Gaines-Other Physicians Practicing in the County… 361-369




            Pioneer Beginnings-Schools Here from Earliest Days-Early Private Schools at Sidney-First Free Schools at Sidney-The Sidney Male and Female Academy-Other Early Sidney Schools and Teachers Schools at Dingmansburg and East Sidney-Union School System Established in 1857-Catholic Parochial School Opened-Separate School for Colored Children Established in 1878-Early Bequests for Support of Educational Work-First Union School Building at Sidney-Old Building Still in Use-Review of History of Sidney Public Schools-First High School Class Graduated-Succeeding Classes-Development of Ward Schools at Sidney-New High School Building-The Athletic Field-The Sidney Schools Today-List of Presidents of Sidney Board of Education-The County System of Schools-High Schools in the County-Present School Census… 369-381


The Press


            Thomas Smith First Editor at Sidney-The Sidney Journal-The Ohio Argus and Sidney Aurora-Review of an Early Copy of the Aurora The Sidney Banner-The Sidney Journal-William Binkley and His Work-The Sidney Gazette-The Republican Publishing Company-Daily Papers-Sidney Journal Continues-First Democratic Paper at Sidney-The Democratic Yeoman-The Shelby County DemocratPaper Has Somewhat Erratic History-McGonigal & Lewis Assume Control-Sidney Daily News-Those Who Have Been Prominent in Sidney Journalism-Mrs. Horace Holbrook-The Sidney Printing & Publishing Company-The Valley Sentinel-The Anzeiger-The Jackson Center News-Record of Other Newspaper Ventures… 381-387


Public Buildings and Institutions


THE POSTOFFICE AT SIDNEY-First Postoffice in Temporary Courthouse-Subsequent Locations of the Postoffce-The New Federal Building-Present Executive Corps of the Office… 387-388


THE ORPHANS' HOME-A Noble Institution-Ideal Situation-Excellent Buildings-Equipment and General Facilities-Care of the Little Wards of the Home-The Dairy-Sanitary Provisions-The Teachers-The Farm… 388-391


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THE COUNTY FARM AND INFIRMARY-Established in 1866-First Board of Infirmary Directors-Building Erected-The Infirmary Today-Equipment and Service… 391


CEMETERIES-The Charles Starrett Burial Plots-Catholic Cemetery Established-New Cemetery Opened in 1867-Graceland Cemetery Today-Superintendents… 392-393


THE MONUMENTAL BUILDING-A Memorial to Shelby County

            Heroes of the Civil War-Inception and Progress of Movement to Erect the Building-Structure Unique in Architecture and Uses-General Description of Building-Its History… 393-395


THE PUBLIC LIBRARY AT SIDNEY-First Public Library Organized in 1869-Fund for Purchase of Books-First Location-The Lyceum-Transferred to Trustees of Monumental Building-Books in Storage About Seven Years-Present Condition of the Library-Its Control and Its Service-The Intellectual Center of the Town… 395-396


HOSPITALS IN SIDNEY-Little Emergency Hospital-The Originators-The Blue Bird Club and Its Work for the Institution-Present Equipment and Service-Prospect of New Hospital… 396-397


The Shelby County Agricultural Association


            Organized in 1839-First County Fair in 1840-The Fair of 1841-Hiatus of Ten Years-Reorganization and Resumption-Fairs for Five Consecutive Years-Association and Annual Fairs Become Fixed Institutions-Officers of Original Society-Reorganization in 1860-Shelby County Agricultural Institute and Its First Officers-The Fair Grounds, Buildings and General Equipment of Present Day-Shelby County Fair One of Most Successful in the State… 397-398


Banks and Banking in Shelby County


            Traditions Misty on Subject of First Bank-John W. Carey Establishes Bank at Sidney-The Carey Bank Building Still Standing-Bank of Hugh McElroy-First National Bank of Sidney-Brief History of the Institution-The German-American Bank-The Citizens' Bank-First National Exchange Bank-Its New Building-The Citizens' National Bank-Shelby County Building and Loan Association

            People's Savings and Loan Association-Its New Building -Description of This Beautiful Structure-Z. T. Lewis Establishes Bank at Anna-   Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Jackson Center-First National Bank of Jackson Center-Shelby County Bank at Botkins-The Loramie Banking Company-The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank at Anna-Financial Career of a Shelby County Boy, Milton E. Ailes… 398-407


The Smaller Towns


            Villages that Failed to Materialize-Rural Hamlets-Changing Conditions-Village of Pemberton-Maplewood-Jackson Center-Montra-Port Jefferson-The Turtle Creek Valley-The Village of Hardin-An Indian Graveyard-History of Hardin-Mount Jefferson, North and South Houston-Bunker Hill Church-Green Lake-Dawson Station-Russia the Center of a French Settlement-Rural Churches-New      port-Historic Spot Near Fort Loramie-The Fort Loramie Country-The Present Village of Fort Loramie-Kettlerville-Rumley-Botkins-Anna-Swanders-Towns that Failed to Develop-Lockington-Kirkwood-First Settlers in Southeastern Part of County-Plattsville and New Palestine-Ballow-Pasco-Largest Single Boulder in Ohio-Genesis and Growth of Sidney-Interesting Historical Review-Present Status of the County Seat-Beautiful Homes-Fraternal Organizations at Sidney-Sidney's Political Life… 407-435


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War Activities in Shelby County


            Report of Shelby County Draft Board-Members of the Board-Public Demonstration of Farewell to Shelby County Soldiers-The County Gold Star Roster Has Thirty-three Names-Names and Brief Records of These Heroes-Personnel of Shelby County Memorial Association-Shelby County Campaigns in the Various War Drives-Grand Rally Day at Sidney-A Remarkable Demonstration-Address by Governor Cox-Description of the Occasion… 435-444


THE FIVE WAR LOANS-Liberty Loan Committee- Campaign for First Liberty Loan-The Council of Defense-Nothing Neglected… 444-445


WOMAN'S WORK-Resume of Splendid War Activities of the Women of Sidney and the County in General-The Various Organizations of the Women of the County-City Federation of Women's Clubs-The Constituent Membership-Red Cross Work of the Federation-Business Girls’ Assoiation of Sidney… 445-453




MILLS AND WAREHOUSES-Early-day Sawmills-Some Pioneer Grist Mills Figure Also as Distilleries-The Maxwell Mills-Whiskey and Gin Output in County-Another Old Mill-Early Power Provisions-Ruins of Two Old Mills Near Sidney-Early Mills and Warehouses at Sidney-"Old Stone Bridge" Warehouse-Farmers' Grain & Milling Company-Early and Later Mill Operators-The Sidney Steam Elevator-An Early Distillery at Sidney-The Maxwell Mill-pond-The Sidney Grain Company-Present Mills and Warehouses-Pioneer Weaving Factory at Dingmansburg-Pioneer Pottery-An Early Flax Mill-Present Day Industrial Enterprises… 453-458


TANNING-Pioneer Conditions Demand Tanneries-Early Tanneries at Sidney-Tanneries on Farms-The Present Sidney Tanning Company-Early Day Tannery Processes-Present Tannery One of Sidney's Leading Industrial Institutions… 458-462


WOODWORKING-Pioneer Woodworking Establishments at Sidney -Shop of Caleb Nutt-John Sharp's Gunsmithy-Rupert Wagon Shop-Sharrit Pump Works-Rench Wagon Works-Piper Wagon Works-Miller Carriage Company-Bimel Carriage Factory-Crozier Carriage Manufactory-Spoke and Wheel Works-The Benjamin Handle Factory-The Sidney Planing Mill-William Klipstine Lumber Company -Anderson-Frazier Wheel Works-American Wheel Company-The Sidney Manufacturing Company-Tucker Bending Works-Mull Wood Work Company-Buckeye Churn Company-Commercial Pole and Shaft Company-Pioneer Pole and Shaft Company-Underwood Whip Company-Shop of James Van Gorder… 462-458


STEEL AND IRON-Pioneer Blacksmiths-Daniel Toy-Early Plow Works-Pioneer Stove Foundries-Philip Smith Foundry and Machine Works-Sidney Agricultural Implement Company-Sidney Elevator Manufacturing Company… 468-472


HOLLOW WARE-The Wagner Manufacturing Company-Sidney Machine Tool Company-Monarch Manufacturing Company-Peerless Bread Machine Company-Sidney Power Press Company-Eclipse Folding Machine Company-The Mentges Newspaper and Job Folding Machines… 472-477


 THE STEEL SCRAPER-Shelby County Produces First Steel Road Scraper-Benjamin Slusser the Inventor-The Slusser-McLean Company-American Steel Scraper Works-Sidney Steel Scraper Company -War Manufacturing in Shelby County… 477-481


CONFECTIONERS-The C. F. Hickok Factory-The Cherry Cheer Company-The Venus Chocolate Company-Sidney Candy Company… 481-484


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THE CIGAR INDUSTRY-Sidney's First Cigar Factory-The Diesel Wemmer Company-The Knauer Cigar Company… 484


BREWING-Brewery Traditions-The Wagner Brewery-Present Wagner Beverage Company-End of Saloon Era… 484-485


MISCELLANEOUS-The Yenney Pork House-Broom Manufacturing-The "Mary L." Poultry Plant-The Sidney Knitting Mills Company-Lime Manufacturing-Sidney Cement Stone Company… 485-486


WAGNER PARK CONSERVATORIES-A Beautiful Private Park-Tribute to B. P. Wagner-Wagner Park Conservatories and Their Influence… 486-488


The Churches of Sidney


            Pioneer Religious Activities-Presbyterian Church Organized-History of This Church-Record of Methodist Episcopal Church at Sidney-St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church-Catholic Church Services Initiated Church of the Holy Angels-Dunkard Church-The Baptist Church-The Christian Connection, or "New Lights"-The Church of Christ-The United Brethren-The Christian Science Society-Mount Vernon Baptist Church-St. Paul's Evangelical Church-Early Services of the Episcopal Church-St. Mark's Parish… 489-494




Edited by Judge Walter D. Jones


            Its History as an Integral Part of the Miami Valley-Indian Occupancy -The Algonquin Tribe-Name Miamis Applied by the French-Divided Allegiance to French and English-Miamis Harassed by the English-Their Removal from the Miami Valley-The Shawanoes-Early Attempts at White Settlement-French and English Dispute Supremacy-Report of Christopher Grist-French Control of Trade in 1749-Rival French and English Claims-Indian Treaty of 1753-Expedition of General George Clarke in 1780-Disastrous Defeat of the Shawanoes-They Move to the Great Miami-Shawanoes Make Raids in Kentucky-Reprisals by General Clark and his "Long Knives"-Clarke's Forces Advance Into the Interior and up the Great Miami-Preparations for Pow-wow-White Woman Recaptured from the Indians-Piqua Towns Deserted by the Indians-Skirmish with the Indians-Death of Captain McCracken-Abraham Thomas and Captain Barbee Settle in Miami County-Indians Thoroughly Subdued-General Clarke Idealized by the Pioneers-Last Great Campaign Against the Indians-Expedition of General Anthony Wayne-Battle of Fallen Timbers-The Treaty of Greenville-Effected in 1795-Monument Commemorating the Event-Bravery of Me-sa-sa, the Indian Chief-Indians Lose Title to Lands-The John Cleves Symmes' Purchase Marks Beginning of Real Settlement-Vanguard of Great Army of Pioneers Begins to Pour In-General Dayton and Others Settle in Vicinity of Dayton-Samuel Morrison and David H. Morris Among First Settlers in Miami County-Permanent Settlement Founded-Town Named Livingston-Other Early Settlers Pioneer Activities-Grist Mills and Saw Mills Established-Pioneer Trading by Exchange System-Names of Settlers in Miami County up to and including 1807… 495-500


County Seat


            Seat of Justice Established at Staunton-First Session of Court in 1807-First judges-Proceedings of the Court-Record of Subsequent Court Sessions-Seat of Justice Defined-Court Session at Troy-New Courthouse Started in 1815… 500-503


(page xvi)


Courthouse War


            Troy and Piqua Vie in Claims for Location of County Seat-Intermittent Warfare Over County Seat Lasted More Than Seventy-five Years-Old-time Feud Again Awakened When Present Courthouse Was Proposed-Rival Claims Presented Before Ohio Legislature-Legislative Enactment in Favor of Troy-Cordial Relations Established After Settlement of Courthouse Question… 503


Early Transportation in Miami County


            Pioneer Ferry at Troy-Tolls Charged… 503


FIRST RIVER TRANSPORTATION-Three River Boats Put in Service in 1819-Captains of the New Fleet-Sinking of One of the Boats-The Maiden Voyage-Death of Mrs. Fielding Loury-The Navigation Venture a Financial Failure… 503-504


THE MIAMI CANAL-Tremendous Service of This Waterway-Contributed to Development and Progress-Present Revival of Waterway Transportation-Looking to Development of Canals in 1818-Legislative Action-Commissioners Appointed-Favorable Report of the Commission-Act of Legislature Authorizes Procuring of Funds for Construction of Canal Connecting the Ohio River and the Great Lakes-Permanent Board of Canal Commissioners -Organized-Work of Construction Initiated July 4, 1826-First Boats from Cincinnati to Dayton in 1829-Efforts of Colonel John Johnston to Extend Canal North-His Influence in Promoting the Extension as a Benefit to Miami County-Route Selected-Public Sale of Canal Lands at Piqua Land Office-Local Contractors Who Aided in Construction of the Canal Extension-July 4, 1837, Marked by Great Celebration at Piqua Occasion Is Opening of Miami Canal to Traffic-The Canal Served People of Miami County for Many Years-Construction Justified… 504-505


County Schools


            First School Organized in 1813, at Troy-Early Teachers-"The Academy" and Its Work-Remarkable Educational Development Splendid Institutions of Present Day… 505-506


            County Proud of Its System of Supervision of Schools-Districts-Teachers-Rural Schools-Improved Methods… 506


NORMAL TRAINING-County Normal School Established in 1914 Its Successful Work-Excellent System of Control-Institution an Important Adjunct of Educational Work of County… 506-507


HIGH SCHOOL-High Standard Maintained-Liberal Courses-Agriculture and Domestic Science… 507


CENTRALIZATION-Three Centralized Schools in Operation-Each Has First-Grade High School-Four More Townships Have Voted to Centralize-The System Is Proving More Successful-County Has One of the Largest and Best Rural Schools in Ohio-Description of This School and Its Work… 507-509


Early Banking


            Old State Banks Outgrow Their Usefulness-Wildcat Banking-Early Bank Failures-Piqua National Bank Established in 1847-First National Bank of Troy Established in 1863-Miami County Bank Succeeded by the Troy National Bank… 509


            Miami County Journalism-Lack of News Vehicles Prior to 1820-William R. Barrington Establishes First Newspaper in Miami County… 509-510


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            Wonderful Development in Science and Practice of Medicine and Surgery-Pioneer Physicians at Piqua-Pioneer Practitioners at Troy-Miami County Medical Society and Its Members-Service of Miami County Physicians in Connection with the World War… 510-511


Miami County Dental Association


            Included in Western Ohio Dental Association and Ohio Dental Association-Western Division Includes Miami, Darke and Shelby Counties-Piqua Designated as Place of Meetings-Present Officers… 511


Miami County Bar Association


            Original Organization Falls Into Decadence-Organization of Present Association-Incidents of Association's Meeting and Banquet at Piqua… 511-512




            BROWN TOWNSHIP-Early Settlers-Blockhouse Erected for Protection Against Indians-Settlers After the War of 1812-First Blacksmith Shop and First Saw Mill-Methodists Early Held Meetings-Itinerant Baptist Clergymen Appear-First Schoolhouse and the Teachers in the Same… 512-513


SPRING CREEK TOWNSHIP-John Hilliard Makes First Land Entry-French Trading Store Previously Established-Other Early Land Entries-First White Couple Married in the Township-Their Son the First White Child Born in the Township-James McKinney Erects Grist Mill in 1808-Samuel Wiley Builds Dam and Saw Mill in 1815- First Schoolhouse and First Blacksmith Shop… 513


UNION TOWNSHIP-Names of Those Who Early Made Land Entries in the Township-Pioneer Representatives of the Society of Friends-Manufacturing Industries of the Pioneer Days-"Friends"- Meeting House-First School… 513-514



NEWTON TOWNSHIP-Michael Williams and His Family Arrive in 1801-Other Early Settlers-First School-First Church Erected Open-air Meetings of the "Friends"… 514


CONCORD TOWNSHIP-Names of Settlers of First Decade of Nineteenth Century-Early Religious Services-Baptists Organize a Church-Abraham Thomas Opens Blacksmith Shop-Other Pioneer Settlers… 514


STAUNTON TOWNSHIP-French Traders Here Before Actual White Settlement-Peter Felix and His Indian Trading Store-First Land Entries-Early Day Industrial Enterprises-Early Preachers-Baptist Church Organized-Names of First White Children Born in the Township-First Teacher, First Cooper and First Blacksmiths… 514-515


LOST CREEK TOWNSHIP-Early Land Entries and SettlersTownship Organized in 1818-Pioneers and Their Varied Activities Baptist Church Established-Scourge of Cholera in 1832… 515


ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP-First Settlement About 1802-First Land Entry-Names of Early Settlers-Township Gives Soldiers for War of 1812-Early Grist Mills and Saw Mills-The First Distillery-Pioneer Religious Activities-First Schoolhouse and First Schoolmaster…516


BETHEL TOWNSHIP-Robert Crawford Makes Land Entry in 1802-Other, Early Entries and Pioneer Settlers-Early Mills and Other Business Enterprises-Early Churches and Schools… 516-517


MONROE TOWNSHIP-Land Entries in 1804-Other Early Settlers… 517


(page xviii)


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP-Very Early Settlement Around Old Indian Town Known as Upper Piqua-Indians Were Numerous in This Locality-Settlers of 1798-99-Early Land Entries… 517-518


NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP-First Land Entry, in 1801-Other Early Entries-Pioneer Industries-Effect of War of 1812-Early Schools and Teachers-Pioneer Religious Activities… 518


Agriculture in Miami County


            Present Industrial Status-Gratifying Production by Miami Farmers During Period of World War-Comparison with Early Days-Difficulties Encountered by Pioneer Farmers-Early Farm Production- Wild Game-Fruit Raising… 518-520


THE MIAMI COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY-Record of the Organization of This Valuable Body-Constitution-First Officers-            Where Early County Fairs Were Held-Permanent Grounds Established in 1856-The Property Is Improved-Fairs Held Here for Fifteen Years-New Fair Grounds Established in 1871-Modern Improvement of the Property-The Annual County Fairs and Their Influence-Present Officers of the Society-The Miami County Horticultural Society and Its Work-Tobacco Growing-Stock Breeding Industry in the County… 520-523


FARMERS' INSTITUTE-Four Institutes of the County Well Attended-Their Great Benefit-Independent Institutes… 523


THE COUNTY EXPERIMENTAL FARM-Location and Area of the Farm-A Source of Valuable Information-Grain Testing and Other Service… 523-524


Miami County's Military Record


THE WAR OF 1812-County Plays Part in Disrupting Influence of the British with the Indians-Fourth United States Infantry and Kentucky Volunteers Reach Troy-The Battle of Tippecanoe and Its Effect-Volunteers Assemble at Piqua-Expedition for Relief of Fort Wayne -Blockhouses Established-Two Companies of Miami County Riflemen at Greenville-Colonel John Johnston Secures Friendship of the Indians -Review of War Activities Pertinent to Miami County-Names of Miami County Men in Active Service… 524-526


THE MEXICAN WAR-Fragment of a Company from Miami County-Merged with a Company Organized at Dayton… 526


THE CIVIL WAR-The County Makes Loyal Response-The Covington Blues-County's Enrollment Under First Call-Military Aid Society Formed-Commands in Which Miami Men Were in Service-Career of Augustus H. Coleman-Review of Regiments That Brought Special Honor to Miami County… 526-529


THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR-Miami County Furnishes Two Regularly Organized Companies-Officers of These Companies-Record of Service… 529-530


THE WORLD WAR-Individual Identity of States Eliminated in Forming the National Army-Local Identity of Miami County Preserved in Two Regularly Organized Companies-The County Supplies

Approximately 1,100 Men-Resume of Service of Company C, of Piqua, and Company A, of Covington-The Thirty-seventh Division and Its Record Overseas-Splendid Service of Miami County Men-First Sergeant Luther Langston-Major W. L. Marlin-Heroism of Clifford Thompson-Sergeant Paul Schnell-Citations for Bravery or Service-Miami County Well Represented on Land and Sea-A Record of Noble and Patriotic Service… 530-534


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GOVERNMENT WAR LOANS-Wonderful Achievement of Miami County-Great Exhibition of Patriotism-Compact Organization Formed for Futherance of Loan Campaigns-Executive Force for First and Second Loans-The Results Attained-Campaign for Third Liberty Loan-Executive Corps for ,the Fourth and Fifth Loans-Summary of Results-Subscriptions Secured in Record-Breaking Time… 534-536


SAVINGS STAMPS-Organization in the County Promptly Perfected-Outline of Gallant Campaign-Leaders in the Work… 536-537


THE WAR CHEST-Miami County War Chest Association Formed County Divided Into Districts-Directors of Work in the Different Districts-The Campaign Committee-Result of the Drive-Appropriations from the War Chest-Executive Organization of Miami County War Chest… 537-539


WOMAN'S COMMITTEE, COUNCIL OF NATIONAL DEFENSE -Efficacious Work of the Miami County Division-Organization and Officers-Executive Division-Subdivision of Work-Names of Prominent Workers-Model Kitchen Established at Piqua-Women's Auxiliary to Camp Sherman-Food Conservation-The Nursing Division-A Record of Exalted Service on the Part of the Women of the Country… 539-541


THE AMERICAN LEGION-Purpose of the Organization-Miami County Has Three Posts-Clifford Thompson Post, No. 43, of Troy; Paul S. Schnell Post, No. 184, of Piqua; A. B. Cole Post, No. 80,

of Covington… 541-542


RED CROSS, TROY DIVISION-Red Cross Branches in the County Reorganized-The Miami County Chapter-The Piqua Division-The Troy Division-Work Initiated at Troy-Officers of the Troy Division-Campaign for Membership-The Admirable Enrollment-Officers Elected in 1918-General Review of Work of Troy Division-The Junior Red Cross and Its Service-Red Cross Service During Influenza Epidemic-Service for Returned Soldiers… 542-543




            Troy Selected as County Seat After Protracted Struggle-Selection of Site of the Seat of Justice-First House at Troy-First Courthouse a Log Structure-Pioneer Business Enterprises of the Town-Pioneer Physicians-A School Established in 1813-First Churches-The Miami Canal and Its Influence Upon Troy-Business Transactions Recorded in 1847-Laying of Cornerstone of Present Courthouse-Brief Description of the Courthouse… 543-545


TROY CITY GOVERNMENT-Chief Elective Officials-The City Council-Other Municipal Officers-The Board of Public Safety-The Civil Service Commission-Other Municipal Organizations-Present Population… 545


CITY HALL-Building Erected in 1876-Brief Description of Building and Its Uses… 546


PUBLIC LIBRARY-Troy Public Library Opened in 1896-Present Quarters-Donation of New Books and Subscription for Purchase of Books-The Librarians-Number of Volumes in the Library… 546


LODGES-Troy. Masonic Building Finest in the City The Strong Masonic Organization at Troy-Other Fraternal and Benevolent Organizations…546


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TROY INDUSTRIES-Troy Was Long a Center for the Manufacturing Horse-Drawn Vehicles-Decline of This Industry Induces Other Lines of Manufacturing-Troy Manufactories and Their War Production-The Troy Wagon Works-The Skinner Irrigation Company-The Troy Body Company-The Miami Specialty Works-The H. D. Cress Company-Troy Pattern Works-The Hobart Brothers Company-The Gummed Products Company-The Hobart Manufacturing Company-The Miami Trailer Company-The McKinnon Dash Company-The Star Foundry-Ohio Specialty Manufacturing Company-The Lorimer Manufacturing Company…546-551


THE FLOOD AT TROY-Havoc and Devastation Attend Great Flood of 1913-General Description of Advance of the Flood-Bells of the City Sound General Alarm-Rescue Work-Streets Surge with Mad Rush of Waters-A Gigantic Lake Formed-Gradual Subsidence of the Water-Herioc Rescue Work-A Night of Terror-"Troy Will Take Care of Its Own"-Relief Committee Organized-Work of the Committee-Survey of Amount of Damage Done-The Known Dead on April 3, 1913-Heavy Losses Sustained-Work of Rehabilitation… 551-552


NEWSPAPERS-Miami Reporter Appears in 1827-The Miami Weekly Post-Troy Times Founded in 1829-Troy Sentinel First Democratic Paper in the Town-The Imperial and The Bulletin-The Troy Democrat-The Buckeye-The Troy Chronicle and Daily Trojan-The Troy Record-The Troy Daily Times-The Troy Daily News… 552-553


THE ALTRURIAN CLUB OF TROY-Leading Woman's Organization of the City-Its Organization, Officers and Work… 533-554


FORTNIGHTLY CLUB OF TROY-Organization and Membership-Prominent in Belgium Relief Work-Present Officers… 554


THE SOROSIS CLUB-Organization and Motto of the Club-Useful to Its Members and the Community-Present Officers… 554


THE VARSITY CLUB-A Dominating Social Institution-Modern Headquarters-Officers… 554


TROY ROTARY CLUB-An Organization of Great Value in the Community-Weekly Luncheons and Discussions-Monthly Meetings-Present Executive Officers-Directors-Committees… 554


THE TROY CLUB-Outgrowth of Old Troy Bicycle Club-Consolidates with Outing Club-island Resort of the Outing Club-Present Fine Home of the Troy Club-Officers and Directors… 555


TROY RAILROAD SERVICE-First Railroad in 1850-Steady Advance in Transportation Facilities-Baltimore & Ohio Railroad-Dayton & Troy Traction Line-Troy & Piqua Traction Line-Freight Service of Traction Lines…555


BANKS-Miami County Bank Established in 1871-Reorganized as the Troy National Bank-Present Financial Status-Present Officers-First National Bank Organized in 1863-Succeeds Miami County Branch of Ohio State Bank-First Officers-New Building Occupied in 1908-Present Capitalization-The Savings Department-Present Officers… 555-556


THE PEOPLE'S BUILDING & SAVINGS ASSOCIATION-Organized in 1890-Original Officers-Changes in Executive Corps-Present Officers-Present Directors-Resources and Assets… 556


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TROY CHURCHES-Transition from the Log Cabin to the Present Day Splendid Places of Worship-First Church Erected by the Methodists-Present Edifice Dedicated in 1901-St. Patrick's Catholic Church-The First Presbyterian Church-The First Baptist Church-The First Christian Church… 556-558


TROY SCHOOLS-First School Established in 1813-The Academy-Present Superintendent-St. Patrick's Parochial School… 558-559




            Origin of the Name-Job Gard the First White Settler-Gard Builds    Cabin at Upper Piqua in 1806-Erects a Cabin on Site of Present City of Piqua-First Hamlet of Piqua Consisted of Seven Log Cabins-Occupants of These Cabins-Birth of First White Child-First Survey Made-Patent Deed Granted to John Manning-Matthew Caldwell Secures Land-First Wedding-Settlement First Named Washington-Present Name Adopted in 1816-General Harrison's Quarters at Upper Piqua in War of 1812-Early Stockade Houses-Colonel John Johnston Indian Agent Here-Activities of Pioneers After Close of the War-Townships Organized in 1814-Piqua Located in Washington Township-Huntersville Becomes Part of Piqua in 1892-First Mayor of Piqua-Area of the City-Boundaries-Village of Rossville- Colony of Slaves Freed by John Randolph, of Virginia, Settle in RossvillePiqua Most Important City in Miami County-An Attractive and Modern City-Old Homesteads That Are Landmarks-Retail Business District Branching Out-Surrounded by Fertile Farm Lands… 559-561


FOUNTAIN PARK AND THE CHAUTAUQUA-Beautiful Park Made Possible by the Women's Clubs-Genesis of the Movement That Resulted in Purchase of the Park by the City--Women's Clubs Raise Funds to Improve the Park-Attractions and Privileges of the Park-Meeting Place of the Piqua Community Chautauqua… 561-562


FEDERAL BUILDING-A Modern Structure of Fine Architectural Design-Building Completed in 1915- Present Postmaster-First Postoffice Established in 1811-Name of Village Originally Piquatown… 562


THE PIQUA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-Organized in 1916-James L. Black the First President-The Building Occupied by the Organization-Various Departments and Officials-Admirable Work of the Institution-Center of War Work Activities-The Piqua Fuel Administration… 562-564


PUBLIC UTILITIES-Pioneer Pioneer Transportation Facilities-The Chicago, Piqua & Indiana Railroad-Now a Part of the Pennsylvania System-Extensive Improvements Completed in 1914-Handsome New Station-The Dayton & Michigan Railroad-Now a Part of the Baltimore & Ohio System-Traction Lines of Piqua… 564


WATER SUPPLY-Piqua Hydraulic Compare Organized in 1866-Officers and Directors at Time of Incorporation-Hydraulic Canal Completed in 1870-Present System Completed in 1876-Brief Description of Service… 564-565


CENTRAL UNION TELEPHONE COMPANY-Fine New Buildings of the Company-Service of the System-The Piqua Home Telephone Company Consolidated with the Central Union Telephone Company in 1917… 565


ARTIFICIAL GAS-First Gas Company Organized in 1854-Company Supplies Street Lighting Until 1889… 565


NATURAL GAS-Mercer Gas & Fuel Company Secures Franchise at Piqua in 1887-Pipe Line Constructed-The Dayton Natural Gas Company-Miami Valley Gas & Fuel Company-The Ohio Fuel Supply Company… 565


(page xxi)


THE DAYTON POWER & LIGHT COMPANY-Piqua Office and Plant of This Company-System of City Heating Installed-Ohio Electric Light Association Organized at Piqua-The Piqua Edison Illuminating Company-Succeeded by the Piqua Electric Light Company-The Miami Light, Heat & Power Company-The Dayton Power & Light Company… 565-566


THE PIQUA NATIONAL BANK-Genesis and Rise of the Institution -Potent Influence of Joseph G. Young-Brief Review of History of the Institution… 566-567


CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK-Resume of the Inception and Up-building of This Representative Bank… 567


THE PIQUA SAVINGS BANK COMPANY-Record of Organization and Development of the Institution… 567


THE THIRD BUILDING & LOAN COMPANY-Organized in 1884-List of Incorporators-Capital Stock-Handsome New Building Erected by the Company-Present Officers… 567-568


BORDER CITY BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION-The Oldest Building and Loan Association in Miami County-Incorporated in 1871- Splendid Record of This Corporation… 568


THE PIQUA CLUB-A Representative Organization-New Club Erected in 1908-First Officers-Present Officers…568


THE PIQUA GOLF CLUB-Attractive Grounds of the Club-The Golf Course-Plans for Modern Club House-Membership-Present Officers… 568-569


WOMEN'S CLUBS OF PIQUA-All Are Literary Organizations with High Cultural Ideals-Admirable Work of the Clubs in Connection with activities-The Fortnightly Club-Daughters of the American Revolution-The Columbian Club-The History Club-Helen Hunt Circle-The Book Club-The Non-de-Script-Reading Circle-The Story Tellers' League-City Federation of Women's Clubs-The Research Club-Piqua Branch Child Conservative League of America-The Round Table-Community Club of Springcreek Township… 569-572


THE SCHMIDLAPP FREE SCHOOL LIBRARY-Established Through Generosity of Jacob G. Schmidlapp-Brief Review of the History and Service of the Institution…572-573


LODGES AND SOCIETIES-Brief Record of the Various Lodges and Societies of Piqua… 573


THE YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION-Remarkable Record of This Vigorous Organization at Piqua-Review of Special Activities of the Association and Its Leaders-General Organization d Service-The Association Becomes Federated in November, 1919…. 573-574


YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION-In Dividends of Manhood the Association is Best Paying Enterprise in the City of Piqua-Organized in 1870-The Association Building and Its Equipment-General Outline of Splendid Service… 574-576


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS-Piqua Council Instituted in 1906-Officers of the Charter Class-Record of Steady Growth-The Club House-Plans for Auditorium-Present Officers… 576


(page xxiii)


THE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF PIQUA-A Noble and Valuable Institution-Institution Established Through Generosity of Mrs. Edward C. Thayer-A Memorial to Delos C. Ball-The Building and Its Modern Equipment-Memorial Rooms of the Hospital-General Record of Service-Officers and Functions… 576-578


THE FLOOD OF 1913-The Most Terrible Calamity in History of Piqua-Death and Devastation-Marvelous Heroism-Concise Review of the Havoc Wrought by the Flood at Piqua and in the Surrounding Districts-Tragic Incidents-Thrilling Rescues-Days and Nights of Terror-Fear of Breaking of the Lewistown Reservoir-Relief Activities After the Flood-Noble Record of Unselfish Devotion and Service-Flood Leaves a Scene of Desolation-Piqua Retrieves Herself… 578-582


PIQUA CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS-Chapter Organized in June, 1917-Four Branches Added-Officers Chosen-Headquarters Donated-General Review of Admirable Service and Work During the Period of the World War-Work of Various Divisions and Committees… 583-586


CHURCHES-Piqua a "City of Churches"-City Has Eighteen Churches -United Presbyterians Erect First Church Edifice, a Log Cabin in 1816-Growth of This Church Organization-Methodist Episcopal Services Held as Early as 1807-Progress of Methodism at Piqua-The Greene Street Methodist Church-Favorite Hill Mission-A Second Methodist Church Established in 1853-Present Edifice Erected in 1914-The Presbyterian Church-St. James Church, Protestant Episcopal-The Baptist Church-St. Paul's Evangelical Church-St. Mary's Catholic Church-The First Christian Church-The United Brethren-The Church of Christ-St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church-The Wayne       Street Methodist Episcopal Church-The First Reformed Church-Cyrene Methodist Episcopal Church-Park Avenue Baptist Church… 586-588


THE PIQUA PUBLIC SCHOOLS-Schools Maintained at Highest Standard-Record of Early Educational Activities-General Review of History of Splendid Growth and Advancement-The Schools of the City at the Present Time-The Piqua High School-St. Mary's Parochial School-St. Boniface Parochial School… 588-591


PIQUA NEWSPAPERS-Piqua Gazette Issued in 1820-Western Courier and Piqua Enquirer the Second Paper at Piqua-The Piqua Intelligencer-The Piqua Register-The Piqua Journal and the Leader-Journal-The Piqua Daily Dispatch-The Miami Democrat-The Miami Leader-The Piqua Daily Leader-The Weekly Journal and the Piqua Leader-Dispatch-The Miami Helmet The Piqua Daily Call-The Call Publishing Company-The Piqua Publishing Company-The Piqua Daily Press-.-Consolidation of the Piqua Call, the Piqua Leader-Dispatch and the Piqua Press-The Miami Post-The Miami Valley News… 591-592


INDUSTRIES OF PIQUA--Pioneer Grist Mills-Piqua Becomes a Center for Manufacturing of Linseed Oil-The First Paper Mill-Carriage and Buggy Factories-The Piqua School Furniture Company Piqua Rolling Mill and Cincinnati Corrugating Company-Wood Shovel & Tool Company-The Piqua Hosiery Company-The Atlas Underwear Company-The Superior Underwear Company-The Imperial Underwear Company-The Favorite Stove & Range Company-The Piqua Handle & Manufacturing Company-The Orr Felt & Blanket Company-The Pioneer Pole & Shaft Company-The Piqua Malt Company-The S. Zollinger Company-The French Oil Mill Machinery CompanyGeorge W. Hartzell's Walnut Wood Companies-The Meteor Motor Car Company-The Ohio Marble Company-The Cron-Kills Company-The Val Decker Packing Company-C. L. Wood Planing Mill-R. Kugelman & Cennpany-The Cron Company-The Piqua Milling Company-The Magee Bros. Company-The Piqua Paper Box Company


(page xxiv)


The Piqua Ice Company-Wright & Kuntz Lumber Company-Piqua Cap Company-The Champion Cutter Manufacturing Company-The Rundle Medicine Company-The Piqua Amusement Company… 592-612


Villages of the County


BRADFORD-Review of History of Bradford Junction… 612-615








COVINGTON-History-The Dunkards-Church of the Brethren-Presbyterian Church-The Christian Church-The Lutheran Church-Schools-The Stillwater Valley Bank-Railroads-Industries-Newspapers-The Covington Armory-Lodges… 616-623


FLETCHER… 623-624




LAURA… 624


LENA... 625




PLEASANT HILL-Beery Correspondence School for Horsemanship -Bank-The Pleasant Hill News-G. A. R.-Staunton Township and Dutch Station… 625-628


TIPPECANOE CITY-Attractive Village in Monroe Township-Early Settlers and Their Activities-Population-Railroads. Traction Lines and Public Utilities-The Churches of the Village-Fraternal Organizations-Public Schools-Financial Institutions-Newspapers-Miami & Erie Canal and Early Transportation Facilities-Pioneer Mills and Other Industries-Present Industrial Enterprises… 625-633


WEST CHARLESTON-First Hamlet Settled in Bethel Township One of the Oldest Settlements in the County-Originally Named Friendtown-Pioneer Status-Condition at the Present Time… 633


WEST MILTON-Joseph Evans First Settler-The Town Platted by    Evans in 1807-Origin of Present Name-Early Industries-Manufacturing of Lightning Rods-Outgrowth of Quaker Settlement-Railroad Facilities-Overlook Park-Municipal Improvements-First Quaker Church with Steeple and Bell Erected at West Milton-Early Activities of the Society of Friends in the Settlement-Banking Interests-The Citizens' National Bank-The West Milton Loan & Savings Association -The West Milton Home Telephone Company-Stillwater Valley Electric Company-The West Milton Record-Lodges… 633-634


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Map of the Miami River Drainage Area - Frontispiece

Logan County Courthouse - Facing page 169

Views of Bellefontaine - Facing page 198

Common Pleas Judges, Logan County - Facing page 217

Views of Belle Center, Rushsylvania and Quincy - Facing page 272

Views of Zanesfeld, Lakeview and Lewistown - Facing page 280

Judge Joseph D. Barnes - Facing page 332

Views of Sidney - Facing page 336

Judge Walter D. Jones - Facing page 495

Views of Troy - Facing page  543

Views of Piqua - Facing page 559


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