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Memoirs of the Miami Valley - Volume Two

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Edited by Charlotte Reeve Conover


Ohio Becomes a State-The New Constitution-Montgomery County in 1804--Included Fourteen of Present Counties-Dayton Geographical and Judicial Center-Present Townships-Early History of the County-Pioneer Families-Uncertain Titles-Dayton Township Formed-County Named in Honor of General Richard Montgomery-New Counties Formed from Montgomery-Later Re-arrangement of Boundaries Early Record Concerning Dayton Township-First Election in the County-First Comb-Town of Dayton Incorporated-First Court House-First School Established at Dayton-Dayton Academy-Early Business Enterprises-Present Status of the County …17- 20


Townships of Montgomery County


First Four Townships Organized in 1803—Boundaries… 20


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP-The Township and Its History-Centerville-Marble Deposit Recently Found-Development of Deposit Instituted-Public Schools of Centerville-Churches of Centerville-The Town Hall-Woodburn and Stringtown-Red Cross Work in the Township-The Township's Soldiers in the World War… 20-23


CLAY TOWNSHIP-Situation and Boundaries-First Settlements-Early History-Present Status-No Waste Land in Township--Villages in the Township-West Baltimore--Phillipsburg-Brookville… 23-25


HARRISON TOWNSHIP-General Description of Township-Notable for Fine Farms and Splendid Springs-Pioneer Settlement and Activities-Early Religious Work… 25-26


RANDOLPH TOWNSHIP-A Community of Scientific Husbandmen-General Description of Township-First Authentic Settlement Early Manufacturing Enterprises-Pioneer Distilleries-First Religious Settlement-Further Religions Advancement-Village of Salem Platted Village of Union-Harrisburg-Name Changed to Englewood-Taylorsburg… 26-28


MADISON TOWNSHIP-General Description-Works of the Mound Builders-Earliest Settlers-Stone Quarries-Religious History-Village of Amity-Village of Trotwood- Railroad Facilities… 28-29


JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP-Township Formed in 1805-Area and Boundaries-The Rich Soil-Pioneers-Jacob Miller and the Indians-Early Grist and Saw Mills-First Schools-Present Educational Provision,-Churches--The National Soldiers' Home… 29-31


BUTLER TOWNSHIP-General Description--Pioneer Settlers. Township Has Splendid Turnpikes-Railroad Facilities-Present Population-Villages of the Township-Little York-Chambersburg—Vandalia… 31-32


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MIAMI TOWNSHIP-Township Formed in 1829-Boundaries-The Miami River-Minor Water Courses-The Great Mound-Miamisburg-            Second City of the County-General Description-Industrial and Mercantile Enterprises-Tobacco Raising-Present Status of Miamisburg-Board of Public Affairs-Churches and Schools-The Carnegie Public Library-The Miamisburg News-War Activities-Miami Township Boys in the World War-Inception and Growth of West Carrollton-Churches, Schools, Business Enterprises-Manufacturing Industries-The Community Center-Support of War Activities… 32-41


MAD RIVER TOWNSHIP-Organization of This Important Township -Descriptive Record-Pioneer Settlers-Judge Isaac Spinning-Jonathan Harshman-Fruit, Farm of Nicholas Ohmer-Early Schools and Churches-Shipping Conveniences of Present Day… 41-43


VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP-General Description-Prominent Pioneers-Shakertown-Beavertown-Oakwood… 43-44


GERMAN TOWNSHIP-One of the Four Original Townships-Its Present Boundaries-Topography-Twin Valley-Old Fort of Mound Builders-First Settlers-Fine German Element-Pioneer Religious Activities-Early Clergymen-The Village of Germantown-Township's Patriotism During World War… 44-47


JACKSON TOWNSHIP-Township Formed in 1814-Description Earliest Settlements-The First Road-Village of Farmersville-New Lebanon-Johnsville… 47-49


PERRY TOWNSHIP-A Square Township-Organized in 1820-Pioneer Record-Village of Pyrmont… 49


WAYNE TOWNSHIP-Creation of Township-Its Boundaries-Topography-Stone Quarries-Taylorsville-Excellent Schools… 50


Agricultural Wealth of Montgomery County


Splendid Grain Production-Agricultural Statistics-Fruits-Cultivated Acreage-Live Stock… 50-51


State-City Free Labor Exchange


High Reputation-Organization-Important Work of This Institution-Help to Soldiers and Sailors… 51-53


Red Cross Work in Montgomery County


Immediate Response to Appeal-Branch of Needlework Guild Established-Organization of the Montgomery County Chapter-Headquarters Established-The Organizers and Promoters-The Executive Board-Various Committees and Their Work-General Review of Splendid Service-The Educational Branch-Bureau of Communications-Benevolent Work of Chapter-The Red Cross. Shop-Home Service Work The Junior Red Cross and Its Activities-Township Branches of Red Cross Chapter-Work in the Villages of the County… 53-60


The Conservancy Plan for Flood Protection


The Great Flood-Miami Valley Always Subject to Inundation-The Flood of 1805-Levee Constructed-Flood of 1814-Flood Damages in Succeeding Years-The Flood of 1883-Great Flood and Disaster of 1913-Appalling Losses-Demand for Adequate Flood Protection-Description of Havoc Wrought by Great 1913 Flood-The Catastrophe at Dayton-Rescue Work-Fire Adds to Work of Destruction-Martial Law Established-Work of Rehabilitation at Dayton-Service of Ohio National Guard-Lessons Taught by the Flood-Campaign for Flood Protection-A Bigger and a Safer Dayton-Records of the Flood Summary of Losses… 60-66


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Personal Narratives of the Flood


Scenes of Terror, Death and Devastation-Tragic Incidents-Dr. Reeve's Story-The Bell Telephone Story-The Public Library Force-Experiences of Charles W. Adams and His Family-Boating in Streets of Dayton-John A. McMahon and His Work for Flood Prevention… 66-77


The Conservancy Law of Ohio


Brief Review of the Law and Its Provisions-Powers and Duties of Board of Directors-Report of Appraisers-Financial Administration-Issuing of Bonds…77-81


The Plan of the Miami Conservancy Enterprise


Geography of the Drainage Area-Conditions in Dayton After the Great Flood-Citizens' Relief Committee-Demand for Permanent Measures of Prevention-The Miami Valley Flood Prevention Association-"Find a Way Out"-Preliminary Surveys-Genesis of the Conservancy Law Definite Action Instituted Under Provisions of the New Law-Actual Work Initiated on Great Improvements-Progress Up to Present Time -Statistical Data-General Facilities for Furthering the Work… 81-91


Dayton's Recreational Facilities


Work of the Dayton Young Men's Christian Association-The Y. M. C. A. Athletic Park… 91-92


THE COMMUNITY COUNTRY CLUB-Park the Gift of John H. Patterson-Development of the Club and Park… 92-93


OLD BARN CLUB-Location-The Historic Building-Description of the Club House and its Uses… 93


THE ADIRONDACK CAMPS-A Feature of Hills and Dales Park Provisions for Entertainment and Recreation… 93-94


MIAMI VALLEY GOLF LINKS-Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kidder -Fine Golf Course and Club House-Idyllic Situation-Improvement Now Under Way… 94-95


THE NEW CANOE CLUB-A Branch of the Kurt-Te-See Club-To Construct Model Clubhouse-Dayton to Be a Center of Canoeing and Water Sports… 95


THE BARNEY COMMUNITY HOUSE-A Splendid Philanthropy Due to Generosity of Mrs. Harries Gorman-A Worthy Memorial-Outline of Work-Increasing Value… 95-97


THE STUART PATTERSON PARK-Establishing and Developing of the Park-Recreational Center at North Dayton-Name Adopted as Memorial to Stuart Patterson… 97


THE DAYTON COUNTRY CLUB-Dayton Golf Club Organized-Succeeded by Dayton Country Club-The Club's Fine Property-Articles of Incorporation-General Purpose of the Organization… 97-98


THE EAST OAKWOOD CLUB-Liberality of John H. Patterson-Club House to Be Erected and Property Developed-General Description…98-99


TRIANGLE PARK-An Industrial Tribute-Playground of the Delco People-Objects and Provisions… 99-100


BOY SCOUTS AND THEIR RESERVATION-Fine Tract Given Over to the Scouts-The Dayton Boy Scouts-Provisions and Attractions of the Camp… 100-101


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THE FRESH AIR FARM-A Noble Charity-Work of Junior League of the Visiting Nurses' Association-General Outline of Origin, Growth and Service-War Work of the Fresh Air Farm… 101-103


YOUNG WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OUTING PARK-Splendid Facilities Afforded-Location of the Park-General Facilities and Service… 103-104


CITY RECREATION CENTERS-Maintained Under Charter Provisions-City Has Eighteen Playgrounds-Island Park-Summer and Winter Sports-General Administration and Provisions… 104-106


Music and Musicians of Dayton


Pioneer Music Lovers-The Pleyel Society-Early Musical Activities. 106


THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY-Organization and Growth-Splendid Work-Various Leaders-Final Dissolution-Harmonia Society-Musicians Who Have Left Definite Impress… 106-107


THE MOZART CLUB-Organization and Work of the Club-History of Thirty Years’ Activity… 107-108


THE CHAMINADE CLUB-Organization and Effective Work-Career of the Club… 108


THE WOMEN'S MUSICAL CLUB-Object of the Organization-Requirements for Membership-Concert Fund Established-General Survey of Activities-School Orchestras… 108-110


THE CIVIC MUSIC LEAGUE-Organization-Record of Marvelous Success-Famous Artists Appear Under Its Auspices… 110-111


THE DAYTON SYMPHONY ASSOCIATION-Work of Aloyse F. Thiele-Organization and Admirable Service of the Association-General Review of Musical Activities in Dayton… 111-113


THE DAYTON CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC-Founding of the Institution-One of the City's Chief Artistic Assets-General Review of Work-Other Musical Instructors… 113-115


THE PROCTOR SCHOOL OF MUSIC-Established in 1912-Aim of the School-Representative Patronage-General Control… 115-116


Dayton's Industrial Contribution to the War


One of the Industrial Centers to Which the Government Turned-Dayton Factories Give Prompt Co-operation-Changes for War Production -Splendid Service Given-Return to Peace Production… 116-117


THE DE HAVILAND-4 BOMBING PLANE-Most Important of Dayton Factory Contributions to the War-Plane Redesigned in Dayton-First Plane Completed-Difficulties Overcome-Characteristic of the De Haviland Plant-Research and Experiment-The Dayton Out put of Planes-Remarkable Work of Howard Rinehart… 117-118


THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY'S WAR WORK-Great Plant Placed All Its Facilities at Disposal of the Government-Regular Production Cut Down-Work Speeded Up-Non-essentials Eliminated-Statement of War Production… 118-119



Initiated-War Products from Various Departments… 119-120


THE STORY OF THE TANKS-War Tanks Manufactured at Dayton-Production Held Secret-Shipment of Tanks Initiated-Production to Continue-Service of Maxwell Motor Car Company and Platt Iron Works… 120-122


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SHELL PRODUCTION IN THE PLATT IRON WORKS-Contracts with Russian Government-United States Government Contracts -Output of the Plant-Cancellation of Contracts at Close of War… 122


THE OHMER FARE REGISTER COMPANY AND THE WAR-Entire Facilities of Plant Offered to Government-Factory Enlarged-Manufacture of Guns Instituted-Equipment of Plant Greatly Extended-Shipment of War Products Begins-A Splendid Record… 122-124


INTERNATIONAL CLAY MACHINERY AND THE WAR-Government Contracts Taken-Delays-Production of High Explosive Shells-Output of Turning Engines-Manufacture of Gas Masks… 124


THE DAYTON METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY'S WAR WORK-    Receives Canadian Contract-Output of Detonating Fuses-Parts for Airplanes-Gigantic Production for Government War Activities… 124-125


OTHER DAYTON CONCERNS MAKING WAR PRODUCTS-Dayton Malleable Iron Works-The Automatic Machine Company and Its Production… 125


THE GREEN & GREEN CRACKER COMPANY-Gigantic Production of Hard Bread for War Uses-A Record of Remarkable Achievement… 125-127


THE RECORDING DEVICES COMPANY AND THE SYNCHRONIZERS-Important Service Rendered-Delicate Devices Produced-Great Credit Due to Company… 127






Pioneer Facilities-First Bank in Dayton Settlement-The Dayton Manufacturing Company-The Winters' National Bank-Remarkable Record of Dayton's First Bank-New Exchange Bank-Dayton National Bank-The American National Bank-The Third National Bank of Dayton-The Second National Bank-The Merchants' National Bank-East Dayton Savings & Banking Company-Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Dayton-Dayton Savings and Trust Company-City National Bank-The Market Savings Bank-West Dayton Commercial and Savings Bank… 127-135


DAYTON BANKS AND THE LIBERTY LOANS-Magnificent Subscriptions and Sales-Condensed Statement of the Records of the Various Banks… 136-137


BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS-Dayton Leads Other Cities-A. A. Winters-Mutual Home and Savings Association-Dayton Building Association-Concordia Building Association-List of Present Dayton Building and Loan Associations… 137-138


The Press of Dayton

Early Records Obscure-Dayton's First Paper-The Repertory-The Ohio Centinel-The Ohio Watchman-Brief Outline of Newspaper History-Vicissitudes of Dayton Daily Newspapers-Dayton Daily News-Dayton Daily Journal-The Dayton Herald-Miami Valley Socialist The Labor Review-Railroad News Weekly-The Better Roads and Highways-Gross-Daytoner Zeitung-Religious Publications-Dayton Journalism Immediately After Great Flood of 1913-A Newspaper Historical Curiosity-The Log Cabin-Outstanding Figures in Dayton Journalism-William D. Bickham-John G. Doren-William F. Comly-Public Spirit of Dayton Newspapers… 138-145


The Schools of Dayton


Pioneer Schools and-Teachers-The Dayton Academy-Private Schools-The Free School System-Writing and Singing Schools-First Public Schools-New Schoolhouses-Record of Advancement… 145-148


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HIGH SCHOOLS-Central High School Established-The Old Building-The Steele High School-Advanced Standards-The Stivers Manual Training High School-The Parker High School-The Dayton Normal School-Grade Schools-Music and Art in Dayton Schools-School Patriotic Service During World War-Girls' Pre-vocational School-Summer Schools-Night Schools-School Hygiene-School Officials… 148-156


PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS OF DAYTON-Emmanuel School-St. Joseph's School-Notre Dame Academy-Holy Trinity Parochial School-St. Anthony's School-Holy Name Magyar School-Holy Family School-St. Mary's Institute-Other Catholic Parochial Schools- Parochial School of St. Paul's Lutheran Church…156-159


PRIVATE SCHOOLS-Cooper Female Seminary-Private Schools of Misses Arnold and Thomas-School of Misses Howe and Marot-Kindergartens and Primary Schools… 159-160


THE MORAINE PARK SCHOOL-An Unusual Institution-Modern Methods of Instruction-Innovations-Curriculum-General Facilities and Work… 160-163


COOPER FEMALE SEMINARY-Rich in Memories-General Review of History-Splendid Work-Closing of the Institution… 163-167


CENTRAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY-Union of Two Well Established Seminaries-Articles of Consolidation-Removal to Dayton-Ideal Location-Seminary Building-General Facilities… 167-168


BONEBRAKE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY-Founded by United Brethren Church-History of More Than Half a Century-Opened in 1871-New Building Erected-Endowment-Admission of Women… 168-169


BUSINESS COLLEGES-Babbitt Commercial College-Miami Commercial School-Miami-Jacobs Business College-Greater Dayton Business College… 169-171


VOCATIONAL OR CONTINUATION SCHOOLS-Dayton as Industrial Center Organizes a Co-operative Mechanical Educational System-General Outline of Service and Work… 171-172


Bench and Bar of Dayton


Notable Figures of Miami Valley's Early Bench and Bar-Montgomery County Originally in First Judicial Circuit-First Common Pleas Court for the County-The "Old Log Cabin"-.Judge Joseph H. Crane First Resident Attorney-History of Dayton Bar Illustrious-Those Who Have Been Leaders… 172-175


COURTHOUSE OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY-Temporary Courthouse and Jail-The First Courthouse-New Courthouse in 1817-Courthouse of 1850-The Present Courthouse-The County Jail… 175-177


THE DAYTON LAW LIBRARY Dayton Bar Association-First Directors and Executive Officers-The Library Board-The Library Established-Present Splendid Law Library-Present Officers… 177-178


EDMOND STAFFORD YOUNG LAW LIBRARY-Fitting Memorial to a Distinguished Lawyer-Brief Record of the Library… 179




Dr. John Hole, First Physician of the Miami Valley-Home Near Dayton-Dr. John Elliott First Resident Physician-Dayton Social Library-Other Physicians Come-High Standard Maintained by the Profession-Present Hospitals-Record of Epidemics-Councilor Districts… 179-184


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THE DENTAL PROFESSION-Progress and Work in Past Few Years-Public Interest Aroused-Miami Valley Dental Society-War Advances the Profession-Clinic at St. Elizabeth's Hospital-General Review… 184-186


OSTEOPATHY-Ohio's Rank in Osteopathy-Ohio Osteopathic Society-Dr. H. H. Gravett-Present Practitioners at Dayton-Dayton District Osteopathic Society… 186-187


History of Aviation in Dayton


Dayton First Home of Aviation-The Wright Brothers and Their Experiments-Study and Progress-The "Glider"-Scientific Developments-First Flight Made-The Wrights Victorious---The Wright Field Near Dayton-Improvements in the Wright Planes… 188-192


DEVELOPMENT OF THE DAYTON-WRIGHT AIRPLANE COMPANY-The Modern Plant of the Company-A Phenomenal Enterprise-Developments Incidental to World War-A Story of Wonderful Achievement-Great Work of Company During the War-Educational Features-The Factory at Moraine City… 192-196


Dayton's City Government


"The Dayton Plan"-Dayton Points the Way-Home Rule-Greater Dayton and the New Form of Government-New City Charter-C m6-199 missioners Elected-A Great Victory ...


THE HIGH LIGHTS OF THE DAYTON PLAN-Plan of New Charter-City Manager-The Commissioners-Administrative Department-Advantages Apparent-The Municipal Budget… 199-201


PRACTICAL RESULTS IN THE DIVISION OF HEALTH-A Fine Record-Bureau of Medical Service-The Commissioner of Health-1918 Influenza Epidemic-Bureau of Laboratory-General Supervisory Service… 202-204


WELFARE-Division of Public Welfare-Boys' and Girls' Gardens-Development of the Plan-Dayton Playground and Gardens Association-Children's Home Gardens-Vacant Lot Gardens… 204-205


THE DAYTON CORRECTION FARM-An Insistent Problem Solved -Humane System Effective-Working Out a New Vision-The Farm and Its Work-Welfare League-Provisions of New Systems… 205-206


THE PAROLE SYSTEM-Adopted at the City Prison and Correction Farm-Records of Cases-Aim of Correction Farm and Parole System-Products of the Farm … 206-207 


THE DEPARTMENT OF SAFETY-Police and Fire Departments-The Police Organization of Dayton-Bureau of Aid and Disposition-Bureau of Crime Prevention-Bureau of Identification… 207-209


DIVISION OF BUILDING INSPECTION-Building Permits in 1918-Inspections and Corrections…209


DIVISION OF FIRE PROTECTION-Losses in 1918-Good Record of Fire Department-Fire Prevention … 209


DIVISION OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES-Department Made Necessary-City Sealer-Inspection Service-A Valuable Department 209-210


THE BUREAU OF POLICE WOMEN-A New Department-Demand for This Service-Present Police Women and Their Work… 210-211


DEPARTMENT OF LEGAL AID-An Innovation-Official Attorney Appointed-Important Service Rendered… 211-212


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MUNICIPAL EMPLOYMENT-Dayton Takes Advanced Step-Municipal Employment Agent-Service Given… 212


MUNICIPAL LODGING HOUSE-House Established in 1914-Registrations-New Rules Effective-Present Conditions… 212


DAYTON FEDERATION FOR CHARITY AND PHILANTHROPY -Value of Federation of Agencies-Ten Branches of Federation of Charity-Expenses of the Federation-Work of the Various Branches… 212-214


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-An Evolution-Amalgamation of Various Organizations-Flood of 1913 Results in Broader Civic Visions-Chamber of Commerce Reorganized-Greater Dayton Association-Valuable Work of the Chamber of Commerce… 214-215


Clubs of Dayton


THE WOMAN'S CLUB MOVEMENT-Social Changes and Progress-Inception of Club Movement at Dayton-Woman's Literary Club Formed-Resume of Its Activities-Other Literary and Study Clubs… 215-218


THE STORY OF THE HELEN HUNT CLUB-Purposes of Organization-Cultural Scheme Includes the Drama-Excellent Work of the Club-Plays Presented-Officers… 218-220


THE COMEDY CLUB-Organization-Object-Plays Presented… 220


THE DAYTON CITY FEDERATION OF CLUBS-Formed for United Action-Clubs Entitled to Membership-Active Committees-Scholarship Fund-Scope of Work Broadened… .220-221


THE SATURDAY CLUB-Its Objects, Its Members and Its Work… 221-222


Y. M. C. A.-Association Organized in 1858-New Life Infused in 1870-National Y. M. C. A. Convention at Dayton-Work of David Ainslie Sinclair-Magnificent Bequest of Miss Mary Belle Eaker-New Building Erected-One of the Finest Y. M. C. A. Homes in the World-Work of the Dayton Y. M. C. A. During the World War-Noteworthy Achievement of the Organization-Montgomery County Y. M. C. A…. 222-229


Y. W C. A.-Brief Sketch of Woman's Christian Association and Its Work-A Record of Noble Service-Y. W. C. A.-Present Modern Home of the Association-War Activities-Benignant Influence… 229-231


THE YOUNG WOMEN'S LEAGUE-Review of Organization, Advancement and Service-Rapid Growth-Welfare Work-New Building-Present Officers… 231-234


FEDERATION OF JEWISH CHARITIES-Established in 1910-Organized with Noble Aims-Record of Worthy Service-Well Ordered Philanthropy-Desires to Establish a Community House… 234-235


THE DOOR OF HOPE-A Home of Christian Love and Service- Importance and Value of Its Work… 235-236


THE LORETTO GUILD-Prominent in City's Philanthropies-Early Activities-Guild House and Extension Home… 236-237


Secret Societies


MASONIC ORDER-First Lodge at Dayton Organized in 1812-Growth of Fraternity in the Miami Valley-Records of Progress in Montgomery County-Organization of Various Masonic Bodies-Scottish Rite Bodies-Dayton Consistory-Antioch Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine-Order of the Eastern Star-Masonic Temple at Dayton… 237-238


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INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS-Organization of Lodges-Montgomery Lodge, in 1833-Institution of Other Encampments…238


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS-Organization of Dayton Council-Growth of the Organization-List of Grand Knights of This Council-Club House… 238


DAUGHTERS OF REBEKAH-Names of Lodges and Dates of Institution… 238


GRAND UNITED ORDER ODD FELLOWS-Organizations Formed-Odd Fellows Temple… 238-239


KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Miami Lodge Instituted in 1871-The First in Dayton-Record of Subsequent Development of the Order-Organizations for Colored People… 239


KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN-Third Ohio Regiment Its Constituent-Membership-Local Organizations at Dayton… 239


KNIGHTS OF ST. GEORGE-The Three Dayton Organizations… 239


CATHOLIC KNIGHTS OF OHIO-Miami Valley Central Council-Branches…  239


OTHER FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS-Catholic Ladies of Columbia-Knights of Tabor-Independent Order of B'Nai B'Rith-Tribe of Ben Hur-United Order of Druids-Haragari-Fraternal Order of Bears-Loyal Order of Moose-Fraternal Order of Eagles-Knights of the Golden Eagle-Ladies of the Golden Eagle-Western Stars-Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets-Grand Army of the Republic-Ladies of the G. A. R.-Union Veteran Legion-Sons of Veterans-American-Spanish War Veterans-Patriotic Order of America-National Union-Home Guards of America-Catholic Order of Foresters-Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers-Brotherhood of Railway Carmen-Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen-Order of Railway Conductors-Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen-Protected Home Circle-Good Samaritans-Sisters of Mysterious Ten-Daughters of Jerusalem -Fraternal Order of Oaks-Independent Order of Foresters-Daughters of Liberty-Daughters of America-Royal Neighbors of America-Modern Woodmen of America-United Commercial Travelers-American Insurance Union-Improved Order of Red Men-Ancient Order of Hibernians-Woodmen of the World-United Brothers of Friendship-Sons of Protection-Royal Arcanum-Order of United American Mechanics-Junior Order United American Mechanics-Daughters of the Order of United American Mechanics-Knights of the Maccabees-Ladies of the Maccabees… 240-242



Art in Dayton


The Art Museum-Not Behind the Times-Charles Soule, Pioneer Artist-His Talented Daughter-Others Prominent in Art Development at Dayton-Various Art Organizations-Montgomery County Art Association-Dayton Art Association-Dayton Museum of Art Incorporated-Museum Building-Functions of the Institution-Officers and Promoters-Service of Miss Annie Campbell… 242-246


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Edited by Judge Willard J. Wright


General History


Rival French and English Claims-First Ohio Company-Bienville Expedition-Treaty of Paris-Ohio a Part of Virginia-Illinois County-General St. Clair Made Territorial Governor-St. Clair Establishes Counties-Warren County Formerly Part of Hamilton and Knox Counties-Land Patents Granted-The Symmes Colonists-Pioneer Record… 247-252


INDIAN OWNERSHIP OF MIAMI LANDS-Statement Regarding Indian Occupancy-The Miami Indians-The Shawnees-Indian Depredations-Indian Treaties… 252-254


OHIO'S FIRST TERRITORIAL LEGISLATURE-First Legislative Body-Delegate to Congress-Members of First Legislature… 254


OHIO ADMITTED INTO THE NATIONAL FEDERATION-Rapid Immigration-Constitutional Convention-First General Assembly Under New Constitution… 254-255


BIRTH OF WARREN COUNTY-County Established in 1803-Origin of the Name-Boundaries of New County-Subsequent Changes in Area… 255-256


CLIMATE AND TOPOGRAPHY-Early Settlers Found Equable Climatic Conditions-Excellent Soil Conditions-Good Natural Drainage-Rivers and Minor Streams-Magnificent Forests-Pioneer Water- Transportation-Evidences of Glacial Period… 256-257


FORESTS OF WARREN COUNTY-Wonderful Forest Growth of Miami Valley-Drake's Description of Warren County Forestry-Wild Animals-Title Troubles of Warren County Pioneers-Reservations of Land for Religious Purposes-Early Surveys and Discrepancies Therein-Tribute to Pioneer Surveyors… 257-260


SETTLEMENT OF WARREN COUNTY-First Settlements Indefinite-Character of the Pioneers-The Military Range-Courage of the Pioneers-First Settlement at Bedle's Station-More Settlers Come-Population of County in 1803-An Early Corn Crop-First Land Entry… 260-263


PIONEER LIFE-Retrospective View-Pioneer Life was Hard-Primitive Homes-Work of the Women-Apparel-Amusements… 263-265


MILLS-Corn the Staple Food of Pioneers-Early Methods of Grinding-The Waldsmith Mill-William Wood Builds First Mill-Other Mills Established-Whiskey Making… 265-266


MARKETS AND PRICES-Cincinnati the Only Trade Center-Products of Pioneer Farms-Crude Transportation Facilities-River Navigation-Prices for Pioneer Products-Prices for Necessary Supplies… 266


THE MOUND BUILDERS-Extracts from Randall and Ryan History of Ohio-Description of Fort Ancient-A Wonderful Prehistoric Work… 267-271


THE WARREN COUNTY CANAL-Economic Importance of Pioneer Waterways-Promotion of Canal Building in Ohio-Legislative Action-Inception of Ohio Canal-First Spadeful of Earth Lifted by

            Governor DeWitt Clinton of New York-An Important Ceremony-Miami Canal Enters Warren County-Governor Clinton and Other Dignitaries Entertained at Lebanon-A Great Celebration-First Boats on the New Canal-Great Value of the Canal and Its Service-Warren County Canal Company-Navigation of Little Miami River-Projects That Did Not Materialize… 271-275


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STAGE LINES-Pioneer Stage Coaches-The Stage Service… 275-276


TURNPIKES-Pioneer Road Building-Cincinnati, Lebanon and Springfield Turnpike-Other Important Highways Constructed in Warren County-Valuable Facilities Thus Provided-Toll Houses-Early Legislation in Support of Good Roads-Construction of Thoroughfares in Warren County-Present Turnpikes of the County… 276-277


RAILROADS-Quicker Modes of Transit Demanded-Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad-Little Miami Railroad Company-Stock Subscriptions-Difficulties Encountered-Construction Proceeds-Connection Between Lake Erie and the Ohio River Effected-Further Railroad Projects and Developments-Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Line… 277-279


ELECTRIC LINES-Two Electric Roads Touch Lebanon-Interurban Between Lebanon and Franklin-Lebanon and Cincinnati Line… 279


MILITARY HISTORY-State Militia in Early Days-Useless Legislative Enactments-Result of Notable Speech of Thomas Corwin… 279


WAR OF 1812-Ohio Pioneers Fear Indian Outbreaks-Surrender of General Hull-Menace to Miami Valley-Loyalty of Ohio-Enlistments for the War-Lebanon a Place of Mobilization-Movements of Ohio Troops-Stirring Times in Warren County-Warren County Officers in the War…279-280


THE MEXICAN WAR-Slow Enlistment from Warren County-Attitude of Thomas Corwin-Corwin a True Patriot-His Speech in Congress-Vindication of the Years… 280-181


POLITICAL ATMOSPHERE-Sentiment of Republicanism-Early Political Status of the County-Political Activities-Campaign of 1840-Thomas Corwin Nominated for Governor-Warren County Participates in Great Mass Meeting-Work of the Convention… 281-283


Education and Schools


Ohio First to Make Land Grants in Support of Education-Legislative Action-Public School System Established in 1838-Warren County-Early Makes Educational Provisions-First School in the County-Judge Francis Dunlevy-Other Schools Opened-The Pioneer Log Schoolhouse-The Early Instructors-Subscription Schools-Record of Progress… 283-285


The Shakers


Early Religious Activities in Warren County-Shaker Missionaries Arrive-Pioneer Methodists and Presbyterians in the County-The Christian Church-Shaker Missionaries Appear at Turtle Creek-Their Efforts Bear Fruit-Shaker Society Formed-Union Village Becomes Shaker Stronghold-Admirable History of the Shaker Community-Antagonism Results in Mob Attack on Shaker Community-Other Outbreaks-Disintegration of the Shaker Community-Historic Shaker Farm Passes to Ownership of United Brethren Church… 285-293


The Pilgrims


Strange Record of Fanatic Sect-Arrival of Pilgrims in Warren County-Tragic Conclusion of Story… 293-294


Religious Organizations


Pioneer Religious Activities-Methodist Circuit Riders-Lebanon and Early Methodist Services… 294-296


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BAPTIST DENOMINATION-Baptists Build First Church Edifice in Warren County-Admitted to Miami Baptist Association… 296


PRESBYTERIANS-Early Presbyterian Activities in Miami Valley-Pioneer Clergymen-The Church at Turtle Creek-The Society of Friends… 296


Warren County Banks


Financial Conditions in Pioneer Era-Warren County's First Bank-The Lebanon Banking Company-Lebanon Miami Banking Company-Lebanon National Bank-Citizens' National Bank of Lebanon… 297-299


Early Industries


Lebanon Steam Woolen Factory-Wood & Boyd-Borden Chair Factory-Pioneer Watch and Clock Makers-Pioneer Bookbinder-Tannery-Edge Tools Manufactured-Foundries and Plow Factories-Thomas Chubb the Pioneer Barber… 299-300


MATCH MAKING-A Pioneer Manufacturer of Matches-Record of the Industry and Its Founder, William H. Ballard… 300-301


The Honored Dead of Warren County


Roll of Names Distinguished for Ideal Citizenship-Captain Robert Benham-Jeremiah Morrow-Review of Career of This Distinguished Man-Career of Matthias Corwin-Ichabod Corwin, First Settler on Site of Lebanon-Record of His Life-Samuel Heighway, the Founder of Waynesville-Colonel John Hopkins-John Hunt-Michael H. Johnson-Thomas B. Ross-John McLean-Francis Dunlevy-James Hart-Samuel Bigger-Joshua Collett-William James-John Probasco, Jr.-George J. Smith-Thomas Corwin and His Great Career-The Butterworth Family-Edward Deering Mansfeld, the "Sage of Yamoden"-Ormsby M. Mitchell-Achilles Pugh-George R. Sage-Dr. James Scott-James M. Smith-Coates Kinney-George E. Morrow… 302-338


The Medical Profession


Labors of the Pioneer Physicians-The County's First Medical Student-Dr. John C. Dunlevy-List of Warren County Physicians in 1830-Dr. Eban Banes-Dr. John C. Winans-Dr. David Morris-Dr. Joseph Canby-Dr. Jesse Harvey-Thompsonian Method Introduced in the County-Dr. Thomas W. Cuscader-Dr. James Anton-First Woman Physician… 338-341


LEBANON MEDICAL SOCIETY -A Progressive Organization-History Dates from 1837-Dr. John Van Harlingen-Present Medical Practitioners… 341


The Bench and Bar


First Session of Common Pleas Court of Warren County-First Sitting of Supreme Court in the County-Notable List of Early Judges and Attorneys-New Mode of Civil Procedure-Office of Prosecuting Attorney Early Days… 341-345


CLERKS-David Sutton First County Clerk-His Successors… 346


SHERIFF-Duties and Labors of Pioneer Sheriffs--George Harlan-First Sheriff-List of Succeeding Sheriffs… 345


Present Attorneys of Warren County-An Admirable Roll of Attorneys-List of Names… 345-346


COURT OFFICERS-Personnel of Present Official Corps… 346


(page xv)


The Civil War


Proud Record of Warren County-Action of Thomas Corwin-Vital Evidences of Patriotism-First Public War Meeting in the County-Resolutions Adopted-Constant Excitement Warren County Volunteers-General Durbin Ward-Political Party Lines Obliterated-Warren County Men of Distinction in the War-Gen. Robert Cumming Schenck-James Findlay Schenck-O. C. Maxwell… 346-350




WARREN COUNTY FARMS-Pioneer Farm Drudgery-County Today Not Excelled in Intensive Farming-Virtually No Waste Land-High Standard of Fertility-Twentieth Century Methods and Facilities-General Progressiveness-Tractors - Horses - Cattle - Swine Sheep-Morris Poultry Farm-The French Dairy Farm-Creamery at Lebanon-Valley View Farm -A Model Dairy Farm… 350-357


WARREN COUNTY FAIRS-First Agricultural Society Organized-First Fairs of the County-Annual Agricultural Fairs-Warren County Agricultural Society Advances Farm Interests in General… 357-358


FARMERS' INSTITUTE-A progressive and Useful Organization Monthly Meetings-Present Officers… 358


County Officers


Probate Judge-John C. Dunlevy First Incumbent-Item of Early Record-Those Who Have Served as judges of the Probate Court… 358-359


RECORDER-Transcription of Early Records-Records After Organization of the County-Names of Those Who Have Served as County Recorder… 359


AUDITOR-Michael H. Johnson First Incumbent His Successors… 359


TREASURER-Silas Hurin First Treasurer-Succeeding Incumbents… 359


SURVEYORS-Pioneer Surveyors-First Official Surveyor and Those Who Have Succeeded Him… 359-360


COMMISSIONERS-List of Commissioners Who Have Served-A Period of Ten Decades… 360


County Buildings


New and Modern County Infirmary-First County Farm and Infirmary-First Officials-Building Destroyed by Fire in 1866-Admirable Provisions of the Present Infirmary-Location of the Institution-The County Farm… 360-362


THE OTTERBEIN HOME-Genesis and Development of the Noble Institution-Description of the Home and Farm… 362-365


COUNTY ORPHAN ASYLUM AND CHILDREN'S HOME-Location-The Building-Two Noble Philanthropists-Splendid Works of the Institution… 365-367


The Story of Lebanon


Early Individuality of the Settlement-Progress Along Civic and Material Lines-Lebanon Made Seat of Justice in 1805-The First Courthouse and Its Equipment-New Courthouse Completed in 1835Historic First Courthouse Destroyed by Fire, in 1874-Other Buildings Destroyed-Washington Hall-Present Fine Opera House of Lebanon… 366-367


(page xvi)


MECHANICS INSTITUTE-Founded in 1834-A Cultural Power- Library of the Institution… 369


LEBANON SCHOOLS-Pioneer Log Schoolhouse-First Public Schoolhouse at Lebanon-Destroyed by Fire-New Building on Same Site-Addition Made in 1880-New Building Completed in 1893-Prepare to Erect High School Building-War Conditions Defer Erection… 369-370


LEBANON NORMAL SCHOOL-Opened in 1855-Professor Alfred Holbrook the Founder-History of the Institution-Its Splendid Work -Changes in Name-Reorganization-Work of Professor Holbrook-Tribute to This Honored Citizen and Educator… 370-373


TEACHERS' INSTITUTE-First Institute Organized-Regular Work for Seventy Years-Value of the Organization… 373-374


LEBANON PUBLIC SCHOOLS-Present Superintendent-Curriculum-Manual Training Courses-Teachers… 374


POSTOFFICES-Pioneer Postal Facilities-A Century Roster of Lebanon Postmasters-The Present Incumbent-Free Mail Delivery at Lebanon… 374-375


SHOE FACTORY-Corner-stone Laid in 1911-A Red Letter Day at Lebanon-A Flourishing Industry-Description of Factory… 375-376


NEWSPAPERS-1806 Brings First Printing Press to Lebanon-Rise of "The Western Star"-A Story of Comparisons-John McLean the Pioneer Journalist of Lebanon-Nathaniel McLean Assumes Control-Review of Early Copies of Western Star-William H. P. Denny-Resume of History of the Western Star-Its Present Influence-Name of .Paper Unchanged During More Than a Century-Second Oldest Paper in the State-Books Printed in Western Star Office-Ephemeral Newspaper Ventures at Lebanon-The Lebanon Patriot-Thomas Meigher Proctor-Achievement of Mrs. Mary S. Proctor-Wilson… 376-384


BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF LEBANON-A Good Showing of Substantial Vitality-Pioneer Business Enterprises-Present Business Establishments-S. Fred Mercantile Company-The Lebanon Elevator- The Building & Loan Association… 384-387


ELECTRIC POWER IN LEBANON-First Telephone Service-Electric Light Plant Established-Electric Power Facilities-Electric Railways-Municipal Electric Light and Water Systems… 387-388


TELEGRAPH-First Telegraph Office Opened at Lebanon in 1851- James B. Graham First Operator… 388


THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC-History of Granville-Thurston Post, No. 213-Present Membership… 388-389


THE MASONIC ORGANIZATION-Record of Lebanon Lodge, No. 26-Lebanon Chapter, No. 5, R. A. M.-Miami Commandery, No. 22, Knights Templar-Lebanon Chapter, No. 343, O. E. S…. 389-394


SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION-Active and Efficient Religious Agency-Its Work and Its Present Officials… 394


THE CARNEGIE LIBRARY-Warren County's Intellectual Status-Lebanon Library Chartered in 1811-Present Carnegie Library Building- Completed in 1908-Aid of William Harmon… 394-395


MOVING PICTURE THEATERS-Dreamland Opens-The Lyceum and the Royal-The Grand… 395


THE OREGONIA BRIDGE COMPANY, INC.-Lebanon Concern of National Reputation-Founding of the Enterprise-A Great Industry Developed-War Production of the Company-General Review… 395-397


(page xvii)


WAR WORK IN LEBANON-Warren County's Enthusiastic Patriotism-Support of the Various Liberty Loans… 397-398


RED CROSS WORK-Fine Record of Warren County-Warren County Red Cross Branch Organized-Contributions from the Townships of the County… 398


UNITED WAR WORK DRIVE-Warren First Ohio County to Make-Its Original Quota-Also First to Make Its Fifty Per cent Increase… 399


WAR SAVINGS STAMPS-Warren County's Splendid Response… 399


LEBANON'S DISTINGUISHED VISITORS-Gen. William Henry Harrison-Governor DeWitt Clinton-Ex-President Martin Van Buren-Hon. John Quincy Adams-General Hayes and General Garfield-Benjamin Harrison-Hon. William McKinley-Hon. William H. Taft… 399-400


THE KING POWDER COMPANY-Development of a Great Industry-Description of the Plant and Business… 400


THE PETERS CARTRIDGE COMPANY-Organized in 1887-One of the World's Greatest Ammunition Plants-Contribution to War Production-Products of the Mills of the King Powder Company and the Peters Cartridge Company-Welfare Provisions of the Two Important Industrial Concerns… 400-403


First Warren County Hero


Robert Jennings Hall First Warren County Soldier to Sacrifice His Life in the World War… 403-404




Outline of History of This Beautiful and Progressive Village-The Thirkield Family-William A. Van Horne-A. E. Harding-The Franklin Writing Paper Mill-William Augustus Newell-Dr. Jane Sherzer-W. H. Sherzer-New Jersey Presbyterian Church-First Presbyterian Church-Old School Baptist Church-Methodist Episcopal Church-St. Paul's Lutheran Church-Christian Church-St. Mary's Church-Public Library… 404-415


COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES OF FRANKLIN-Thirkield Dry Goods Store-The Franklin Board and Paper Company-The Franklin Coated Paper Company-The Shartle & Bevis Machine Company-The Franklin National Bank… 416-417


The Miami Valley Chautauqua


Beautiful Assembly Grounds in Warren County-Advantages and At tractions of the Chautauqua Assembly… 417-418




An Attractive Hamlet Early History-Prominent Pioneer Settlers-Civic and Material Growth-Educational and Religious Provisions-The Maineville Academy-No Factories-418-420




A Haven of Peace-Idyllic Situation-Early History-Once Active Business Center-Patriotism and Public Spirit-The Women's League-War Activities… 420-421




A Hilltop Town-A Village of Attractive Homes-Waynesville Banks-Trade Industries-Public Utilities-Public Library-The Miami Gazette-The Friends' Home… 421-423


(page xviii)





Edited by Clayton A. Leiter


General History


County Organized in 1803-Original Area of the County-Townships Created-First Tax Duplicate-A Tax Comparison-Establishing of Boundary Lines-County Named in Honor of General Richard Butler-Seat of Justice Established-Hamilton Made the County Seat-First Terms of Court-Buildings in Which Early Courts Were Held-County's First and Second Courthouses-The Present Courthouse-Jails of the County-Building the Second Courthouse-Present Courthouse Erected-Establishing of County Infirmary-Butler County Politics-County Has Given Ohio Three Governors-Other Distinguished Butler County Sons-Congressional Districts-Record of County Officials-General Review of County History-Indian Troubles-Fort Hamilton-Early Settlers of Hamilton-The First Store-First Buildings on the West Side of the River-First White Woman-First White Man to Settle in the County-A Splendid Record of Development and Progress… 424-435


Manufacturing Industries of Butler County


HAMILTON-Essentially a Manufacturing City-Hamilton's Industries Pre-eminent-Products Go to Every Quarter of the Globe-Motto of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce-Industrial Statistics-Chief Products of Varied Industries-New Ford Tractor Plant-Hamilton Early Became Manufacturing Center-Hydraulic System Affords Cheap Power-Record of Industrial Progress-Important Industrial Concerns That Have Given Prestige to the City-Record of Remarkable Achievement-List of Principal Manufacturing Enterprises… 435-444


MIDDLETOWN-Another Manufacturing City-Earliest Industries-American Rolling Mills Secured-Middletown Has Thirty-six Manufacturing Plants-Nine Thousand Men Employed-The American Rolling Mill Company and Other Representative Industrial Concerns… 444-450


The Medical Profession of Butler County


County's Men of Eminence in the Profession-Dr. Daniel Millikin, Hamilton's First Physician-Dr. Samuel Millikin-Dr. Dan Millikin-Dr. Mark Millikin-Record of Pioneer Physicians-Representative Practitioners of Later Years-Practicing Physicians in Hamilton Today-Continued Record of County's Pioneer Physicians and Their Successors-Butler County's First Medical Society and Its Personnel-Reorganization in 1848-Hamilton Medical Society Adopted as Name of the Organization-A record of Service and Progress-Butler County Medical Society Reorganized in 1902-A Representative Body-Present Membership-Present Officers… 450-458


Incorporated Towns of Butler County


Besides Hamilton and Middletown Butler County Has Seven Incorporated Towns… 458


CORNER-Always an Important Trading Center-Village Platted in 1837-Village Has Expanded Into Preble County, Ohio, and Union County, Ind.-Incorporated in Both States-Two Municipal Governments-Some Early Settlers-Pioneer Hemp Mill-Educational Progress and Facilities-Business Enterprises-Transportation… 458-459


JACKSONBURG-Oldest Town in Wayne Township-An Important Trade Center-First Settlers-Rise and Decline of the Town… 459


(page xix)


MONROE-Settled as Early as 1800-Platted in 1817-Early Settlers- Railroads Cause Decline in Importance and Growth… 459


OXFORD-Third Largest Incorporated Town in Butler County-Town Laid Out by Direction of Ohio Legislature-Data Concerning Founding of Oxford-Site Selected in 1810-Platting of the Town-University Square-First Settlers-First House-The Citizens' Bank Established-The Oxford Bank Opens-The First Newspaper-Municipal Government… 459-460


SEVEN MILE-Town Laid Out in 1841-Samuel Brand the Founder-Sale of Lots-Additions Platted-An Academy Established-Professor Starr's Select School for Boys-Present Status… 460


SOMERVILLE-Town Platted in 1831 by Jacob F. Rowe-First Merchants-Incorporation-A Thriving Village… 460


TRENTON-Largest Village in Madison Township-Interesting History-Platted in 1815-Named Bloomfield-Present Name Adopted in 1831-Pioneer Business Enterprises-Town Incorporated in 1898-Rapid Growth Since Construction of Traction Line… 460


Butler County's Financial Institutions


County Has Seventeen Substantial Banking Institutions-Statistics of Resources-Bank of Hamilton the First at judicial Center of County-Record of the Institution-Private Banks Established-First National Bank Organized-Its Splendid Record-Second National Bank Established-Its Substantial Growth and Present Status-Phenomenal Success of Hamilton Dime Savings Bank-Record of Citizens' Savings Bank and Trust Company-The Hamilton Clearing House and Its Officers-Middletown's Banks of Like Stability-First National Bank of Middletown-The Merchants' National Bank of Middletown-First State Bank Established in 1850 by Oglesby & Barnitz Company-Present Resources and-Officers-The American Savings Bank of Middletown Opened in 1911-Has Won and Held Public Confidence-The First Savings Bank and Its Officers-Other Financial Institutions of the County -The Oxford National Bank-The Farmers' National Bank of Seven Mile-The Bank of Trenton-The Monroe National Bank-The Somerville National Bank-First National Bank of Okeana-Farmers' State Bank of College Corner-College Corner Banking Company-The Miami Valley Bank at Hamilton-Merged with First National Bank… 460-466


The Schools of Butler County


First School in County Opened in Powder Magazine of Old Fort Hamilton-Growth Increases Demand for Better School Facilities-The Richie and Wallace Schools-The Proudft, Pardee and Elder Private Schools-The Hamilton Literary Society Erects Building in 1818-A School Established in This Building-First Woman Teacher in Butler County-Other Pioneer Pedagogues-The Hamilton and Rossville-Academy and Its History-Ohio Establishes Public School System-Hamilton Takes Advantage of New Law-First School Levy Made in 1851-,Graded School System Initiated at Hamilton-Hamilton and Rossville Consolidate-Stipulation as to Perpetual Location of High School Changes-Present Modern High School Building-General Review of Work of Hamilton Public Schools-Middletown's First School-Other Pioneer Schools at Middletown-Stephen Vail Erects School Building-First Free- School at Middletown-Other Early Schools and Instructors in the Village-Record of Public Schools and Buildings at Middletown-Superintendents-Review of Other Educational Activities in the County-Centralized School Law Became Operative in 1914-Result of Law in Connection with Butler County Schools-Roman Catholic and Lutheran Parochial Schools-Notre Dame Academy at Hamilton… 467-471


(page xx)


Agriculture in Butler County


Essentially an Agricultural County-Industrial Progressiveness-Number and Area of Farms-Total Acreage of Farm Land-Acreage Under Cultivation-Fertility of Soil-Scientific Fertilizing-Little Waste Land-Many Small Streams in Butler County-Fine Natural Drainage-Wheat and Corn Production-Crop Statistics for 1919-The Milk Industry-Live, Stock Enterprise-Poultry Raising-The Hamilton Free Market-Inspiration and Value of the Butler County Fair-First County Fair at Hamilton-The Butler County Agricultural Society-Its First Officers-Reorganization in 1832-Present Butler County Agricultural Society Organized in 1851-Splendid Record of the Organization and Its Annual Fairs… 471-475


The Press of Butler County


County Has Four Daily Newspapers-Three Weekly Newspapers-Representative of Local Progressiveness-The Hamilton Evening Journal-The Hamilton Daily News-Weekly Papers at Hamilton-The Middletown Journal-The Middletown News-Signal-First Newspaper Published at Hamilton in 1814-Record of This Pioneer Publication-The Western Telegraph-Continued Record of Pioneer Journalism-Later Newspaper Development-Hamilton Newspapers Today-Chronological Record of Hamilton Newspapers from -1818 to 1920-Pioneer Newspaper of Middletown-The Middletown Mail-Subsequent Newspaper Enterprises at Middletown… 475-482


OTHER PUBLICATIONS-Weekly Papers Formerly Published at Oxford and Venice-General Record of These Publications… 482-483


Butler County Bench and Bar


Distinguished Names on Roster of Butler County Bar-First Court in Butler County-Buildings in Which Early Courts Were Held-Early Jurists and Lawyers-The Public Square and First County Courthouse-First Resident Lawyer-Other Early Lawyers-Butler County Pioneer Courts Visited by Ohio Lawyers of Eminence-Members of Butler County Bar in 1842-Representative Lawyers in Period 1844-58Thomas Millikin, a Distinguished Member of the Bar of the County-Alexander F. Hume-Edward E. Hull-Henry Lee Morey-Hon. James E. Campbell-S. Z. Gard-Early Traditions Sustained by Present Bar of the County-Judge William H. Todhunter-Benjamin Franklin Harwitz-Allen Andrews-Judge Edgar A. Belden-U. F. Bickley-Michael 0. Burns-Hon. Warren Gard-Shotts & Millikin-Nelson Williams-William C. Shepherd-Personnel of the Present Bar of the County-Record of Those Who Have Served on the Bench of Common Pleas Court-Record of Probate judges… 483-489


Butler County in the Early Wars


Record of Company E, First Ohio National Guard, in the Spanish American War… 489-490


THE WAR OF THE REBELLION-Noble Response of Butler County-The County Gave Three Full Regiments-Thirty-fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry and Its Record-The Sixty-ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry-Its Splendid Service-The One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry and Record of Its History-Hamilton Citizen, Major George W. Rue, Captures the Notorious Raider, General John Morgan… 490-492


THE MEXICAN WAR-Ohio's Quota Was Three Full Regiments of Infantry-Two Companies Organized at Hamilton-Company I and Its Officers-Assigned to First Ohio Infantry-Record in Service-Butler Boys, No. 2. Recruited-Became Part of Fourth Ohio Infantry… 492-493


(page xxi)


THE WAR OF 1812-Records Incomplete-At Least Eight Companies Organized in Butler County-Joel Collins-Captain William Robeson's Rifle Company-General James Findlay-Record of Captain James Collins and His Company-Other Companies on the Northern Frontier-Movements of Troops-Captain John Hamilton and His Company-William Shafor-Captain Zachary P. DeWitt and His Rifemen-Other493-494 Butler County Men in Service… 493-494


Butler County in the World War-By Clayton A. Leiter


Young Men of the County Make Prompt and Noble Response-Hundreds Volunteer for Service-No Hesitation Under the Draft-More Than 2,000 Butler Young Men Enter Service-Many Won Distinction- 494 Almost One Hundred Sacrifice Lives… 494


THE NATIONAL GUARD-Company E, Third Ohio National Guard, Called to Service on the Mexican Border-Organization of the Company-Its Officers-Service on Mexican Border-Becomes Company E, One Hundred and Forty-eighth United States Infantry-Prepares for Foreign Service-Arrives in France-Transfers of Officers-Companies E and F Win Distinction in Great Argonne Forest Drive-Loss in Killed and Wounded-General Record of Splendid Service of the Butler County Boys in the Thirty-seventh Division… 494-496


BATTERY E-Hamilton Boys Enlist in Battery E, Third Ohio Field Artillery-Some Remain After Transfer to Federal Service-ethers Join Other Branches of Service-Names of Those Who Originally Enlisted in the Company… 496


THE ARMCO AMBULANCE CORPS-A Noted Organization from    Butler County-Members of the Organization-Recruited from Forces of American Rolling Mill Company at Middletown-Farewell Reception-Corps Arrives in France-Mustered Into Section No. Twenty-two, United States Army Ambulance Service-Ordered to Verdun Sector-Join Section No. Five at the Front-Baptism of Fire-Does Splendid Work-Receives Citations-Bears Full Tension of Great Conflict-A Record of Bravery and Loyalty-Returns to Middletown-A Remarkable Welcome Home Demonstration… 496-499


HAMILTON IN THE WAR-The City Gave More Than 1,000 of Its Young Men for Service in the World War-Two Win Distinguished Service Cross-List of Hamilton Boys Who Became Officers… 499


MIDDLETOWN AND THE COUNTY-Middletown and the Townships of the County Give Practically 1,000 Young Men to the Service-Names of Those Who Won Official Distinction-Roster of Butler County Men in Service… 499-510


LIBERTY AND VICTORY LOANS-Butler County's Unstinted Loyalty-Record of Patriotic Response in Bond Campaigns-County ‘Over the Top’… 511


THE Y. M. C. A.-Hamilton Y. M. C. A. Center of War Activities, in the County-Nothing Neglected-The Local Association's Representatives in Overseas Service-Work Since Closing of the War… 511


THE WOMEN IN THE WAR-Women of Butler County Play Noble Part-Answer Every Call for Service-Principal Organizations-Record 512 of Various Activities… 512


THE RED CROSS-Prompt Response Made to Calls for Service-Hospital Supplies Furnished-Refugee Work-Knitting Work-Nursing Service-The Junior Red Cross and Its Work-Food Conservation Campaigns-Woman's Auxiliary at Camp Sherman-The Hi-Yi –Club-Work of Sisters at Notre Dame Academy-John Reily Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution-Second Ward Minute Men-Young Women's Christian Association-Ladies' Auxiliary and Liberty Ladies… 512-514


(page xxii)


COUNCIL OF DEFENSE-Local Organization Did Great War Work-National League for Woman's Service-Subordinate Organizations-General Activities and Splendid Service… 514-515


THE NURSES-Loyal and Self-sacrificing Young Women of Hamilton Answer Call to the Colors and Become Nurses-Names and Service… 515


OTHER ACTIVITIES-C. M. Eikenberry Becomes Food Director of Butler County-His Effective Service-Darrell Joyce in Charge of Fuel Conservation-His Excellent Work… 515


MANY CAMPAIGNS-Drive for Y. M. C. A. and Kindred Organizations-Success of Work-The Hamilton War Chest-Red Cross Drives… 515-516


THE WAR SAVINGS STAMPS AND THRIFT CAMPAIGNS-Ernest G. Ruder Has Charge of Campaigns-His Able Assistants-Results Achieved-Other Butler County Citizens Who Gave Note worthy War Service… 516


BUTLER COUNTY'S HONOR ROLL-Names of Those Killed in Action-Names of Those Who Died of Wounds-Names of Those Who Died of Disease in Camp-Names of Those Captured by the Enemy Names of Those Missing in Action… 516


THE MIDDLETOWN RED CROSS-Noble Work of This Organization-Result of Generous Donation of a Humble Slav Woman-She Presents a Hen and a Dozen Eggs-Hen and Eggs Sold at Auction$2,002 Realized from Sale-Returns from Various Drives-Middletown Chapter of the American Red Cross-Review of Service and Representative Workers-Service of the Women of Middletown-Leaders in Women's Various Activities-Record of Effective Service in All Departments… 517-520





Edited by W. C. Calkins


General History


County Established in 1790-Named in Honor of Alexander Hamilton-First Topographical Description-Boundaries-Impressive Ceremonies Attend Erection of the County-Cincinnati First Known as Losantiville -Changes in Boundaries of the County-Pioneer Settlement of County Attended with Greatest of Dangers and Hardships-Hostile Indians-Conditions Improve after Battle of Fallen Timbers-Militia Regiment Formed-Officers and Service of This Early-day Military Organization-Formation of Townships Prior to Statehood-Townships in 1801--First City Directory of Cincinnati Appears in 1819-County Officers as Listed in This Directory-Local Excitement Incidental to Declaration of War in 1812-Recruiting Office Opened at Cincinnati-Ohio Prepares for Defense After Surrender of General Hull at Detroit-Hamilton Military Forces in the Civil War-County Plays a Glorious Part in the War-General Activities in the County in Connection with War Support Hamilton County Makes Loyal Response in the Spanish-American War-The County's Splendid Record in Connection with the Late World War-County Gives Approximately 27,100 Men to the Colors-Record of Townships--Anderson Township and Its History-Colerain Township-Columbia Township-Crosby Township-Delhi Township-Green Township-Harrison Township-Miami Township-Mill Creek Township and Its Extinction-Springfield Township-Sycamore Township-Symmes Township-Whitewater Township-Statistics of Territorial Distribution in Hamilton County… 521-533


(page xxiii)




Influence of Local Agricultural Industry Upon the Growth and Development of Cincinnati-Dr. Drake's "Picture of Cincinnati," Published in 1815-This Work Exploited Advantages of the Miami Country -Land Values in the Pioneer Era-Early-day Products and Cultivated Area-Land District of Cincinnati in 1819-A Pioneer Agricultural Society and Its Aims-Its Constitution and Officers-Cincinnati's Early Importance as an Industrial and Distributing Center-Early Vineyards-Agricultural and Live Stock Industries in the Early '50s-Early Markets in Cincinnati The Farmer's College and Its Work-Hamilton County Farm Production During the Civil War-Demands for Produce During Reconstruction Period in the South-Industrial and Commercial Conditions in the Late '60s-Table of Cincinnati Agricultural Imports During Half a Century-Present Community of Interests of Cincinnati and the Farming Districts-Important Work of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce… 533-543


Manufacturing and Commercial-Cincinnati


Reasons for Industrial Prominence of Ohio-Transportation Facilities-Beginning of Industrial Development in Cincinnati-City's Admirable Situation and Industrial Adaptability-Arrival of First Settlers-Early Industrial and Economic Conditions and Influences-Plea for Good Roads and Canals-Quotations from Daniel Drake's Book Published in 1815-Development of Navigation Facilities-City of Cincinnati Incorporated in 1819-Statistics of Conditions at That Time-Rapid Growth of Commerce and Manufacture Induced by Steamboat Navigation on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers-Jeffersonville-Ohio Canal Company-Construction of Turnpikes-Improvement of the Navigation of the Great and Little Miami Rivers-Cincinnati Manufactories in 1831-Record of Growth in Succeeding Years-Conditions in 1841-Cincinnati Primarily a Manufacturing City-Survey of Manufacturing Interests in the Early '50s-Value of Cincinnati Manufactories During the Civil War Period-Local Depression After Close of the War-Need of Railroad South from Cincinnati-Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Its Effective Work at This Period-Inception and Construction of the Cincinnati Southern Railway-Record of Substantial and Determined Progress-Cincinnati Industrial Exposition of 1870-Further Industrial Statistics-Work for the Improvement and Extension of Transportation Facilities-The Louisville & Portland Canal-Development of Direct Importation Business with Foreign Countries-Continuance of Vital Service of the Chamber of Commerce-Further Railroad Development-Results of Financial Panic of 1874-5-Various Industrial Expositions held in Cincinnati-Progress in Decade Between 1870 and 1880-Table Held of Exports-City Looking Forward on Great Commercial Possibilities-       Industrial Fluctuations-New Era of Prosperity-Industrial Exposition Revived in 1888-City's Industrial Record Between 1880 and 1890 Not Flattering-Railroads and Freight Rates-City Strengthens Position as Center of North and South Transportation-1890 Initiates a Decade of Great Prosperity for Cincinnati-A Record of Advancement-the Panic of 1893 and Its Effect Upon Cincinnati's Industrial and Commercial Interests-Business Conditions Gradually Improve-Brief Review of Advancement-Conditions in Cincinnati in 1899-1900-Industrial and Trade Conditions in Decade Between 1900 and 1910-Statistics-City Re-leases Cincinnati Southern Railroad-Progress Since 1910-Conditions in Cincinnati Incidental to Inception of the World War-The543-5f City's Industrial Record During the War Period…  543-582




Life and Work of Dr. Daniel Drake-Prevalent Diseases in the Pioneer Era-Early Sanitary Provisions in Cincinnati-Founding of the Medical College of Ohio-Names of Cincinnati Physicians in 1819-Cincinnati Medical Society Organized-Humane Society Established-Medical (page xxiv) College of Ohio Reorganized in 1825-Members of Its Faculty-Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Asylum-First District Medical Society Organized-Cincinnati Acquires Medical Department of Miami University-Personnel of its Faculty-City Directory of 1831 Lists Fifty-eight Physicians in Cincinnati-First Mortality Table-Progress in City Sanitation-The City's Water Supply-Board of Health Established Members of First Board of Health-Excellent Work of the Board Superintendent of Streets-Report of the Commercial Hospital-Wonderful Advancement in Sanitation and Medical Science Since Civil War -Report of Cincinnati Department of Health for the Years 1916-17-18-A Splendid Record… 582-595




Cincinnati from the First a Leader in Educational Matters-Early Cultural Provisions-First Schoolhouses-Lancasterian School Established-Work of the Institution-Cincinnati University Founded in 1807-Brief and Stormy Career of the Institution-Cincinnati's Efforts to Become Seat of Miami University-General Educational Provisions in 1819-Lancaster Seminary Incorporated as Cincinnati College-Work of the Institution-Medical College of Ohio Established-The Cincinnati Female Academy-Evolution of Common Schools of Cincinnati-Private Schools in 1831-Mechanics' Institute Incorporated in 1828-The Cincinnati Lyceum-Western Academic Institute and Board of Education-Lane Theological, Seminary-The Atheneum-Cincinnati Acquires Medical Department of Miami University-Woodward Free Grammar School-Institution Becomes Woodward College of Cincinnati-Record of Other Educational Institutions and Activities-Success of Public Schools-Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge-Record of Public School Progress-Private Academies in 1850-Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Cincinnati Public Schools for 1917Evolution of the Public Library System of Cincinnati-The University of Cincinnati…   595-608


The Press


Chronological Account-Centinel of the Northwest Territory Appears in 1793-First Newspaper Printed North of the Ohio River-The Freeman's Journal-Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette-Liberty Hall and Cincinnati Mercury-Spirit of the West-Pioneer Book Printing in Cincinnati-The City's Newspapers in 1819-The Literary Cadet-National Republican and Ohio Political Register-Cincinnati Chronicle -Newspapers in the Year 1826-Commercial Register. First Daily Paper-The Daily Gazette-List of Newspapers and Periodicals in 1831-The Cincinnati Mirror-Turbulent History of the Philanthropist-Early Newspaper Postage Rates-The Family Magazine Established-The Western Literary Journal and Monthly Review-Other Literary Publications-History of the Chronicle-1841 Showed Twenty-nine Periodicals in Cincinnati, Including Six Daily Papers-Advance During Next Decade-The Pen and Pencil-The Genius of the West-Development of the Press Has Kept Pace with That of the City Since the Civil War-Inception and Development of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Commercial Advertiser-The Commercial Tribune-Murat Halstead and His Career-The Cincinnati Times-Star -The Cincinnati Post-Religious Journals-German Newspapers-Miscellaneous Journals and Periodicals-Present Publications in Cincinnati… 608-618


Courts and Lawyers


Cincinnati's Distinguished Bar-First Judges of the County Court in Hamilton County-First Courthouse a Log Cabin-Vociferous Frogs Interfere with Early Court Service-Stone Courthouse Erected in 1802-Building Destroyed by Fire in 1814-New Courthouse and Jail (page xxv) Completed in 1819 Judicial System of the Period-First City Court-judge Jacob Burnet and His Career-Creation of the Superior Court of Cincinnati-Courthouse Destroyed by Fire in 1849-New Building Completed in 1853-Tragic Incidents of Burning of Courthouse in 1884,New $3,000,000 Courthouse Nearly Completed-Description of the Building-Record of the Bar of Early Days-Thomas Goudy-Bellamy Storer and His Career-Oliver M. Spencer-William Y. Gholson-Vachel Worthington-George E. Pugh-The Late Nicholas Longworth -Stanley Matthews-Rutherford B. Hayes-George Hoadly-Rufus King-Salmon P. Chase-George H. Pendleton-Alphonso Taft-William Howard Taft Judson Harmon Joseph Benson Foraker-Joseph Cox-Other Influential Members of the Cincinnati Bar… 618-632




Dates Back to 1803-Inception of First Banking Institution in the Miami Valley-Organization and Incorporation of the Miami Exporting Company-Charter Permitted the Corporation to Issue Bank Paper-Banking Offices Opened by the Company in 1807-Capital of the Company-Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank Established in 1812-The Bank of Cincinnati Founded in 1814-Economic Conditions Following the War of 1812-Financial Panic of 1817-23-Disaster to Cincinnati Manufacturing and Commerce-Bank of John H. Piatt & Company Founded in 1817-Branch of Second Federal Bank Established in Cincinnati-Controversy Incidental to Attempt of Ohio to Tax Bank of the United States-United States Branch Bank Only One in Cincinnati That Weathered the Financial Panic-The Commercial Bank Incorporated in 1829 But Not Organized Until 1831-Functions and Charter Provisions of This Institution-The Franklin Bank Incorporated in 1833-The Exchange Bank and the Ohio Life and Trust Company Founded in 1834-Franklin Bank Building Erected in 1840-Cincinnati Banking Institutions in 1841-Cincinnati Has Only Six Incorporated Banks in 1851-Private Banks of the Period-Result of Passage of National Bank Act-Four National Banks Established in Cincinnati-In 1867 the City Had Eight National Banks-Bank Status of the City in 1870-Panic of 1873-Safe Deposit Company Formed-Cincinnati Banks in 1883-The Panic of 1893-No Bank Failures in Cincinnati Until Two Years Later-Failure of the Commercial Bank-Banking Conditions in the City in 1900-Organization of Trust Companies and New Banks-Erection of Modern Bank Buildings-Local Conditions Incidental to Panic of 1907-Service of the Cincinnati Clearing House       Part Played by Cincinnati Banks in Connection with World War Activities-Quotations from 1918-Review of Financial Conditions by President of the Cincinnati Clearing House Association… 632-640


Cincinnati and Hamilton County in the World War Response in Connection with Liberty Loan Drives-Hamilton County Liberty Loan Army a Model-Statistics of First Four Loans-Voluntary Enlistments at Outbreak of the War-Organizations That Were Recruited in Cincinnati-The County's Contribution of Men to Other Commands-Statistics of Voluntary Enlistments and Draft Inductions-Fine Record of Cincinnati Men in the War-War Activities in the City and County-Cincinnati and Hamilton County Manufacturing Establishments Did Yeoman Service-Government Contracts Executed-Cincinnati Headquarters of a District Composed of Nine States-One of Ten Districts Established for Army Ordnance Work-The Cincinnati Ordnance Office and Its Service-Quotations from Cincinnati Enquirer in Relation to the Part Played by the Greater Cincinnati in the War Crisis… 640-644




Charlotte Reeve Conover - Frontispiece

Miami Conservance Building - Facing page 81

The Miami River and the New Levees - 81

An American-built De Haviland-4 Battle Plane - 117

Patterson Homes and National Cash Register Plant - 118

Views of Dayton - 176

Wing Department of the Dayton-Wright Airplane Company - 192

Willard J. Wright – 247

Old Stubbs Homestead - 265

Views of Lebanon and Franklin - 368

Home of W. H. Hutchinson - 423

Friends' Home, Waynesville, Ohio - 423

Clayton A. Leiter - 424

W. H. Todhunter - 444

Views of Hamilton and Middletown - 446

Birthplace of Gov. James M. Cox - 459

Views of Oxford – 460

Clarence Murphy - 483

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