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Memoirs of the Miami Valley - Volume Two
Editorial Sketches

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            Charlotte Reeve Conover, writer and lecturer of Dayton was born in that city in 1855, a daughter of Dr. J. C. and Emma (Barlow) Reeve. Graduated in 1874 from the Central High School, she subsequently went abroad and continued her studies at Geneva, Switzerland, and after her return, in 1879, was married to Frank Conover. Her career has been devoted to writing, lecturing and contributing to magazines. For three years she conducted a department known as The Secret Society of Mothers in the Ladies' Home journal, and on several occasions has been on the staff of local papers, for three years conducting the Woman's Page for the Dayton News and for four years (at different times) being a special writer for the Dayton Journal. Among other works, she is author of Some Dayton Saints and Prophets, The Story of Dayton, Concerning the Forefathers, The Beck Family, David Gebhart, and many other pamphlets of historical interest. After four years' research in historical libraries in the United States and France, she prepared a set of six interpretative lectures on the great French comic dramatist, Moliere, which were given in Boston, at the Brooklyn Institute, the Chautauqua Assembly, N. Y., the Western College, Oxford, the College for Women, Oxford, Painesville College for Women, Mills College, California, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles and many other cities, in private schools, clubs and homes. In 1904, Mrs. Conover spent a summer at the Cours de Vacances of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, studying French literature and the French language. Her courses of weekly lectures on Current Events have been given to large classes for years at Dayton, and during a two-year western trip at San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Los Angeles, Redlands and Alhambra.

            Hon. Willard J. Wright. Gifted in marked degree, fitted by training and natural ability as a jurist, it is not surprising that judge Willard J. Wright has attained to eminence among the members of the Bench of Ohio. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas was born at Lebanon, Ohio, August 23, 1875, a son of Judge Lot and Louisa (Jurey) Wright. After attending the public schools of his native place, he entered Princeton university, from which institution he was graduated with honors in 1896, and secured his legal education at the University of Cincinnati Law School. Being admitted to the Bar in June, 1899, he entered upon a general practice at Lebanon, and met with more than ordinary success, for he was very learned in the law, had an intellect of great exactness and clearness, and possessed a sound and instructed judgment and wonderful tenacity of purpose. He excelled both in the prepara (the chapter ends here in the book – Editor of Dayton History Books Online)

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