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Rikes Department Store Clothing Guideline 1968


Rike’s Department Store
Clothing Guidelines
Attached is an up-dated version of the guidelines for proper business dress. The new guidelines allow you a much wider selection in choosing your clothing for store wear. All we ask is that you choose a style suitable for your particular job…..and in good taste.
If you have any doubts about a dress or costume you have selected, please check with your Department manager, Floor Superintendant, or the Fashion Office
Training Department
Dressing for Business
            Whether you are assigned to selling or sales-supporting work, it is essential that you present a business-like, well-groomed appearance. Rike’s does not expect you, as a new employee, to buy a new wardrobe immediately just to work here, but we do expect you to keep the following guidelines in mind when making future purchases.
            Special prices on clothing are offered to employees from time to time. Watch our in-store newspaper, the Arkay News-O-Gram, distributed daily in the employees Cafeteria. And for fashion ideas, check the Fashion Office’s display also in the Employee’s Cafeteria. “Be Business-Like and Fashion-Right.”
Guidelines for Women
            First impressions are important. To be an alert, successful business woman, you must look the part.
            Solid colors that are basic or subdued are best for the “business look”--black, grey, navy, dark green, brown or beige. You will find these colors “wardrobe stretchers” as well. Simply by changing accessories -- scarves, jewelry, etc., you can make the basic dress into a new look.
            Fashion colors and designer styles may be worn if you are selling in a fashion department: for example, The Moraine Shops, Boutiques, Junior Shops, etc., but the guidelines for good taste still apply.
            Fabrics may be chosen according to your own taste. The weight of the fabric should be heavy enough not to show an undergarment. Knit dresses and suits are acceptable, but use good judgment in selecting the proper size and always wear a skirt liner with knits.
            Necklines should never be too wide or too deep for modesty when reaching or bending.
            As a rule of thumb, sleeveless dresses should not be worn by mature women.
            If you have any doubts about the suitability of the clothing you have selected for business wear, check with your Department Manager, Floor Superintendent, for the Fashion Office.
            DON’T  chew gum on the selling floor at any time.  If you feel you need to freshen your breath, use a spray mouth freshener or a mint, not chewing gum.
            Don’t put a pencil behind your ear.
            Don’t wear too much jewelry. It should complement the costume.
            Don’t apply make-up or comb your hair in the presence of a customer.
            Political, fraternal and organizational buttons of all kinds may not be worn if their size is larger than a U.S. 5 cent piece.
            The smart woman is always accessorized properly from head to toe. Be sure your gloves are clean, hose are neat, shoes are polished. For over a century, RIKE’S customers have associated the fashion reputation of our store with good grooming, good manners, and the fashion sense of the employees. All of us have an obligation to maintain Rike’s reputation for good taste by our neat, business-like appearance.